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Facebook v UK Parliament

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Posted on March 29 2019

Originally published on March 29, 2018

Facebook, time in the barrel is NOW…


About an hour ago Damian Collins MP, tweeed this letter. And a subsequent tweet stating the Parliament’s DCMS Committee will be:


  • “I am also pleased to announce that @CommonsCMS will be taking evidence from former Facebook operations manager Sandy Parakilas tomorrow by video link, at 3pm in the Grimond Room, Portcullis House. This will be available to watch live at”


Damian Collins PM, Tweet Announcing Hearing

You can watch the DCMS Hearing via the link embedded below. The hearing starts at 3PM (UK) or 11AM EST.


Parliament LIVE broadcast re Cambridge & Facebook

Also, it’s clear that the hot potato game has begun in earnest.

Facebook blames Cambridge Analytica, to wit Cambridge Analytica blames a “3rd Party” GRS. You can read Cambridge Analytica Press Release via this link:


Cambridge Analytica 3/20/2018 Press Release

It’s a shame and rather disappointing that our Congress is so broken and dysfunctional that they would rather have epic partisan food fights, rather than doing the hard work of ensuring America’s future elections. Because everyday our Government refuses to hold malign state-actors, like Russia who mean to do our Country harm...these 

Aleksandr Kogan Written Evidence given to the UK Parliament, found here

Christopher Wylie written evidence, found here.

In what I can only describe is a lot of fancy lawyering Facebook provided the UK Parliament Committee In anemic four page “written evidence”, found here. Their statement reads in part:


Today we serve more than 2 billion people around the world who use our services to stay connected with the people who matter to them most. We know we have a responsibility to the Facebook community, and that people will only use our products if they trust their data is safe.


Facebook and the importance of the United Kingdom:

There are 40 million monthly active users on Facebook in the UK and more than 2 million active small business Pages as well as 29 million Groups. By the end of this year we will have a total of 2,300 people working for Facebook in the UK.


Facebook on Dr Kogan’s actions, I would take this with a huge grain of salt because it appears that Kogan and Cambridge are being used as the public punching bag, while Facebook continues its front facing attack on the factual events.

Most of the users whose data was collected by TIYDL were in the United States and Kogan has said that he passed data to Cambridge Analytica only for users in the United States. However, we understand that 1,040 people in the UK installed TIYDL, and around 1 million people in UK may have been friends with someone who installed the app, and, therefore, may have been affected. We have now notified all people potentially affected.


Facebook and UK Elections, their explanation is lacking in both substance and style. I found their response unpersuasive and frankly it reads like a college fraternity “statement”:

They have asked us a number of questions about Cambridge Analytica, as well as AggregateIQ (“AIQ”), and their connection to the 2016 Referendum, and I know this Committee has also investigated these matters. My team and I met with the Information Commissioner's Office this week to update them on our internal investigations, and I wanted to share with you a short summary of the information we have provided them and also the Electoral Commission.


Furthermore Facebook’s tone deaf response appears to mitigate their own liabilities and abject failure to ensure their user’s data would be protected. In what I can only conclude as a stunning admission Facebook opens the 3rd party API door. All while trying to distract lawmakers with their “ad policy” I genuinely wonder does Facebook actually think this strategy will work? Because in my limited work experience I can tell you that their four page “written evidence” is utterly contemptible both is scope and obvious strategy.


 My best guessimation is Facebook is going to be regulated in to oblivion, as they should be. The very fact that no one wants to talk about the obvious repugnant Facebook “corporate culture” and that at every turn Facebook and Zuck have essentially given the middle finger to lawmakers and its users is just disgusting.

Remember even if you are paying but particularly important if your are not paying for a service, understand this unequivocal concept:



Facebook and other gigantic social media companies have made billions and possibly trillions on the data you freely gave to them. They monetized your personal data, so there should be some personal accountability, you nor Facebook nor Twitter can have it both ways. So I ask again why are you still on Facebook and frankly I am looking forward to the day where I voluntarily leave twitter. -Spicy

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