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Facebook, the catalyst for Bipartisanship???

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Posted on March 20 2018



Originally posted on March 23, 2018

call for CEOs to return to  the Judiciary Committee


Dear “Two Buck” Chuck Grassley,

Please explain to the American people (like the millions of us who know Russia is not our ally), why you continue to obstruct, ignore and capitulate…thereby abdicating your responsibility.

Oversight, Check and Balance, it’s your job. Literally written in the Constitution…you intractable Russian ignoramus. DO YOUR JOB.

Oh wait you are, doing your job:  protecting Putin’s asset, who currently occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Notwithstanding some of us, continue to ask questions:


  • Your capitulation & refusal  all to bring: Facebook/Instagram, Twitter and Google back to the Senate Committee, you chair?
  • The bipartisan letter follows reports that Cambridge Analytica misused the data of 50 million Facebook users.
  • Senators Klobuchar and Kennedy began calls for the technology companies to come before the Judiciary Committee, WEEKS ago.
  • Sens Klobuchar & Kennedy sent you yet another (8 and counting) letter requesting you bring these Social Media Giants back to the Committee to explain; Privacy & Data on their respective platforms.


Yesterdays’s letter from Sens Klobuchar & Kennedy to Chairman “Nyet” Grassley reads in part:

Major social media platforms store an enormous amount of data and have a user base larger than all of the major broadcasting companies combined. The remarkable innovation that these companies have championed has changed how we share and collect information….”

In the process, Facebook, Google, and Twitter have amassed unprecedented amounts of personal data and use this data when selling advertising, including political advertisements.

The lack of oversight on how data is stored and how political advertisements are sold raises concerns about the integrity of American elections as well as privacy rights…”


The letter goes on to further state WHY a Hearing should occur:


“A hearing featuring testimony with CEOs would provide the Committee the opportunity to hear an update on the progress of these companies’ voluntary measures to combat attempted foreign interference

….and what is being done to protect Americans’ data and limit abuse of the platforms, as well as to assess what measures should be taken before the next elections. It is for these reasons that we request that you announce a hearing of the Judiciary Committee at which Senators can publicly question the CEOs of technology companies.”


You can read the full letter via the link below:

Letter to Chairman Grassley requesting a hearing Facebook & other Social Media Cos


🇺🇸Update #2🇺🇸

Sen Wyden’s letter to Facebook CEO…

Link to Sen Wyden’s 3 page letter to Facebook found here:  

Sen Wyden’s letter to Facebook, request for documentation


Which reads in part:

…”only the prudence and desirability of Facebook’s business practices and the dangers of monetizing consumers’ private information, but also raises serious concerns about the role Facebook played in facilitating and permitting the covert collection and misuse of consumer information

With little oversight—and no meaningful intervention from Facebook—Cambridge Analytica was able to use Facebook- developed and marketed tools to weaponize detailed psychological profiles against tens of millions of Americans.”


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