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Facebook FTC July 2012 Order UPDATE

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Posted on March 19 2018

Updated 3/26/2018

Federal Trade Commission confirms Facebook Probe, re the previous Consent Decree. As a refresher Facebook is bound by the Consent Decree until March 2031. And could face millions in fines. As it relates to Facebook’s “privacy’ policies detailed in their FTC Settlement Agreement

FTC confirms Facebook Probe


Facebook’s Latest Crisis – Earned it a Federal Investigation


“Federal Trade Commission is probing whether Facebook violated terms of a 2011 consent decree…” link to the Time article, FTC launches investigation into Facebook’s Consent Decree



The FTC docket file on Facebook, Inc FTC v Facebook full docket Below is a follow up to my blog entry from earlier this morning. SpicyFiles 3/19/2018 FTC v Facebook


Please take my following comment with a grain of salt:


The fact that Facebook, banned Cambridge Analytica and went on to allege

“Cambridge Analytica improperly obtained and used 50M Facebook accounts”.

Mic -thinks- this was Facebook trying to save face and they created the narrative that Cambridge Analytica was 100% to blame. I might be in the minority, but my opinion is Facebook AND Cambridge Analytica share the blame and responsibility. But based on the fully executed July 2012 FTC Order, it appears Facebook owns this, all of it…here are my receipts to provide you the “proof in concept”


July 27, 2012 Ratified FTC Facebook Order


Pages 3 -4 Section I

IT IS ORDERED that Respondent and its representatives,

  • in connection with any product or service, in or affecting commerce, shall not misrepresent in any manner, expressly or by implication, the extent to which it maintains the privacy or security of covered information, including, but not limited to:

Section II

  • clearly and prominently disclose to the user, separate and apart from any “privacy policy,” “data use policy,” “statement of rights and responsibilities” page, or other similar document: (1) the categories of nonpublic user information that will be disclosed to such third parties, (2) the identity or specific categories of such third parties, and (3) that such sharing exceeds the restrictions imposed by the privacy setting(s) in effect… 



On Page 5, Section III

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Respondent and its representatives:

  •  “…deleted such information or deleted or terminated his or her account, except as required by law or where necessary to protect the Facebook website or its users from fraud or illegal activity.
  • …Nothing in this paragraph shall be construed to require Respondent to restrict access to any copy of a user’s covered information that has been posted to Respondent’s websites or services by a user other than the user who deleted such information or deleted or terminated such account.“

Page 8 Section X

  • This order will terminate on July 27, 2032, or twenty (20) years from the most recent date that the United States or the Federal Trade Commission files a complaint…


My closing thought, if I..a simple Mic using minimal effort found this treasure trove of publicly available information, let’s hope Members of Congress, the MSM et al find this info too. I strongly suspect Facebook banning Cambridge Analytica was a “bloody nose strike” and Facebook’s attempt to control the narrative that’s going to be super ugly. For Facebook to threaten various media outlets with litigation in an attempt to silence the whistle blower, ask yourself WHY?


Later today I will cover Facebook’s Congressional Testimony…they really stepped in it big time and unfortunately for them their testimony is memorialized…forever.  Given that I read & write briefs for a living, there are numerous things I noticed that other folks may not even know to look for or the significants. For example Facebook’s use to of past tense adverbs, the nonsensical numbers and how their own testimony impeaches their credibility…stay tuned…



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