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Elliott Broidy – Part 1 of 4

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Posted on April 26 2018

A while back I had casually tweeted that in my copious free time (note my sarcasm).  I had created basic biography files on 289 people and/or entities that I had identified as:
  • Within Trump’s immediate circle and/or direct business orbit
  • ties to other foreign entities such as, but in no particular order: UAE, The Kingdom, Georgia, RIGA, Panama, Indonesian, Philippines, Dubai, Argentina, St Vincent and of course Turkey
  • Campaign funding, fund raising, loans >$25 million
  • if a Target appears more than 4xs in my research.


I bump said person up in my que, welcome to the front of the line Elliott Broidy… I’ve been expecting you...


Who is Elliot Broidy?

To say his business life is complicated, is my nice way of saying, this might get uncomfortable for Broidy, Nadler, Trump and the GOP writ large.

Below is an abbreviated business summary of Mr. Broidy’s “career”;

  • Currently CEO & Chair, Broidy Capital Managemen
  • Co-Founder and Chairman at Markstone Capital Group LLC.
  • 2002, he formed Markstone Capital Partners.
  • 1982 – 1991, Managing Director at Bell Enterprises,
    • involved in a wide range of investments:
    • management of marketable securities
    • real estate
    • private equity, and other alternative investments.


  • Elliott Broidy began his career at Arthur Andersen and Co.
  • He is the Chairman at Event Solutions International, Inc, DBA/ ESI Holdings, Inc.
  • Serves on Board of Directors:
    • Foley Timber
    • Land Company, L.P.
    • Vantis Capital Management LLC.
  • Trustee of Simon Wiesenthal Center
  • served as a Commissioner of the Los Angeles City Fire and Police Pension Fund*


Strickly on paper Mr. Broidy looks like a power broker,  someone who knows his way in power circles and perhaps someone you would trust with your retirement account. But then again after reviewing nearly 9 years of various lawsuits, civil and criminal, it totally makes sense that Mr. Broidy would be Donald Trump’s fund raising guru.

2009 – $250 million NYC pension fund & bribery

In late 2009, Mr. Broidy admitted to bribing four senior controller officials & funneling the bribe money through Comptroller Hevesi and his family. This was known as the NY pay-to-play, whereby Mr. Broidy used these Bribes to win the $250 million in pension fund business for his firm, Markstone Capital.  See Aggregated bribes detailed below:

  • $75,000 in “luxury travel” to Israel and Italy for Comptroller Hevesi and his fanily.
  • $300,000 for a movie called “Chooch”, produced by the brothers of David Loglisci, the New York fund’s CIO.
  • $380,000 in bogus consulting fees to a family member of another state official
  • $90,000 to the girlfriend of a 3rd official for “living expenses”
  • > $500,000 in campaign contributions as directed by Hevesi

 In 2009 Elliot Broidy pleaded guilty see NTY 2009 Article here 


Link to the NY Governor’s 2010 Press Release Below, announcing Elliott Broidy’s Guilty Plea

Gov Coumo Announces Guilty Plea in pay-to-play scheme



Criminal Complaint Below

See Embedded Link here Hevesi Complaint accepting bribes from Elliott Broidy

Hevesi Allocution:

See embedded link to Hevesi Allocution Hevesi Allocution 2010




Elliott Broidy & Markstone Settlement Agreement

At the time circa 2009/2010 this was a pretty big scandal. Solely in the context of public corruption this was a pretty big fish. Markstone will return $18 million to the State Pension Fund and Mr. Broidy resigned his position at Markstone Group. In doing so, Mr. Broidy did not serve any jail time. Then New York Attorney General Coumo stated:

  • “Markstone and Wetherly are the eighth and ninth firms to adopt our Code of Conduct, which ends pay-to-play political contributions and the selling of access to public pension money nationwide,” said Attorney General Cuomo. (emphasis added)


  • “New York’s taxpayers deserve rigorous protection against political influence in our public pension funds. I commend these firms for furthering our reform efforts and returning a combined $19 million to the state pension fund through our agreements.” (emphasis added)

Link to Settlement Agreement here Markstone/Broidy Settlement Agreement


Broidy also ran into some pretty serious Securities Exchange Commissions issues, see 2009 Letter.

And then we have the Announcements from Donald J Trump’s campaign where Mr. Elliott Broidy is listed Trump’s Finance Vice Chairman of Trump Victory Fund.


Incidentally Elliott Broidy does have a YouTube Channel. It appears he only used it to promote movies that he produced.

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