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Elliott Broidy part 4 of 4

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Posted on April 08 2018

Threat Detterence, LLC



You know that saying, you ARE the company that you keep?

By now the facts presented regarding a one Mr. Elliott Broidy and his business ventures are, questionable at best. Between the various lawsuits, SEC Complaints, even Mr. Broidy’s admission of guilt as it relates to a certain “bribery case” involving the State of New York retirement fund and his role in the ever evolving 1MDB scandal. 



So imagine my surprise when I found a tiny thread and I tugged on it.



Before I dive in, I should reiterate ALL of this information is publicly available. You simply need to know, where to look and what to look for. Also Mr. Broidy does have a documented history of sending cease and desist letters to various bloggers and news organizations. Late last month Mr. Broidy through his attorney, threatened Al Jezzera, the Gaurdian and two bloggers.


In my opinion Mr. Broidy does not like news organizations researching his “business relationships”. Which is understandable given in 2014 Mr. Broidy entered into a 5 year contract, VTB Bank...netting him $2.5M as reported by Al Jezzera Article disclosing Mr. Broidy was officially named in a Ukraine criminal probe.



2014 contract with Mr. Broidy and QUILLAS EQUITIES S.A. (see embedded Panama Papers info), the 5 year period is curious but the $2.5M via ICU Holdings & VTB bank, it should be noted that VTB was & is sanctioned. So why would an American like Mr. Broidy enter into a contract and the $2.5 million is curiously the same dollar amount Broidy donated to several GOP candidates and PACs.



Which brings us to Mr. Broidy’s American business..


CA SOS #  201609910256 

  • April 2016 - California State Corporation Registration
  • April 2016 -  SI Form Completion Form
  • February 2018 - SI Form



CA SOS # 201710210087

What I found “odd” is Threat Detterence, LLC was originally formed in 2012, click on the March 2017 filing. 



And by now you are asking yourself;

“Lordy Mic, where are you going with this?”

This is Threat Deterrence’s website. Ostensibly there’s literally nothing on this website. It’s a shell, sort of a place holder. The only substantive information that I could find about Threat Deterrence was this 2013 PR News, press release 



And now the moment you’ve been waiting for...

...this is a 2015 SEC Form D filing for Threat Deterrence.

Did you notice the dollar amount?

I personally didn’t catch it at first, It’s $2.5 million minus $235,000. Almost similar to what one could conclude as a finder’s fee or handling fee of 10%. You can drill down on the SEC Edgar Archive



The point of this entry? I think, operative word Broidy’s UAE 2014 contract seems to be the convergence of

Russian Money👉🏻Washed via Ukraine👉🏻 Washed via UK👉🏻Washed via UAE👉🏻Flowed to the GOP and Trump. Again that’s my theory based on my open source research.  -Spicy Out for now 


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