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FEMA OIG Brock Long Investigation

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Posted on October 01 2018



Who among us hasn’t tried to hide your lack of compliance of federal law, lack of transparency. At this rate Donald Trump’s cabinet is the swamp of the swamp...lacking in ethics, transparency and government accountability.


Brock Long, FEMA

Case No: 118-FEMA-SID-06980


Just before Hurricane Florence (September 11, 2018) was set to make landfall in the Carolinas. Which dumped a catastrophic amount of rain in the Carolinas to areas that had previously been savaged by flooding during the 2016 Hurricane Matthew. See twitter thread below for my partculaized grievances of how the Trump Administration failed the residents of North Carolina post Hurricane Matthew:



On September 13, 2018, Politico published a pretty large scoop, shortly thereafter other news outlets reported & confirmed that FEMA Director Brock Long was facing an FEMA/DHS OIG Investigation for “imporoper use of a federal vehicle”, specifically for travel from his home in Hickory, NC to his office in DC.

I have no direct knowledge of what appears to be an icy relationship between FEMA’s Brock Long and his boss (besides Trump) Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Sec Nielsen. Beyond watching their body language and limited on air interaction of Long & Nielsen, as a casual bystander, those two appear to actually hate each other.  Like super uncomfortable and probably highly dysfunctional working relationship. The DHS-OIG launched an internal investigation after a a black Suburban, was involved in an automobile accident. As luck would have it, some members of Congress understand their role of “oversight”. Accordingly Rep Cummings released a plethora of documents surrounding the DHS-OIG Investigation into FEMA’s Director Brock Long.

And boy, is it bad, because the DHS-OIG Investigation isn’t limited to the unauthorized use of a Government vehicle but also shows a litany of other possible “crimes” and what appears to be a well coordinated attempt by Dir Long and his subordinates to cover up the accident and unauthorized use which resulted in a significant amount of federal expenditures;



DHS-OIG preliminary findings:

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Office of Inspector General (OIG), found evidence that Long used GOVs and FEMA personnel for home to work (HTW) transportation that he was not authorized.  The unauthorized use of resources occurred in both Washington, DC where Long has an apartment and in Hickory, NC where his family resides.  Additional instances of unauthorized HTW support occurred when Long and his family were transported to and from Hickory, NC to Charlotte, NC for a trip to Hawaii.

found that Long’s unauthorized use of HTW transportation resulted in the following approximate costs to the U.S. Government: $94,000 in salary costs; $55,000 in travel expenditures; and approximately $2,000 in GOV operations and maintenance related costs.

(emphasis added)


November 2017 Automobile Accident:

...involved in an accident in North Carolina.  The complainant further alleged that FEMA personnel attempted to hide Long's presence when the accident occurred by intentionally omitting him from the traffic accident report. (emphasis added)

The unauthorized use of resources occurred in both Washington, DC where Long has an apartment and in Hickory, NC where his family resides.  Additional instances of unauthorized HTW support occurred when Long and his family were transported to and from Hickory, NC to Charlotte, NC for a trip to Hawaii.

....stated he provided this transportation support to Long and his family in Hawaii during both the official portion of the trip and during the family vacation.  During the vacation portion of the trip, [unidentified source] stated he transported the family to a Dole plantation and a volcano. (emphasis added)


DHS-OIG conducted surveillance on Dir Long:

Man oh day, I now refer you to pages 6 & 7 where investigators noted in Long’s emails that drivers are prohibited from driving on private property, specifically Dir Long’s driveway apron of his Hickory NC home, to wit Dir Long referred to these federal guidelines as “stupid” and “offensive”....on page 7, third paragraph which reads in part:

The DHS-OIG conducted surveillance  operations over the course of this investigation. The following information is provided  concerning those operations



In the timeframe reviewed by the DHS OIG, Long took at least nine official trips that either began or ended in Charlotte, NC or had a two-day stopover at that location.  These stopovers often spanned the length of the weekend and resulted in an additional 15 TDY trips by OAEST personnel to North Carolina to provide Long transportation during these stopovers.


The DHS-OIG surveillance operations into FEMA Dir Long started on or about December 5, 2017 and April 2018. In which time the DHS-OIG specifically states Long’s frequent trips to/from Hickory NC that he had one OASET vehicle prepositioned at the FBI Charlotte NC field office. Dir Long took some 50 trips in unathorized Government vehicles. He further instructed his staff to rent a Chevrolet Suburban for his family trip to Hawaii, March 22, 2018 to April 2, 2018 putting some 429 miles on the rented SUV.


 The DHS OIG report concluded, several instances of Dir Long issuing memos, after the fact, using or instructing personal to pick up his children from school or a friends house. Running personal errands for the Long Family, driving to multiple sight seeing attractions during (presumably a tax payer funded) Hawaiian vacation and Dir Long then cut a personal check to the US Treasury for a partial payment of the SUV rental:

 Long and his family used government vehicles for personal use from June 2017 through April 2018, despite the fact that he was informed in October 2017 that using government vehicles for home to work travel was prohibited.  The report also found that Long and his staff attempted to hide the fact that he was not complying with the law. 


 So when is Brock Long going to: repay the American Tax Payers the $151,000.00 and/or tender his resignation. No that’s not me being hyperbolic that’s me wanting an ETHICAL and TRANSPARENT Administration. JFC it’s like everyone in the Trump Administration is Corrupt AF.

Here’s an mini laundry list of Brock Long’s failures and incompetence, like really he used domestic violence as an explanation to the nearly 3,000 American Citizens that died in Puerto Rico due to Hurricane Maria...FFS Donald you hire the best people...NYET.




With every ounce of my being I cannot express how corrupt, unethical and loathsome this administration is. Truly it is like every day it’s one scandal after another. Sweet Baby Jesus take the goddamn wheel before Trump destroys us from within xo Spicy


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