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Elliott Broidy Part 2 of 4

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Posted on April 26 2018

Please take a moment and familiarize yourself with:

Andrei Baev 


But…but…but….who is Andrei Baev?

Less than a year ago, Reed-Smith, which is a vernable and rather prestigious international law firm, announced Mr. Baev had joined their firm. For those who don’t know, Reed-Smith offers clients a large and multidiscipline portfolio of expertise, including the International Energy Sector.  In May 2017 Reed-Smith issued the following Press Release and biography of their “new” hire Andrei Baev:

  • ”Andrei will especially help connect our Energy & Natural Resources practice with our Financial Industry Group, our Trade Finance teams, our Kazakhstan office, and our rapidly expanding International Arbitration practice.”


  • “He has also worked extensively on major independent power, nuclear power, mining, telecommunications, and other critical infrastructure projects around the world. Baev represented major Russian companies in many high-profile projects inside and outside of Russia.” -Reed-Smith


  • “Our forward-moving Russian and Eastern European practice will particularly benefit from, and enhance, Reed Smith’s networks in the region, which include the formidable resources of the firm’s longstanding office in Kazakhstan.” -Andrei Baev


  • Fully bilingual in English and Russian, Baev completed his first law degree at the Sverdlovsk Law Institute in Russia, and went on to achieve an LLM at UCLA, a JSM (Master of the Science of Law) from Stanford Law School and a JSD (Doctor of the Science of Law) from Stanford University.“


I took the liberty of archiving Reed-Smith’s May 2017 Press Release, in the unfortunate event the firm decides to scrub their website.

Archived link  Reed-Smith May 2017 Press Release -Andrei Baev


After news of Mr. Baev’s  “ties” with Elliott Broidy came to light. Both Broidy and Baev confirmed that they had discussed a plan to approach the Trump Administration. Seeking the Administration’s assistance of lifting various sanctions from Mr. Baev’s Russian clients.

Given the outward public optics and the appearance of a potential “pay to play” scheme,  it does appear that Mr. Baev and  Reed-Smith have since parted ways. Earlier this week a Reed-Smith Spokeswoman later confirmed.

Perhaps I’m reading too much into this Bloomberg March 23 Article


The Bloomberg article goes on to explain why this is a significant disclosure. Specifically explaining the lengths in which Mr. Broidy went to in monetizing the access to Donald Trump. Further, this article explains how Russia and their surrogates once again appear to coalesce around Donald Trump and his administration. Particularly when it comes to various lawyers representing Trump or in this case his son in law.curious, no? Time and time it always seems to come back to Russia and sanctions 


Towards the end of the Bloomberg article is this interesting liddle’ nugget, listing the various Russian Energy Clients Mr. Baev represented. You betch: Lukoil Pjsc &  Gazprom Pjsc.


Where is Andrei Baev now?

Based on his updated LinkedIn Profile Baev is now the CEO and runs the day to day operations of:

🇷🇺MajorPack, Inc🇷🇺 

American & Italian Website

Anticorrosion for the Oil & Gas Industry- Products

Russian Websute

MajorPack RU

“Majorpack Inc imports from Cjsc Trade House Npo in Russia through the port of Houston, Texas” Here’s an example of a Bill of Lading via ImportGenius, which appears to have a “partnership” with MajorPack, Inc.


Last week a friend of mine asked me to help them obtain Court Documents for Vladimir Nevidomy, who pleaded guilty for exporting night vision scopes from the USA to Russia. I sent her Nevidomy’s plea deal. I don’t know if she ever posted her article on The Palmer Report. The reason I am bringing up Nevidomy’s plea deal, is I noticed something in his plea deal, that most people would completely overlook.

  • “a private Russian postal service that operates in South Florida” 


So imagine my curiosity when the 3 hit on my Lexis Nexis search returned a Link to ImportGenius here  MajorPack Inc, Vendor Profile via ImportGenius

So I decided to do a bit more digging, it appears MajorPack Inc, has two physical locations in Russia, a location in Italy and a location in Houston, TX. MajorPack Inc – Locations

Based on the Texas State Corporation Commission Search, it does appear that Mr. Baev registered this corporation in Texas about 5 months ago.



As of right now, I am not sure what direction my research will take me. Notwithstanding every time I decide to drill down on Elliott Broidy, I start off thinking: “oh this is going to be super easy”

Nonetheless I am starting to see a predictable pattern as it relates to Broidy, the RNC and Donald Trump.

  • Sanctions
  • pay to play
  • Russians
  • witting and unwitting Americans
  • money, lots of money
  • ”interesting” business ventures.

I am currently working on the Broidy & Gates connection. It involves the previously mentioned $380K movie production deal that landed Gates’ long time business partner a criminal case in the SDNY.

see Elliott Broidy SEC litigation, as far as I can tell he’s a mini Trump, no really he is.

-Spicy Out for now 

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