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Don’t cry for me Mariia

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Posted on July 17 2018

At all times, I will link to the original data source.


🇷🇺Mariia Butina🇷🇺

aka/ Maria Butina


So I figured let’s go ahead down the Butina black hole...based on video-graphic evidence we know that unequivocally Maria Butina had the opportunity to ask Donald Trump a question about his Foreign Policy (or lack thereof). As I started to research I found my way to the FreedomFest 2015 page and then noticed the following:



Which entirely messed up my research and I quickly found myself ping ponging between the 2015 and 2016 pages... when I attempted to archive the FreedomFest 2015 page, I encountered the robot.txt see Wayback link found here

FreedomFest appears to have archived this page on or about 8/03/2015, that’s my assumption by the date notated in the URL, found here. And somewhat confirmed in the limited text associated with Trump’s appearance, Notice the past tense of Trump’s apperance.



For now I’m going to table the FreedomFest issue, I think it’s a bit of a black hole and it’s frustrating trying to source and capture the data all the while data is inexplicably being removed. But let’s go ahead and dive in to:


Mariia Butina & Alexandr Torshin..

 To say that Torshin is a prolific tweeter, that might be the understatement of the year.

November 9, 2016 Tweet/Thread:




In which Torshin brags about his NRA Lifetime Membership and then goes on to Congratulate his “operative” Mariia Butina:



 And further down the twitter thread Torshin tweets this rather curious tweet:



🇷🇺Torshin’s tweet:


 For those who may not know, in Russia has a Facebook, its known of VKontakte (VK), and yes VK has been previously discussed as it relates to Trump, Trump Jr and that unAmerican Summer 2016 Trump Tower meeting. What’s not widely known is in 2014 Vladimir Putin, essentially seized control of VKontakte from his founder and CEO: Pavel Durov

This January 2014 Verge Article provides an excellent summary of VK and Putin, link found here:


Durov's departure effectively transfers majority control of VK to business magnate Alisher Usmanov — Russia's richest man, with an estimated worth of $20.2 billion, and a close ally of President Vladimir Putin. Durov sold his 12 percent stake to Ivan Tavrin, chief executive of telecom provider MegaFon, which Usmanov controls. (The exact sum of the sale was not disclosed, though it is believed to be between $300 and $400 million.) That means that Usmanov and his Kremlin-friendly allies now control 52 percent of the company, raising concerns over the future of VK and the freedom of its users.


So now you have a little bit of history of Russia’s VK. I suppose you would actually like to see Mariia Butina’s VK profile? Well your wish is my command and I have to admit I’m amused that her VK Account is WIDE OPEN:

Mariia Butina’s VK Account Found here.

YES of course I’ve taken the liberty of archiving her VK Account. Archive here.



And like most millennials she has a robust picture portfolio, 1,479 picture, 25 albums and countless videos.

To view. Mariia Bunita’s VK photoalbum, link found here.

And of course I Archived it ALL for you, because Spicy takes Be Best seriously. See Maria Bunita’s VK picture archive found here

As luck would have it, Maria Bunita created a VK album for her 2015 NRA trip. It literally chronicles start to finish for her NRA-Nashville TN “visit”, a total of 199 pictures wide open on the internet. I suppose you’d like to see her NRA-Nashville-2015 album?


NRA-Nashville 2015 Album found here, Archive found here.

With respect to the unarmed Americans. I’d like you remind you that in early 2016 Paul Erickson and Mariia Butina filed Articles of Incorporation with the South Dakota State Corporation Commission, they even paid an extra “expedited fee”.



I would also like to point out that Sheriff David Clarke, also filed and disclosed that Mariia Butina paid for his travel expenses. As you know when you are a Public Figure, as in your salary is paid by American Tax have a statutory obligation to file disclosures:




 I mean come on the Affidavit is damning, it links the NRA and GOP...




And yes of course one could make the implausible argument that she’s a “bright graduate student” but the facts prove based on the recently unsealed documents that our Country knew what Mariia Butina was up to.




Right now I would bet that Trump, the NRA and the GOP are in full damage control. The problem is what Trump did yesterday in Helsinki absolutely no coming back from that. Trump and Putin stood on the World’s Stage and engaged in a gross display of subterfuge. I never thought I’d live to see the day that an American President would choke and essentially yield to Russia and Putin.

But the more I did into Mariia Butina’s VK profile the more I refuse to believe she’s just a “bright graduate student” and don’t get me wrong, intellectually I understand why her defense attorney has issued the statements he has but, like I said a cursory look at her VK Account and various photo albums, she’s not an innocent foreign student.

Mariia Butina’s 2011 VK photo album, found here, archive link here.

I used google translator, link to her 2012 VK album, 

Фотосессия для журнала = Photosession for the magazine, link here, archive link found here.

I mean honestly this is like a bad Russian Charlie’s Angle knock-off 



 But it’s this 2014 album that has me extremely curious, this is what she wrote in Russian: С инструктором федерации практической стрельбы гос-ва Израиль, Тель-Авив

Here’s the live VK link found here  archived link here 

English translation: ShareShow shared copies. With the instructor of the Federation of Practical Shooting of the State of Israel, Tel Aviv

In the same 2014 VK photo album she posted this


С паст-президентом NRA, USA Дэвидом Кином, на съезде движения "Право на оружие", Москва


English translation:

With past president of NRA, USA David Keane, at the congress of the Right to Arms movement, Moscow

On May 10, 2-1014 Mariia Butina posted, VK link found here, archived link here.


And because it’s odd to me that in May 2014 she posted pictures with the NRA, Israeli and this one with Boris Yang, live VK link here archived link here.

And this all seems so peculiar because from a pattern standpoint these four pictures stick out like sore thumb, but what do I know?


And clearly counterintelligence is NOT even remotely my wheelhouse but it clearly looks like to me, a layperson that this 2014 VK photo album should be scrutinized, closely.  At any rate I need to get dinner on the table before my family revolts.

-Spicy Out


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