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DHS Watchdog Report Zero Tolerance

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Posted on October 15 2018


The incompetence of the Trump Administration Zero Tolerance policy, aspreviously discussed herehere, here and more recently the Trump Administration and the Flores Amendment, found here.




On June 29, 2018 numerous House Democrats wrote to the respective Office of Inspectors General: DOJ, DHS, HHS. The House Democrats cited a litany of concerns regarding the ill thought out and ill executed Zero Tolerance Policy. Their four page letter reads in part:

we have grave concerns about how the Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Health and Human Services considered, prepared for, and executed these policies

We request that you examine this entire process—including legal, logistical, coordination, and public information issues—and issue a report detailing the ways in which these efforts were deficient or could have been improved.

 The letter goes on to cite Sec Neilsen’s tweets, which we now know was a blatant and vulgar lie. I hope Neilsen is hauled back in to Congress and is annihilated for her attitude and incompetent leadership.

 Administration still has not provided consistent information on a family reunification plan, whether children are still being separated at the border, or whether your agencies have accurate information about whether detained children entered the United States as unaccompanied minors or were separated from their parents upon entry...We also have serious questions about whether public statements by officials at each of your agencies were based on facts or matched the internal decision-making process that led to the implementation of these policies.”    


The reality is this is yet another Trump policy that had zero preparation, zero controls, zero accountability and zero forethought. This isn’t effective leadership, this is one tiny step away from full on authoritarian “public policy”



On October 2, 2018  DHS-OIG released their Zero Tolerance Report. At the time I simply tweeted the two reports and didn’t have the time to read both.




I now refer you to pages 7 & 8, keep in mind that in May and June this was at the height of the Zero Tolerance policy, they violated the Flores Amendment which limits the hold time of minors to 72 hours, unless “extraordinary circumstances” are present. The DHS-OIG found no such circumstances. More over they found one child was held in custody for 12 days (over 280 hours) and a separate child held a child for 25 days, equivalent to 600 hours.



OIG saw evidence that limiting the volume of asylum-seekers entering at ports of entry leads some aliens who would otherwise seek legal entry into the United States to cross the border illegally

the Border Patrol sees an increase in illegal entries when aliens are metered at ports of entry.


the Trump Administration held nearly one third of separated or unaccompanied children for longer than 72 hours—the maximum period allowed by law without “exceptional circumstances.”


June 23, 2018 DHS published;

Fact Sheet: Zero-Tolerance Prosecution and Family Reunification. It very clearly and plainly states the following, DHS Fact Sheet, link found here.

There is a central database which HHS and DHS can access and update when a parent(s) or minor(s) location information changes. 

I now refer you to pages 10 & 11 of the DHS-OIG Report No OIG-18-84, not only did the DHS-OIG conclude that there was NO “central database” but they also largely confirm a July 5, 2018 Media Report that ICE had incomplete and deleted data.

On June 23, 2018, DHS announced that DHS and HHS had “a central
database” containing location information for separated parents and minors that both departments could access and update.However, OIG found no evidence that such a database exists.

The OIG team asked several ICE employees, including those involved with DHS’ reunification efforts at ICE Headquarters, if they knew of such a database, and they did not.

Two officials suggested that the “central database” referenced in DHS’ announcement is actually a manually-compiled spreadsheet maintained by HHS, CBP, and ICE personnel. According to these officials, DHS calls this spreadsheet a “matching table.”


On July 5, 2018 I created this thread. In general I try my best not to traffic in gossip or rumors. I had previously “casually” mentioned it. But opted to hold off until an actual reporter reported what I have been told by two people I know who have direct and personal knowledge of the blatant lie by Sec Neilsen and the Trump administration and now we ALL know it’s true.



I now refer you pages 12 & 13, which covers the misinformation given to parents, no information given to parents and the Trump Administration blatant lies to the American People and to Congress.

The Trump Administration provided inconsistent or incorrect information—or in some cases, no information at all—to parents about the location of their children or when they would be reunited.

July 26, 2018, DHS declared that it had reunified all eligible parents in ICE custody with their children; yet this eligible parent was in ICE custody on that date, but was not reunified with his child until September 24, 2018.

The Inspector General found that this failure led to “some parents not understanding that their children would be separated from them and/or being unable to communicate with their children after separation.”


The DHS-OIG went to the Port Isabel Center and questioned several adult detainees. Inquiring what they experienced, did the CBP, ICE and/or DHS provided them with information prior to the Trump Administration forcibly separating them from their children,

three detainees reported that they were only provided a copy after they had been separated from their children and transferred to the ICE facility....

Five of the six said they did not receive any information. The sixth stated that when he left the Border Patrol facility to appear in court for prosecution, a Border Patrol Agent told him that his 5-year-old daughter would still be at the Border Patrol facility when he returned...he was placed on a bus to be transferred to an ICE detention facility without his daughter.

In short the DHS-OIG report shows that the Media had it 100% correct the only ones who lied, equivocated and engaged in subterfuge to cover their lies Trump, Neilsen and Sarah Slanders and Jeff -the elf- Sessions. I do not understand why the GOP controlled House or Senate haven’t called Neilsen or Hargan or Azar back and chew they out for willfully lying to Congress and the American people.

This C__NT LIED and LIED and LIED, she should resign, she should be held in contempt of Congress and the UN & ICC should charge Kirstjen Nielsen with Crimes Against Humanity. When the Democrats control the House swear to God they better haul her ass in and eviscerate this lying ____

 Now after watching that vapid bitchy woman blatantly lie to the American people with her condescending tone and’s how a REAL American and a REAL Leader sounds like:

 For the record I’d take Rep Cummings over Neilsen or Trump any day. He’s been the only mainstay in Congress attempting to hold the Trump Administration accountable, whereas the GOP, House GOP and Senate GOP essentially hold their ankles while running interference for Trump and his rogue regime. Also if you think for one minute that Neilsen is a competent Public Servant...I have TWO words for you: HURRICANE KATRINA


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