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Kline Preston IV +NRA+Russia+Dark Money?

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Posted on July 16 2018

Originally posted March 22, 2018

Who’s  Kline Preston IV? 


An American Lawyer located on Nashville, TN, who just happens to be “close friends with Alexander Torshin”. In numerous articles, Mr. Preston has repeatedly claimed, that he is the one who established the NRA & Russia relationship by introducing then NRA President, David Keene to Alexander Torshin, circa 2011.


Below is a brief description and biography from his Firm’s website. You can click on the embedded link to read more. I’ve taken the liberty of extracting the good bits: 

Kline Preston Firm & Biography

Kline Preston Law Group started in 1995 as the law practice of G. Kline Preston, IV. For over 20 Tennessee and in state and federal courts around the nation, as well as in Russia, Ukraine, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Cuba

“I love being a lawyer and I love practicing law…I have enjoyed representing clients in countries all over the world. The practice of law allows me to combine my background in sports with my interest in diverse subjects such as history, linguistics, physics, art and psychology….”


“…acting as a foreign legal election observer in elections in Russia as part of my law practice…”

I would be remissed if I didn’t say: of course it’s perfectly fine for any American to conduct business in Russia, to visit Russia, to have Russian friends, etc. Again there’s nothing wrong or untoward.



Where things can get rather interesting: when said American acts as a handler/surrogate/conduit between Russia & the NRA. As detailed below.

Link to his International here: Mr Preston and Russian Elections


“Mr. Preston studied in Leningrad, U.S.S.R. in 1989…Practiced law in the U.S. and the Russian Federation for over twenty-one years…member of the Association of Russian Jurists...Served as an Elections Observer: 2011 Russian Parliament and 2012/2016 Russian Presidential Elections

Mr Preston was awarded the: Nikolai Girenko Award for his contributions to Russian Civil Law

In 2014 Mr. Preston was awarded the Order of the Russian Nation for his contributions to Russian-American relations by the Russian Senate.”


What I found interesting is this  7 Minute interview of Mr. Preston in Russia “observing” their election. Yet claiming how corrupt and flawed our Elections are in America. Link to interview below. I really wish the American Media would watch this long lost interview, because there are a lot of interesting nuggets.


Yet some how, your dutiful Mic found a delish Trump, Torshin and NRA nugget, or tweet or truth bomb. I want you to look at the date of Torshin’s tweet, it’s from 2015, rough translation is:

“Trump is a good guy, I know him from the NRA”



Torshin’s 2012 NRA tweets.




Torshin at NRA HQ

Waples Mill Rd, Fairfax VA 

Again look at the DATES on Torshin’s tweets.




In my opinion Congress and the MSM have the timeline WRONG.

Start looking at campaign finance reports STARTING in December 2012. In November of 2012 Preston accompanied Torshin to his meeting at the NRA’s HQ, with then President David Keene.

What’s interesting to me, was this July 2013 Washington Times announcement, where the newspaper announced that David Keene would lead their Opinion Pages.


Keene named to lead Washington Times Opinion

Since its founding, The Washington Times has played a vital role as the conservative newspaper in Washington andone of the most widely quoted nationwide,” Mr. Keene added. “Presidents, elected off i cials and policymakers haverelied on The Times, and our challenge is to expand our reach in new media and in this political era to provide a reliable, readable resource for conservatives and others across the country.”

In addition to his new role overseeing and writing editorials, Mr. Pruden also will continue to write his twice-weeklycolumn, which has run in The Times for three decades.

“Wes has helped rebuild our opinion department, restocking our writing talents with the likes of Rand Paul and BenCarson while rebuilding a consistent, cogent opinion voice for the newspaper. We’re thrilled Wes is staying aboard tohelp David and to keep his popular column bristling with wit,” Mr. Solomon said.


And then the NRA and GOP Cabal come out in unfettered defense of Keene

Former U.N. Ambassador John R. Bolton called Mr. Keene’s appointment a “great coup for The Times. No one knows Washington better than Dave.”


Everyone NRA-GOP-Traitor-tot in the pool:

Conservative commentator Tucker Carlson, editor of The Daily Caller, called Mr. Keene the perfect blend of intellectual and outdoorsman.

“Dave Keene is one of the smartest, most principled people I know. He’s also an accomplished fly fisherman and sportsman, which is not a small thing in an age when so few people in the policy world ever go outside,” Mr. Carlson said.


Let’s not forget this 2014 Washington Times “OpEd” written by Torshin, where he wrote the following:

Kalashnikov was, of course, the soldier who during World War II invented the AK-47, which since then has been the most widely manufactured and copied “assault rifle” in world history. Guinness World Records estimates that as of a few years ago, more than 100 million AKs had been produced not just in Russia, but in China and virtually everywhere else that one can picture firearms being manufactured and deployed


And then Torshin went on to give us, America a lesson on Mr Kalashnikov invention and market saturation of the AK-47, because apparently Russia thinks we don’t know about guns or the NRA’s real agenda:

He became a weapons designer because he had a burning desire to defend his country. He once said that he would have been just as happy designing farm equipment, but it was modern weaponry that was needed as he lay in that hospital bed listening to fellow soldiers complaining about the failures and weaknesses of the weapons they were carrying into battle.


As if it could NOT be anymore obvious in Torshin’s Washington Times Op-Ed he literally smears his ties to the NRA in our concluding his OpEd with the following:

Last year, I had the pleasure of attending the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting in Houston. Kalashnikovcouldn’t join me, though we have both been “life members” of the NRA for years. At 93, his health was even then beginning to fail, but I thought of him as I toured the exhibit area where I saw dozens of AK-47 clones. Most of them were manufactured in places like China, the Czech Republic or even the former Yugoslavia. They were fine copies, but like everyone visiting the exhibit, I realized with pride that when one thinks of the AK, one thinks of it as one of Mikhail Kalashnikov’s and our country’s greatest accomplishments.


To read Alexandr Torshin January 2, 2014 Washington Times, OpEd, link found here, Archived link found here.


With respect to G Preston Kline, this 2017 Washington Post Article dives deeper into:

the GOP + the NRA + Guns + Religion = Hiya Russia 

I’d also wager a guess that Alan M. Gottlieb, CEO and Founder of Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), we will be hearing more about him shortly too. As detailed in the Washing Post article above:


One American participant, Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation, recalled that Torshin and Butina took him and his wife out for dinner and gave them gifts that displayed research into their interests — exotic fabric for Gottlieb’s wife, a needlepoint enthusiast, and for Gottlieb, commemorative stamps that Torshin received as a member of the Russian legislature.

They wanted to keep communications open and form friendships,” Gottlieb said.


You would think by now the NRA is in a full on panic mode. Lest we forgot the March 2018 letter from Sen Wyden to the NRA, specifically asking for documents related to any and all foreign donations the NRA accepted. Link to March letter found here


 The NRA’s response to Senator Wyden’s March 2018 Letter re foreign donations, link to NRA letter found here




TANGO DOWN...I can’t stop laughing


On a serious note go look at J Kline Preston IV website, I want to make sure you SEE what I see

See his picture gallery here.


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