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Federal Savings Bank Stephen Calk & Manafort

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Posted on May 02 2018

As previously discussed, here


Stephen Calk

Federal Savings Bank

$16million in loans to the Manaforts


Sometimes it’s just best to put your reading glasses on, chug a 16oz Monster Ultra, hit play on your “Manafort-Calk” playlist. Yes I am fully aware that it’s super weird, I curated multiple playlist, specific to the various research projects. And you guessed it: I then cracked my knuckles, slowly approach my keyboard and then quietly I got to work.


Eventually the time you spend reading and searching, the Internet Gods will throw you a bone or in this case a tiny thread. I like to tug on threads. Almost always I find a data point that I may have inadvertently overlooked.


So let’s do this and by THIS. And by “this”,  I mean lets drop a few receipts.

It is incontrovertible fact that Chicago based, Federal Savings Bank & specifically Stephen Callk approved numerous loans for Mr & Mrs Manafort, with a cumulative total of $16 million in multiple mortgage loans.


As detailed in SCO Mueller’s February 2018 Superseding Indictment filed in the Eastern District of Virginia (EDVA). I refer you to pages 33 thru 35. Specifically paragraphs 67 thru 74. For clarification, presume “Bank D” is Chicago based, Federal Savings Bank (see further down for loan origination confirming Band D is in fact Federal Savings Bank). Link to  DOJ-OPA-SCO Feb 2018 Superseding Indictment, here



Notwithstanding, let’s go ahead and confirm the various loans, parties involved and dollar amounts itemized in the Superseding Indictment. A cursory search in various New York Property databases (again ALL public information)  and boom, you too can find paydirt. 

Stephen Calk & Federal Savings bank extended a loan to Paul Manafort, Mrs. Manafort & those properties were transferred out of Paul Manafort’s name to either his wife’s, a shell company and/or a shell company owned by one of his two daughters.


377 Union Street, Brooklyn $6.5 Million Loans


  • Federal Savings Bank Loan origination date: January  17, 2017
  • Loan Document ID#  2017012300896002, loan amount = $5,300,000.00
  • Loan Document ID # 2017012300896004, loan amount = $1,200,000.00
  • Primary loan holders listed for BOTH loans, Kathleen and Paul Manafort



    According to the terms and conditions set forth in the Federal Savings Bank Loan origination paperwork. I refer you to pages 3, 4, and 13 of this (public) Mortgage Loan, document ID 2017012300896002, which reads in part:

    ”I have promised to pay this debt in Periodic Payments and pay the debt in full by January 4, 2018” (emphasis added)


        Which makes this 377 Union Street Loan all the more curious and it certainly makes me wonder, how did Mr. & Mrs. Manafort plan on paying both loans back in <343 days? Notice the  “original” loan origination date was January 4, 2017 but it was striked through & replaced it with a handwritten January 17, 2017 date. See page 3 of this (public) document. And then read page 13 of the loan document. I can only conclude in the “rush” to obtain this loan, both the Bank & Mr. & Mrs. Manafort and Stephen Calk ratified a sloppy AF loan documents.

        Again all public documents, found here and here.



        Manafort $9.5 million loan for Hampton Estate:

         Suffolk County, New York Property database is not as robust as the NYC database...but if your determined to find facts, eventually if you squeeze hard enough you will extract the data you seek. Not to belabor the issue, these are all public documents, you just need to know where and what to look for. You can run your own search via the Suffolk County Property Search via this link, found here.


        Calk/Manafort/Trump a literal Pay to Play?


        🇷🇺Welcome to the DC Swamp🇷🇺


        Trump Style bigger crocodiles and megalodons


        It really should come with zero surprise that the ranking member on the House Oversight Committee, Representative Cummings continues to (or at least attempts to) cast sunlight. Without question the current Trump Administration is perhaps the most unethical Administration in our Country’s shared history. For the umpteenth time, part of the DC Machine is: “death by a thousand papers cuts”


        Last month Rep Cummings sent a letters to Federal Savings Bank, Stephen Calk and the Department of Defense concerning the Manafort/Calk/Trump quid-pro-quo. To wit: Federal Savings Bank responded with this one page letter.


        The Bank confirmed it is and will “continue” to cooperate with the Special Counsel’s investigation into their role of granting Mr & Mrs Manafort >$16M in loans in exchanged for a promise that president Trump would nominate Calk as the US Army Secretary. Link to Federal Savings Bank response, here.



        One of a multitude of reasons ranking member Rep Cummings continues to write letters, demands for Chairman Gowdy to issue subpoenas and pressing for actual oversight? In doing so Rep Cummings is creating an robust  paper trail. Link to 4 page letter, here



        Messers Cummings & Lynch 4 page letter to Chairman Gowdy, reads in part:


        We are writing to respectfully request that you issue a subpoena to compel The Federal Savings Bank to produce documents it has been withholding from Congress relating to extremely troubling reports that its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Steve Calk, may have made loans of up to $16 million to President Donald Trump’s campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, in exchange for promises to name him Secretary of the Army,” 

         ‘The information DOD provided appears to have confirmed at least part of the underlying allegation, which is that Mr. Calk was actively inquiring with the Pentagon within days of the presidential election about a high-level position that would have required the advice and consent of the Senate” (emphasis added)


        Trust and believe that the House Republicans will not always be in “power”. Yet never underestimate the importance of having a lawmaker in Congress, like Rep Cummings. He refuses to abdicate his constitutional responsibility, because sunlight is the ONLY disinfectant. 


        That said after the past 16 months of what feels like 16 years, the Trump Administration has rightfully earned the moniker of:

        The LEAST transparent Administration... mordern history


        It is also pretty clear that the majority of the House Republicans have;

        1) abdicated their constitutional authority, which mandates they act as a check and balance to the Executive Branch.

         2) House GOP members continue to aid & abet Trump in his ongoing Obstruction of Congressional investigations and the criminal & Counterintelligence investigation.

        3) the majority of the House Republicans, looking right at you Freedom Caucus are complicit and continue to enable Trump’s vulgar over reach & power grab. 


        See local Chicago News Segment regarding Calk, Manafort, Trump & Army Secretary position:

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