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Posted on April 13 2018


Department of Justice

Office of Inspector General

April 13, 2018


Report Former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

Given today’s SDNY Bombshell regarding Michael Cohen but not to be out done by yet a third “hush agreement” of which Cohen likely facilitated for Mr. Elliott Broidy. Apparently will overshadow today’s DOJ-OIG 👉🏻report 👈🏻concerning FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

I could be wrong but looking at the cover page. It appears the DOJ-OIG Report was originally compiled in February or someone at the DOJ-OIG simply made a typo, given McCabe wasn’t “fired” until March 2018, but I digress given I make typos. ALL. THE. TIME. 



Perhaps I am biased. In reading the DOJ-OIG report. To me it seems like the DOJ-OIG issued a confusing report. In one breath they say McCabe followed DOJ departmental guidelines regarding “media and public interest” but then state McCabe “lacked candor” on three separate occasions.


So I started digging into the various “punishments” ajudictaed regarding an FBI Agent and “lack of candor”. Unsurprisingly there are various degrees on the “offense” and punishment. The disciplinary actions range from a “formal letter of censure” placed in an Agent’s file to a multi day suspension to termination of employment with the FBI.


You can read the 2012 exhibits, entered in as a Court filing via this 👉🏻link👈🏻 which was included in this March 2018 Atlantic Article in which Former FBI SA Clint Watts explains:


‘If you have a candor violation, that is treated much more severely than other things that might be more serious, like a DUI,” said Clint Watts, a former FBI agent and a fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute. “You have to be able to back up your statements, and if you don’t have good candor, you can’t go jamming people up for lying to federal agents.”



I found this 2016 United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Order & Opinion. 

Lt. Col. John C. Parkinson v Department of Justice 

The Court 👉🏻adjudicated👈🏻

  • ‘We sustain the obstruction charge, and the Board’s dismissal of Parkinson’s affirmative defense of violations of the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemploy- ment Rights Act of 1994 (“USERRA”).”
  • “Because the lack of candor charge is unsupported by substantial evidence, and because the Board improperly precluded Parkinson from raising an affirmative defense of whistleblower retaliation, we reverse-in-part and vacate-in-part the Board’s decision and remand for consideration of Parkin- son’s whistleblower defense and, if necessary, the appro- priate penalty.’




It’s also worth noting that America only knew about the FBI’s Clinton investigation. We were NEVER informed about the “criminal counterintelligence Investigation” in to the Trump Campaign and any “ties” with Russian Entities.

We found out about the FBI July 2016 Trump/Russia Investigation during Dir Comey’s March 20, 2017 and is questioned about leaks from the FBI. It’s a worthwhile to rewatch the clip the Washington Post created the day of Comey’s March Testimony.


With respect to Deputy Director McCabe and today’s release of the DOJ OIG report, a short while ago Mr. McCabe released a two page statement via his attorney.

In an effort to give you a fulsome birds eye view, below are a few takeaways from McCabe’s Statement:

  • “The rush to judgment – and the rush to terminate Mr. McCabe – were unprecedented, unseemly, and cruel. His treatment was far more harsh and far less fair than he deserved, and his reward for the loyalty he showed to his country over the course of his career was a truncated form of administrative due process, including the lack of any right to appeal outside the Department of Justice (DOJ).”
  • ‘We were also troubled when we learned that Attorney General Sessions would be the final decision maker. For many months, the President has placed enormous – indeed unprecedented – pressure on the Attorney General, belittling him and expressing displeasure with his decisions, especially his decision to recuse himself from the Russia investigation.”
  • “Taken together with the President’s sustained and outrageous criticism of Mr. McCabe, including clearly expressing, via numerous tweets, his desire that Mr. McCabe be fired before he became eligible for his full retirement rights, the pressure on the Attorney General to terminate Mr. McCabe was enormous.‘
  • ...”we demonstrated that the charges were unsupported by the evidence and that the OIG's conclusions and the FBI-OPR proposal to terminate Mr. McCabe were unjustified.”
  • “The President has publicly demanded results from the OIG. His comments have applied inappropriate pressure on that office and DOJ more generally”
  • “No one, not even an independent Inspector General, is fully immune from the type of political pressure that has been applied in Mr. McCabe’s case. When the President expressed his doubts about the OIG’s capacity to handle matters properly within its jurisdiction, he further tainted the process.”
  • “The termination of Mr. McCabe was completely unjustified. And
    the rush to fire him, at the goading of the President, was unworthy of the great traditions of the Department of Justice.

All I know is Andy and his family served our Country for 2 decades. Director McCabe spent the majority of his adult life serving our Country. Iindoingso Director McCabe made America safer. And I thank him for his service and his family’s service to our Country.

Unlike this malignant narcissistic traitor tot, trash panda’s 2016 tweet

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