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Posted on September 15 2018


Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is your Captain SpicyFiles speaking. Before we take off I’d like to take a moment and address a few housekeeping matters.

Firstly, I would like to apologize for the one week blog hiatus. Unfortunately I had urgent pressing matters unrelated to the PAC, the Blog or Twitter or my (actual) job that required my immediate attention. The reality is, these were unforeseen circumstances and well beyond my control. But I’m glad to be home, because researching or reading large documents on a smartphone wasn’t exactly fun.

Nevertheless the issue required me to be both mentally and physically present. When I write a blog entry, please understand that my entries require a significant amount of time to; research, triple fact check and then actually reading the materials I’ve procured. Meaning it’s not just typing a few hundred words.

Full disclosure this could get a tad bit messy, like messy boots or swampy messy. From time to time, we may hit some turbulence. As we taxi down Runway 666, the estimated flight time to GOP Corruption-land is 72 minutes. Please fasten your seatbelts, enjoy the ride and thank you for flying the MadDogPac Info-Airlines..

Up Up and away


🇷🇺 Devin Gerald Nunes🇷🇺

🇷🇺Trump’s #1 fan-boi🇷🇺

I should disclose that none of this is personal. Those who follow this blog or my twitter feed, know that I am keenly and unapologetically interested in Public Corruption. With a very close second to highlighting the questionable actions of Mr Devin Nunes and his ilk.

As previously discussed in June, Nunes’ behavior landed him a semipermanent slot on my radar. To be fair, I do not care what your political party affiliation is. What I care about are lawmakers who act as if they are above the law, by pushing for limited transparency, and by pledging fealty to one of the most corrupt and unethical presidents and presidental administration in recent modern history.

For today’s entry I am going to focus on the following:


        • House Financial Disclosure 2007 to Present
        • Alpha-Omega Winery, Phase 2 Cellars, Phase 2
        • FEC Filings Candidate and PACs


As you may know members of Congress are statutorily required to file Financial Disclosures on an Annual basis. Caveat this is not doxing, these financial disclosures are public information, so please don’t assume I’m “doxing” a member of Congress. Doxing is criminal and bad, I do not condone doxing of any kind.

2007 Nunes Financial Disclosure - I refer you to pages 3 and 5, notice that Nunes earned  zero income from his “limited partner” from Alpha-Omega Winery? Put a pin in that data point, because this is just one piece of the zany Nunes file.

Notice the Bank of America Savings Accounts? Earned annual income of $1-$200


2008 Nunes Financial Disclosure granted it’s possible that Nunes tapped into the AG Edwards account for a down payment on the condo he purchased given he obtained a $50-$100K mortgage for the Visalia Condo but property records show he paid slightly over $189K for that condo and he discloses $2K to $5K in “rental income”, clearly that income is prorated since he didn’t close on the Condo purchase 

This is where things get super interesting, I triple checked his Financial Disclosures 2007-2010, at no time did Nunes report his ownership in...Vidonia LLC. Per California State Corporation Commission (CA-SCC) Nunes and his wife and his immediate family members are listed “members”. What I also found interesting is the mailing address that Devin Nunes used for his Vidonia,LLC Membership. Why would he use a P.O. Box in Iowa? My educated guess is his younger brother Anthony. Yet the important data point is from 2007-2009 Nunes never disclosed his “membership” on his statutorily required financial disclosures.


Full disclosure, Vidonia, LLC canceled their CA-SOS status in 2009, this link will take to you the database, type in: Vidonia and select the LLC button, hit the search button and your landing page should look like this:

However as many of you know, if I crack my knuckles and put my eyeglasses on...RUN. Case in point, once I had the CA-SCC Filing, i then cross referenced the SEC database and poof just like magic, see Vidonia’s SEC Form D, 2007 filing. I refer you to pages 1, 2 and 4-6, right there in black and white  $125K equity buy in with a valuation of $1M, so why did Nunes fail to disclose this? That’s not a exactly a rhetorical question, nothing I’ve read would allow this financial disclosure being exempt and yes I triple checked his 2007 thru 2010 filings, even the years Nunes amended his financial disclosures, nothing  zip, zilch, nada...




It is also worth noting that Nunes’ House Financial Disclosures, 2006 until 2012 Nunes declared zero income from Alpha & Omega Winery. However in 2013 Nunes disclosed the following income ranges 2013:

  • Income from Allpha & Omega Winery between $1,001 and $2,500
  • what appears to be Capital Gains for the sale of his Visalia, CA Condo as confirmed by Tulare County, CA property records database
  • also in 2013 he purchased a new home in Tulare, CA 2XXX Presidential Dr, but the mortgage amount listed on his disclosures make zero

Nunes’ Financial Disclosures show in 2014, 2015*, 2016 and 2017 that he declared annual income between $2,501 and $5,000 from Alpha-Omega Winery. *Nunes’ 2015 Financial Disclosures (filed in 2016) show he “purchased” $50,001-$100,000 yet his actual disclosures show <$15K in liquidity and no loans beyond his mortgage.

One important distinction is Alpha-Omega Winery and Phase 2 Winery appear to be one in the same or at the minimum under the sams corporate umbrella of Tolosa Winery. Yet when you search the CA-SOS database Tolosa Winery was “merged out” in 2012 to Phase 2 Cellars.


Earlier this year, the watchdog organization, Campaign For Accountability (CfA), obtained what appears to be a “Phase 2 Cellars Subscription Agreement”, which was attached to an email sent to Devin Nunes’ wife in July of 2015

My point? There appears to be some questionable State Corp Filings. And oddly enough Nunes’ Winery Companies Filings make Trump Winery Filings look pure as the driven snow.

Beyond Devin Nunes’ questionable Financial Disclosures, Perhaps it’s time to refresh your memory on the many Campaign Finance Issues Nunes has. Personally speaking I’m torn between the March 2018, June 2018 or September 2017:

March 2018 Broidy’s donations to Nunes:



June 2018 FEC violation Notice:




September 2018 $3.4+M in unitemized donation:


No really if a nearly 13,639% INCREASE in unitemzed (essentially anonymous) donations to Devin Nunes’ campaign doesn’t send off your alarm bells, then perhaps we should meet for “talk”...because that is disproportionately higher than any other of the five previous election cycles. And far exceeds those in his own party. Roughly that increase accounts for nearly 46% of the total $7.6M he has raised on the 2017/2018 cycle.

Lest we forget last month’s surreptitiously recorded RNC fundraiser where Devin Nunes some how managed to upstage Cathy McMorris Rodgers:



The bottom line? Dear lord please tell me that an actual news reporter (clearly I’m not a reporter...between my typos and horrible grammatical errors, English is hard) will start asking serious questions about Nune’s finances because what little time I’ve spent researching, there’s a lot of smoke.

For example Devin Nunes’ July 17, 2018 FEC No C00370056, below are a few expenditures that caught my attention:

The Voyageur Co paid $2,626,605.00

See pages 781, 782 & 787, a total of 5 payments in this quarterly FEC report pages 700 & 799 

It is curious that your campaign office would use a “data back up service” that is headquartered in the United Kingdom versus an American data back up company...

Also Devin, why so many hotel expenditures? The Comfort Suites - Choice Hotels on page 784. I find it intriguing that the hotel is in your hometown. Which leads me to conclude you are either paying for your campaign staffers hotel rooms or Mrs Nunes is pissed and you can’t go home...

I suppose I’ll let Nunes have the last word, albeit via a secret recording that was sent to MSNBC...


 - Spicy Out


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