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Donald Trump for Vets or not but probably FRAUD

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Posted on August 27 2018

as previously discussed in June, here and last week’s entry here.


I should probably say that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with those who have a little extra should give a little extra. In fact philanthropy is a knoble and lauded characteristic. At least that’s how I was raised. So if by some chance you are financially more fortunate than others, giving should come as second nature. At least that’s how in theory it should be.

Donald J Trump for Vets, or NOT

At all times I will link to data sources/documents. With the hope of allowing you to read the materials and come to your own informed opinion. 

According to Whois, the donaldtrumpforvets was registered on January 28, 2018.

From what I can surmise, the aforementioned website (January 29, 2016 5:02UTC link found here) doesn’t disclose  Notice the “Over $578,000 raised today”? Well this is somewhat important, based on internet (ICAN) records the domain was registered <24 hours yet some how managed to raise more than half a million dollars? I suppose it’s possible.

What boggles my mind is, in the New York Attorney General’s (NYAG) June 2018, verified Complaint, buried on Exhibit 12 is the following email exchange between Eric Trump and Lynne Patton, link to Exhibit 12 found here.

Exhibit 18, link found here, is also worth scrutinizing for a variety of reasons. Particularly given the allegation of co-mingling a “private foundation” and the impermissibility of engaging in Poltical activities, specifically you’ll notice that the Trump Organization created a DJTFoundation email address, but it appears the “online” donation service was and while I give the Trump Campaign credit for at least beta testing the donation button, it should be noted the very first online donation came from John McEntee. But as you can see it’s like the Trump Campaign and Trump Organization didn’t blur the line, they obliterated it. 

With respect to John McEntee, that name should ring a bell, he was reported as a “long time personal aide to Donald Trump and a body double” but there’s another reason his name should ring a bell. He was fired from the White House in March of 2018, after the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI launched an investigation for “serious financial crimes” and his purported $250,000 gambling habit, per this report. After being fired from the White House, McEntee was quickly picked up by the Trump 2020 campaign. I suppose it is plausible that McEntee may also be bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) but that’s merely speculative, at this point. However given Trump and his proclivity to have former staffers and employees sign NDAs, it isn’t out of the realm of possibilities. 


The live URL still works and it appears it’s simply a shell, link found here. Yet boast some $1.67 million raised yet oddly the NYAG’s verified Complaint, Exhibit #14, shows some $1.623 million raise on January 28, 2016. As in the same exact date the Donald J Trump Foundation created the donaldtrumpforvets website. This kind of questionable accounting and fast and loose accounting might explain why Trump has filed bankruptcy multiple times.

Again, not to belabor my previous assertion, donating to our Veterans is a laudable  endeavor, it is the least we can do to show our gratitude for the hundreds of thousands of brave men and women who volunteer to fight for our Country.


Where this crosses the line for me, is someone like Donald Trump, using Veterans as poltical fodder. Case in point, during the 2016 election cycle Trump released the following 3 page document, which aggregated the various Vet charities he (I’m being generous here) “intended” to donate to. Live URL found here, archived link found here.  


This list is also included in the NYAG’s lawsuit, as Exhibit #16 where Corey Lewandowski exchange emails with Stuart Jolly and Trump Org’s Jeff McConney, over the finalized veterans charity list, that then Candidate Trump published on his campaign website;


The fact that Corey Lewandowski has the “gall” to say (paraphrasing) “yo guys I totally warned you about Michael Cohen” literally I put my laptop down on my desk, tilted my head to the sky and screamed (in my home-office), Corey you need to STFU and sit down, your dirty little thug paws are all over the Foundation and emails, oh so many emails:



Below are a few charities I decided to jump down a rabbit hole and see where it took me. At a certain point I may have rolled my eyes hard enough that I gave myself a headache. For example if you look at Exhibit #22. You’ll notice that donations where sent out in what looks like random batches. Be assured these are not random batches, I’ve color coded what appears to be “cluster” donations. Each box shows “cluster” donations that correspond to Trump’s poltical Campaign 

Meaning that the Trump Campaign, in violation of New York Law, possibly in violation of FEC law, but absolutely in violation of IRS laws gave “donations” that appear to be tied with Campaign Activities. 

Puppy Jake Foundation

Would it suprise any of you to know this particular Foundation has a really long history with Sistah Sarah Palin? God she is like that gift that just keeps on giving. For example do you remember in 2015 when Facebook and Twitter lost its mind? Palin posted a picture of her son Trig standing on their new “service dog” Jill? Do yourself a favor and google: Puppy Jake Foundation and the full names listed in their Articles of Incorporation. If your adventurous add Sarah Palin to that google search. From what I can tell, it does NOT appear the Trump Foundation or the Trump Campaign did any due diligence. Iowa’s State Corporation Commision, Puppy Jake Foundation, Articles of Incorporation found here. SOS Iowa bi-Annual Puppy Jake Foundation report found here.



Foundation for American Veterans

By and large many of the Veterans Groups are reputable organizations. conversely there’s one group that not only earned an F grade from the CharityWatch. That charity is Foundation for American Veterans, which has subsequently dissolved. I now refer you to page 32 of the NYAG’s Exhibit #22, link found here. What’s deeply problematic is Trump and his campaign repeatedly told the media that they had “a team of experts” vetting numerous charities and that was one of the “mitigating” factors in the delay of disbursement of funds to the various Veterans Groups.

Yet oddly a cursory internet search returns numerous third party warnings about Foundation for American Veterans, see BBB February 2016 warning about this charity



It should be worth pointing out that many states, like New York, require charitable organizations, who solicit donations, such as Trusts or Foundation’s are required to register and file timely annual reports. I decided to run a search in the New York database, link found here. As you can see this website and database is managed by the New York Attorney General’s office. 


If you’re willing to spend some time reading the dozens of filings eventually your efforts are rewarded. On October 26, 2016 the NYAG’s office uploaded what appears to be Donald J Trump Foundation’s original 1987 IRS application for tax exempt status, link to the 49 page document can be found here.

Based on the Foundation’s 1987 IRS Filing, the orginal intent of the Foundation was to provide Educational Scholarships, I now refer you to pages 3 & 4, which reads in part:


“Since the Foundation intends to promote research in various charitable, religious, educational, scientific and literary areas, a selection committee will be formed to ascertain the availability of qualified graduate or undergraduate students, scholars or researchers in the United States and in foreign countries whose fields of study would enable them to contribute to the present store of knowledge in these area...

...enabling such institution or institutions to directly award financial assistance to such students as the faculty committee of such institution or institutions deems qualified to pursue studies of the nature described in. The selection of scholarship recipients by any faculty committee involved would be subject to the approval of the Foundation. The educational institution would agree to pay scholarship funds to any recipient only while he is enrolled there and maintaining an academic standing consistent with the purposes of the scholarship...”


I now refer you to pages 5 & 6, of the Foundation’s 1987 application, where it specifically states that:

Donald J. Trump will be a "a substantial contributor" to tne Foundation and, therefore, both he and Ivana Trump (his wife) will be “disqualified persons" with respect to the Foundation.

Which now makes sense why the NY AG made a formal referral to the IRS & FEC regarding Donald Trump’s Foundation, as previously detailed in this June Twitter Thread:




May 26, 2016 Michael Cohen CNN NewDay 

“How sad is that? Donald Trump who goes ahead and raises -- whether it is 4, 5, 6 million, whatever the number is -- a guy who has clearly shown himself who is interested and cares very deeply for our American veterans," Cohen said.

“He went ahead and raised millions of dollars for veterans and veterans causes, but unfortunately, people have not sent in their pledges yet. For whatever the reason may be, maybe it has to do with their taxes,"





For now, I’m going to shelve each of the Charities/Foundations that Trump sent donations to. I’m not happy with the level of research and I’ve run in to a few road blocks. -Spicy Out 

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