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Posted on May 04 2018

Drain the Swamp.


Drain the Swamp...or NOT...

Funny how the: Drill Baby Drill was replace with Drain the Swamp, yet the actual facts belie the incessant propaganda being spewed by Trump and his supporters.


As previously discussed here, here, here, and here


Earlier this week when news broke that Sec Pruitt had in fact tried to open an EPA office (outfitted with a SCIF, “secured parking space and a conference room) in his hometown of Tulsa, OK. You have to wonder with nearly a dozen active investigations into Sec Pruitt’s travel, lobbying and other government largesse.

At what point will the Trump Administration do the right thing and FIRE Sec Pruitt? Or at the minimum bring Pruitt’s Chief of Staff in to answer questions from Congress

Why Ryan Jackson? It wasn’t until I went to the EPA’s website did I realize that Pruitt literally brought the Oklahoma largest Swamp creatures with him to DC. Specifically Ryan Jackson, who indicentally approved the:

  • EPA Massive Salary increases for Sec Pruitt’s Oklahoma “gang”
  • Ryan approved hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel & furnishing cost
  • In Jan 2017 began an inquiry with the GSA for an EPA Tulsa, OK office

Link to Sec Pruitt’s Chief of Staff: Ryan Jackson bio, here


With respect to recent media reports of Ryan Jackson & EPA Sec Pruitt’s proposed Tulsa OK “new” Office. Granted it’s roughly 257 miles from Tulsa, OK to Dallas, TX, which translates to about an 4 hour drive. Nonetheless, House Democrats on the House Space and Technology Committe are not amused. And a few days ago they issued the following letter, requesting production of:


  • all documents and communications regarding EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s efforts to establish a new EPA office in his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, despite the fact that EPA already has a regional office in nearby Dallas, Texas.


  • EPA Sec Pruitt requested the new office include a conference room, secure parking space, and a Secure Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF).


  • Government Accountability Office (GAO) ruled that the EPA’s construction of a “soundproof privacy booth in the EPA Administrator’s office” in Washington, D.C., which reportedly has not been certified as a SCIF, was unlawful because it violated the Antideficiency Act. Previously discussed here


You can read the lawmakers letter, here


I am going out on a limb here (so please take the following with a grain of salt. I won’t be offended), the lawmakers did not disclose how they found out about the proposed EPA Tulsa OK office, but knowing how DC works, I’m pretty sure the lawmakers have an addintioal EPA whistleblower. We already know of one EPA Whistleblower Kevin Chmielewski. Who served as deputy chief of staff for operations at the EPA. Chmielewski was a longtime Trump campaign aide and it’s a big deal that Sec Pruitt appears to have relatiated against him.

Also maybe the Mainstream Media should contact the Oklahoma Bar, to date I am aware of at least two Bar complaints filed against Sec Pruitt.


Exhibit A Kristen van de Biezenbos OK Bar Complaint:


“Center for Biological Diversity and University of Oklahoma law professor Kristen van de Biezenbos today filed a formal ethics complaint with the Oklahoma Bar Association against U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, seeking an investigation into whether Pruitt lied to Congress while under oath.”


Exhibit B Oklahoma Bar Association acknowledgment:



Exhibit C Sen Whitehouse 68 page re OK Bar

In July of 2017, Senator Whitehouse sent a B R U T A L letter to the Oklahoma Bar Association, this was after a Bar Complaint was filed by the Center for Biological Diversity and Professor Kristen van de Biezenbos of the University of Oklahoma College of Law,  - you can read the full complaint and letter here

“I have had a front-row seat for Mr. Pruitt’s misleading testimony and his ongoing failure to respond completely and truthfully to Committee requests for him to set the record straight,” Whitehouse writes.  “This conduct is unbecoming of an attorney who is also a public official and who, under law, is required to testify truthfully to Congress.”  


And nothing says: oh so swampy like: lying your face off to Congress while simultaneously fleecing Tax Payers...

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