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Squire Patton Boggs LDA & FARA

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Posted on May 15 2018

🇷🇺Squire Patton Boggs🇷🇺

FARA & retroactive filings✔️



Qatar, Iraq, Syria, Saudia Arabia, Palestine, Sudan, Cameroon,  S. Korea, China, Singapore, Kosovo, Croatia, St Lucia...

and Cambridge Analytica✔️

and FCC✔️


Within hours of the April 9, 2018 FBI raid on Cohen’s office, Home and hotel room...Squire Patton Boggs 404’d Cohen. No really the law firm put Cohen’s name in their Burn book & went all Regina George on Cohen. Shortly thereafter the GOP also  404’d Cohen. But the thing is, the internet is FOREVER... see archived Squire Patton Boggs April 2017 announcement, here



To better understand the significance of Squire Patton Bogg’s “clean up on aisle 6” you neee to re-read this April 2018 SDNY Filing, regarding the Cohen-Search Warrant there was this awesome nugget: “Law Firm 1” was later determined to be Squire Patton Boggs. 



See original twitter thread here:




Then straight outta left field, AJ’s baby-daddy sent out a strange & cryptic tweet with a link to the Senate LDA.

For the record I intensely dislike Jason “can’t keep my pants zipped” Miller. His TV appearances and straight up gaslighting while extolling the (not) awesome qualities of his dear leader a one: Donald J Trump. Hence Cult45 members, well they make me cantankerous. Plus the whole no chin thing, it just freaks me out.

So Jason Miller likes to play the bob & weave game, frankly he’s marginally successful at this tactic. Conversely I’m more of the assertive type. I like walking right up to a person and (figuratively speaking) slapping the taste out of someone’s mouth with nothing but the facts. Because facts matter, more than ever.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that once I saw Miller’s tweet, I was like: oh goody gumdrops, let’s to this. Whereby I cracked my knuckles, put my glasses on and engaged my keyboard...


🇷🇺See Gazprom Senate LobbyingTwitter Thread below.




In the forementioned twitter thread, I noticed a glaring pattern:

  • late 2014 $300K in lobbying
  • 2015 $550K in lobbying 
  • 2016 $600K in lobbying
  • 2017 $50K in lobbying


It sure seems like Gazprom - cough- Russia didn’t need as much lobbying since Trump was “installed” & the Russians most likely funneled tens of millions to numerous GOP Congressional candidates. It is also worth noting the Senate LDA filings indicate Squire Patton Boggs specifically lobbied the “sanctions”. You can also run your own Senate Lobbying Database Search via this Senats LDA Link, found here




Squire Patton Boggs FARA # 2165

Because I’m a sucker for history the first known FARA filing for Squire Patton Boggs formerly known as Patton, Blow, Verrill, Brand Boggs was in 1969, when they represented the Central American Sugar Council. Link to their 1969 FARA filing, here





As previously detailed in this twitter thread from this past weekend...Here’s the thing, lawyers NEVER ask a question that they don’t already know the answer to. Well at least any competent lawyer... On May 12, when Avenatti tweeted;


I’ve said this repeatedly, once you have their FARA # it makes searching the FARA database far more I decided to drill down and narrow the search to the time period of Squire Patton Boggs & Michael D Cohen’s strategic alliance.


Meaning I used the search parameters of  January 1, 2016 to present:





Exhibit A - FARA filing, representing South Korea 




The letter of engagement and “lobbying” occurred 17 months before Squire Patton Boggs filed this FARA report. Notice the date/time stamp on header versus the date on the here 



Exhibit D...FCC say WHAT?

Imagine my surprise when I started dragging current FCC Chairman Pai who has more conflicts than my steno pad. Only to realize that this firm also represents 


Yes Squire Patton Boggs also represents Cambridge Analytica, as previously discussed here...and here 

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