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Posted on August 24 2018

as previously discussed here


Donald J Trump Foundation 


In June of 2018, the New York Attorney General (NYAG) included large batch of documentation attached to the verified complaint against the Donald J Trump Foundation (DJTF). In this document dump, included the tax returns of DJTF, which the organization filed on November 11, 2017, see Exhibit # 3.

You can access all of the filings via New York’s SCROLL database found here you will need to type in the following index number: 451130/2018.

Once you type in the aforementioned index number, you can then access ALL filings attached to the New York Attorney General’s (NYAG) verified Complaint against the Donald J Trump Foundation (DJTF) . Alternatively you can access the same voluminous filings directly from the NYAG’s wensite, found here. Personally speaking I prefer the NY SCROLL database because it’s part of the NY online Court  Records. Irrespective of my personal preference, you do have two open source (no Paywall) avenues to review the various documentation related to the NYAG v DJTF matter.

 To provide you a visual of the NY SCROLL this is what the landing pages will look like, you will be required to type in a session generated captcha but once you do that you can then navigate this database.


As previously noted, Exhibit 3 DJTF Federal Tax Returns. What many may not know, is in 2016 there were only a handful of donors to the DJTF. Based on DJTF Tax Filings, specifically their 2016 IRS 990 filing: DJTF raised slightly under $3M. The numerosity of donors (sans his daughter’s $100K donation) came from four individual donors. Itemized fund raised can be found on DJTF Schedule B, found here.

Two of whom donated exactly $1,000,000.00 to the DJTF. Laura Perlmutter and Phil Ruffin represented slightly more than two-thirds of the total number raised.


If Laura Perlmutter’s name doesn’t ring a bell, well does Ike Perlmutter sound familiar? It should because Laura is Ike’s wife. See Mar-a-Largo Veterans Administration twitter thread below:



Because who among us hasn’t engaged in a years long defamation  litigation battle over purported stolen DNA. No really this is WHO Donald Trump has advising him on Veterans Affairs and benefits our Veterans have earned:




Turning your attention back to the DJTF matter, I’ve previously discussed and rhetorically asked the question, why would the DJTF make a $50,000 for 2014, 2015 and 2016 to Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School. The same school that Trump’s yougest son attended before moving to DC. Courious, no? Particularly interesting since the Annual Tuition for Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School is $48,970.



Of course the $150,000 donation from Victor Pinchuk should also be scrutinized, but to be fair Mr. Pinchuk also gave generous donations to the Clinton Global Initiative. Notwithstanding I do find his donation to the DJTF rather interesting. 



And granted its been one helluva week in Trump-land but with breaking news occurring literally on the hour and sometimes multiple times during an hour. There’s really no suprise that the NY AG and/or the Manhattan AG are looking into the potential criminality of a one Donald J Trump and his DJTF.

Why? Well those answers can in fact be found in the June 2018 NYAG’s verified Complaint, not only did that office attach the various DJTF IRS filings, they also included numerous transcripts of depositions of multiple Trump Org senior management. For example Trump Org’s Allen Weisselberg, who was name dropped by Michael Cohen in the September 2016 surreptitiously recorded conversation. Link to the NYAG deposition of Trump Org CFO & DJTF Treasurer Allen Weisselberg can be found here



Remember how I said that Cohen had name checked Allen Weisselberg in that secret recording and how that could spell really bad news for Trump and other Senior Trump Org employees? I’m going to leave this right here:


So with the news that American Media Inc parent company of The Enquirer CEO David Pecker & Editor Dylan Howard were each granted immunity, perhaps it’s time to re-read the AMI agreement and release of Karen McDougal from the “life rights” Catch and Kill, aka Hush Agreement. Because many have overlooked the importance of this particular section of the April 2018 Agreement:




Because the fact is the current President of the United States, paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to two women, whom he had an extramarital affair with. That’s not an opinion or conjecture that’s a fact and could very well mean we are looking at 18 USC §371 Conspiracy to...



It is not like we haven’t talked about Trump and his lady problems, here or here all I know is this week has been the BEST Infrastructure Week, ever. I’d also like to say expect Trump to do some epically crazy sh_t. Right now he’s a cornered Rat and like any caged animal (yes I’m calling Trump an animal) they will lash out and are unpredictable. So stay focused but expect things to get weird. -Spicy Out


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