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Deutsche Bank Rep Waters & Trump Volume 3

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Posted on November 11 2018


 King of debt or just a two-but con-man


As previously discussed in Volume 1, found here and further discussed in Volume 2, found here.

💰Follow the Money💰

 To better set your expectations, in Volume 3, my goal is to button up the copious paper trail that the House Democrats started shortly after the November 2016 presidential election. This entry will discuss actions, letters, hearings from July 2017 to present.

And yes, I am aware that some could be bored by the granular details I am providing. My intent is you need to know the “color/background” of the House Democrats laser focus on Donald Trump, the Trump Family and the Trump Organization business relationships with Deutsche Bank. If you do not have all the details, it will make Volume 4 (Trump’s actual loans) and Volume 5 (Trump’s long litigious history with Deutsche Bank). And trust me the 2008/2009 timeframe is oddly important, based on my research there was a radical tipping point that might answer the unanswered Trump-Russia questions.


🇩🇪Volume 3, more letters🇩🇪


Shortly after the House Democrats filed a Resolution of Inquiry (July 2017), see below for the ROI Filing and corresponding Fact Sheet...



H.Res.442, all GOP HFSC voted to adversely discharge this ROI, you can read the entire H.Res.442 docket here. The ROI essentially stalled out. But that shouldn’t be a surprise given the past 20+ months of the House Republicans obsequiousness conduct. At every turn, every vote, every inaction and complete abdication of the House (and Senate) Republicans, they paid a political price. Their unwavering fealty to Donald Trump cost House Republicans the House. As it should.




July 18, 2017 letter to AG Sessions:

Undeterred by the Republican stonewalling and obfuscation...nevertheless Rep Waters persisted. At the time, I completely overlooked her July 2017 letter. Which was a big mistake given that I’ve now taken the time to read her letter to then Attorney General (AG) Sessions. Let’s be clear here, Rep Waters (rightfully) so demanded at AG also recuse himself from ALL DOJ matters related to Deutsche Bank. At first glance it’s easy to over look that particular paragraph:



Deutsche Bank is one of President Trump’s top creditors, and has lent his companies more than $360 million. Despite his repeated bankruptcies, his lawsuit against the Bank, and his defaults on prior loans extended by the Bank, Deutsche Bank has continued to deal with President Trump for reasons unknown.

Serious concerns have been raised that the Bank’s loans to the President may have been guaranteed by a third party, such as Russia. The Bank has also lent a sizable amount to the President’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Kushner’s real estate company reportedly received an undisclosed loan of more than $280 million from the Bank one month prior to the 2016 presidential election.🌶

Further, given your recusal from all investigations pertaining to Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election, continuing revelations of your meetings with the Russian Ambassador, outstanding questions about who benefitted from Deutsche Bank’s Russian mirror-trading scheme, as well as reports suggesting that Russia may have played a role in financing the President’s Deutsche Bank loans, you must further recuse yourself in the manner I have prescribed. (emphasis added)


 🌶 SpicyFiles sidebar🌶in Volume 4, I will expound on Rep Waters assertion, of Donald Trump’s Bankruptcies and Deutsche Bank’s willingness to approve hundreds of millions of dollars in loans to Trump. When most American Financial Institutions effectively said to Trump: “nah...hard pass you non-paying, bad credit, grifter, you’re a terrible financial risk”.

Based on my research Rep Waters actually highlights a significant datapoint, that many tend to overlook. The facts show that Donald Trump filed the following Bankruptcies:

1991 Trump Taj Mahal Associates:

Case No 91-13321, filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court (USBC) in New Jersey, Primary Asset was that gawd awful & tacky Taj Casino.

1992 Trump Castle Hotel & Casino:

Case No: 91-11191, filed in USBC in New Jersey, Primary Asset, Trump Castle Hotel, in 1997 it rebranded at Trump marina 

1992 Trump's Plaza Associates:

filed the Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan Nov. 2. Case Numbers: 91-11188, 92-11189, 92-11190

1992 Trump Plaza Operating Partners:

This particular Bankruptcy consistently gets overlooked, Case No 92B-46057, filed Chapter 11 in the Southern District of New York Bankruptcy Court. This was Trump’s “crown jewel” in his (semi) robust Real Estate Portfolio circa 1980’s & 1990’s. At the time of Trump Plaza Chapter 11, it held more than $550 million in debt.  


July 25, 2017 HFSC hearing:

As previously discussed the House Financial Services Committee (HFSC)  is arguably one of the more powerful committees, given the scope of oversight for Financial Institutions. During Rep Water’s July 25, 2017 comments she explained why Oversight should be a bipartisan effort. It should not be lost on you that the House Republicans have spent the better part of 20+ months running interference for Trump and his Trump Companies. This particular passage  of Rep Waters’ Statement encapsulates the Who/Why/What/How of their efforts to seek information from both Deutsche Bank and Trump et al. This isn’t a matter of airing Trump’s questionable finances, we the people have a right to know if our president and his “adult children” two of whom hold Senior Advisor positions in the West Wing are beholden to our Country’s best interest or are they beholden to their own self interest:


Why does Trump refuse to reveal his tax returns to the public? Why was Deutsche Bank—a bank that has been fined large sums for Russian money laundering and many other violations of the law—willing to lend hundreds of millions of dollars to Trump after his bankruptcies when no other bank would lend to him? Why, according to press reports, have around 70 percent of Trump’s real estate property sales over the past 12 months been to secretive shell companies? And why is Trump sizing up the scope of his presidential pardon powers?


August 11, 2017 Letter to HFSC:

At a certain point in time, one’s patience tends to be tested. For months the House Democrats continued to press for information and transparency. Yet every step of the way House Republicans continued to ignore, decline and abuse the power of their roles as Chariman/woman of various House Committees. So this August 11, 2017 letter to HFSC Chairman Jeb Hensarling. In which Rep Waters implores the chairman to exercise his power to issue a subpoena to Deutsche Bank. are vested with the unilateral authority to compel Deutsche Bank to produce the information we requested through the issuance of a subpoena.  As Chairman, you have routinely deployed your subpoena powers, issuing 21 subpoenas for documents and testimony just since April.  Moreover, in a March 2, 2015 letter you wrote to Ranking Member Waters, you vigorously defended the usefulness and necessity of the subpoena power in conducting legitimate


And then on October 31, 2017 Chairman Jeb Hensarling annouced via twitter that he would not seek re-election on the 2018 mid-terms. For those of us in and around the Beltway, this was a bit of a shock, because as Chairman of the HFSC he holds/held immense power and/or protection for Donald Trump and Deutsche Bank:



December 1, 2017 letter to DAG Rosenstein:

Not to belabor the point, at the time there were numerous press reports that the Department of Justice and Deutsche Bank matter had all but gone silent. (remember that was the underlying concern articulated in the November 22, 2016 letter to eight Agencies OIGs). Nevertheless she persisted:

...unusual is his relationship with Rosemary Vrablic, his wealth manager, whom he falsely referred to as the “boss of Deutsche Bank” despite her having no such position as the head of the Bank. The New York Times reported that Vrablic was even in attendance at Trump’s inauguration in January.3

Not only is the President a client of Deutsche Bank, but so too are his daughter, Ivanka Trump, his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and Kushner’s mother, Seryl Kushner. In fact, the Bank lent Jared Kushner’s real estate company more than $280 million only one month prior to the 2016 election, which was not properly disclosed. As I noted in my letter to Attorney General Sessions in July, the timing of this loan raises

Given the family’s extensive business with the Bank, and the fact that it is one of the only financial institutions known to be willing to conduct business with the President, Trump has a vested interest in ensuring that his Administration takes a light touch in response to any wrongdoing by the Bank, an institution that has faced significant legal challenges in recent years.4


December 21, 2017 House Dems Support of SC Mueller:

Like many trying to keep up with the Trump drama is beyond exhausting. Everyday Trump careens from one scandal to the next. On some days it’s multiple scandals. The truth is, a vast majority of these scandals would have been career ending for politicians. Yet somehow Trump et al gets a pass. Every goddamn time. And Trump’s servile Congressional Republicans give him cover and will do just about anything to “protect their dear leader”. In a rather cruel twist of irony, that the once highly regarded & respected Republican Party’s moniker of the “Family Values Party”. They fashioned themselves as the only party that respects “the rule of law” and held as the bastion of “supports our Military and Law Enforcement” when the truth is for the past 20+ months the Republicans have engaged in a protracted and disgusting smear campaign against the FBI and DOJ.

Perhaps I am off the mark because I expect lawmakers to transcend party affliation when it comes to their 1) constitutionally mandated role to be the check and balance to an Executive who’s out of control; 2)exercise their duty to be the “oversight”, and 3) demand transparency in the lauded efforts of rooting out corruption.

As such on December 21, 2017 some one hundreded seventy one House Democrats sent DAG Rosenstein a lengthy letter voicing support for Special Counsel Mueller and Rosenstein. Their message was crystal clear:



“We write to express our support for the work of Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III, and to urge you to ensure that he be allowed to continue his investigation – unfettered by political influence or threats to his authority – to its natural and appropriate conclusion based on the law, the facts, and the evidence,”  


January 10, 2018 Sec Mnuchin:

 Of all the previous letters, this January 2018 letter is by far the most sharply worded and terse. Rep Waters specifically uses unambiguous language. I don’t think you can blame her, given Sec Mnuchin has repeatedly ignored any and all House Democrats request. In this letter Rep Waters just gets down to business. As in answer the goddamn questions “Steve” Treasury Secretary you manage the SARs info.

And granted the lingering question still remains: how and who leaked the SARS reports about Michael Cohen to Michael Avenatti? In some respects that particular question may already been answered by way of the October 17, 2018 Criminal Complaint of Senior FinCen Employee: NATALIE MAYFLOWER SOURS EDWARDS,



Personally speaking, I very much look forward to seeing Mnuchin being Subpoenaed. Although I would settle for a good old fashion DC shellacking. Mnuchin’s perniciousness testimony, his utter refusal to cooperate with Congress. Time’s up you greedy little swamp monster. The House Republicans lost control of the House, so they are no longer able to silo you or other Cabinet members.

Welcome to HELL colloquially known as Government Oversight. 



 ...”raises questions about whether you are actively obstructing efforts to uncover the truth about criminal activity by the President, his campaign, family members and associates. Furthermore, it appears that your own involvement with the Trump campaign has resulted in an unavoidable conflict of interest which you are also attempting to ignore.

Steve Bannon, who served as the Trump campaign’s Chief Executive Officer and White House Chief Strategist, was recently reported to have stated that Trump campaign officials and Trump family members have legal exposure for money laundering activities.[1] Mr. Bannon reportedly said “it all goes through Deutsche Bank and the Kushner [expletive],” referring to the President’s son-in-law and campaign advisor, Jared Kushner. This troubling account from a Trump campaign senior official underscores the need for your compliance with our request for information.


May 18, 2018 letter to Mnuchin:

And yes, I make zero apologies for my skepticism towards Michael Avenatti, his behavior and/or his motives. However let’s go ahead and set that issue aside. As it’s clearlycounterproductive and it’s somewhat of an unwelcomed distraction. For the better part of 15+ months Sec Mnuchin has conducted himself as a “Trump Financial Fixer” whereas House Democrats remain steadfast in their commitment to uncover the facts and truth. In the May 2018 letter, Rep Waters’ questions, specifically questions 2 and 5 are most interesting.



We were concerned that your repeated failure to respond to numerous requests we made to you for financial intelligence data housed within the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (“FinCEN”) suggested that you were attempting to obstruct our efforts to uncover potential criminal activity by the President and those in his inner circle. In that letter, we specifically asked:

Have you ever directed, or has any other Trump Administration official, Trump campaign official or Trump family member called on you to direct U.S. Treasury officials or staff members to obscure, destroy, or withhold information implicating the President, Trump campaign officials, Trump family members or his associates?

Given that you were still serving as national finance chair to the Trump campaign at the time, we remain concerned about your involvement in or knowledge of potential illicit activities by President Trump or his associates, including, but not limited to, the details of the arrangement between Mr. Cohen and Ms. Clifford. (emphasis added)


Trump Doral, FL

🇩🇪Deutsche Bank Mortgages🇩🇪 

 Based on the publicly available Miami-Dade Florida property records search (link found here)  and largely confirmed by Donald Trump’s Financial Disclosures, Trump’s Doral FL “resort” has two mortgages (as I lightly discussed last night) 



Deutsche Bank Mortgage 2012 $106,000,000.00

Clerk's File No.: 2012 R 415117, Group: 1
CFN: 2012 R 415117
Document Type: MOR
Rec. Date: 6/12/2012 12:00:00 AM
Plat Book/Page: 125/200
Rec Book/Page: 28147/131
First Party: TRUMP ENDEAVOR 12 LLC (see link)

Principal Amount: $106,000,000.00



Deutsche Bank 2015 2nd Mortgage $19,000,000.00

Clerk's File No.: 2015 R 518292
Group ID.: 1
First Party (Code): TRUMP ENDEAVOR 12 LLC (D)
Rec. Book/Page: 29734/ 1809
Rec. Date: 08/12/2015
Orig. CFN No: 
Orig. Book/Page: 
Misc. Reference: 
Doc. Type: MOR
Doc. Date: 01/01/1900
Entry Date: 08/11/2015

Just on Trump’s Doral, FL property I was able to identify 25 separate liens. What was the commonality? Trump’s refusal to pay Contractors for the services rendered, to give you an idea of how cheap Donald Trump is.

Trump owed a small painting company $30,0000 in payments. Trump sued and filed every imaginable motion you can think of. The Painting Company (mind you a small business in Florida) spent >$300,000.00 in legal bills all because he wanted the $30,000 invoice paid. This particular lawsuit went on for 3+ years, Donald Trump is such a cheap nonpaying con-man that he actually filed an appeal. Notwithstanding in midAugust of 2018 the Federal Appeals Court, affirmed the District  Court’s $30,000 judgement against Trump and the Appeals Court ordered Trump to pay the Plaintiff’s $300,000.00 in legal bills in addition to the original $30K judgement 


Tomorrow I’ll drill down on Trump, his bankruptcy, various mortgages and what it will be like to actually have Congressional Oversight... and as customary, the last word belongs to Aunti Maxine.

”you come for me, I’ll come for you”



-SpicyFiles Out 

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