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SCO AG Barr Part III Trump Foreign Contact STANDARD HENCEFORTH

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Posted on March 24 2019


Special Counsel Mueller After Action Report, See Part I here.. See Part III here 


As many of you now know, I tend to go back and re-read Documents several times. This is a purposeful exercise on my part and likely a work hazard of mine. You never fully grasp all details and/or context on the first read. So I decided to dip back in. Remember this isn’t the SCO Report, this is a summary prepared by Attorney General Barr with  (possibly limited) input from DAG Rosenstein. And it occurred to me, that we have now established THE TRUMP STANDARD, meaning if you lie on a pathological level, equivuate about 16+ people in your orbit and the contacts with a known hostile foreign’s totally fine.


 Dear Attorney General Barr,


Just so we are clear here, henceforth any future Presidential Campaign can meet with a hostile foreign power. Then lie about those meetings, the contacts, the approaches.Then spend TWO years attacking the FBI and DOJ. And it does NOT rise to the level of Criminality...right. So you’re totally okay with ANY foreign power making approaches to a presidential campaign who then lied to investigators. 



Nearly two years, likely millions of pages and it took you 39 hours?


RELEASE THE DAMN REPORT. Because that’s a lot of contacs



Again this link by House Judiciary Chairman Nadler will take you to Attorney General Barr’s four page “principal conclusion” March 24, 2019 letter to Congress.

 🌶SpicyFiles summary🌶

There are multiple issues and questions that I have and I only noticed after I re-read AG Barr’s summary (for the Fourth time):


  • there is ZERO mention of money or following the money.
  • there is minimal context to the quotes AG Barr referenced.
  • there is NO WAY he could have read the FULL Mueller Report.
  • when you compare his June 2018 (unsolicited) Memo to the DOJ, there are areas of significant overlap.
  • Where are the recitals of law, beyond the DOJ OLC Memo?
  • Why is there such an anemic body of content which impedes context.
  • Why and what rationale was given for AG Barr refusal to recuse (March 5th)
  • no mention about the lies, lies about lies.


Attorney General Barr’s summary is nonsensical in a variety of ways. I’ve spent the majority of my afternoon and evening on the phone with my beltway friends. Many of whom share the aforementioned concerns. But one issue that isn’t being fully discussed is AG Barr’s letter has the potential to irreparably harm our Country. By setting a “new” standard. Which oddly gives credence to the colloquialism:


if you’re a rich white guy with friends don’t worry.

We got you, provided “Omertà”

We take care of the good ol’ boy network 


Moreover I can whipsaw through hundreds of pages of rogs, bill of particulars, motions etc. The Special Counsel’s Report, according to AG Barr’s March 22, 2019 letter “was comprehensive”, in legalese speak that means there’s likely an Executive Summary, Conclusions of Law, extensive discussion on the declination decisions, and accordingly Mueller’s report likely has multiple Appendixes. All of which could reasonably eqaute to hundreds of pages. For me the lack of quotations  ((beyond the two) is deeply problematic. Meaning absent the actual report a reasonable person might conclude did AG Barr “cherry pick” quotes, did he take quotes out of context? None of AG Barr’s summary makes sense beyond was his “determination” alresfy baked in. Below is my 3rd dissection. Essentially I have far more question and I find Barr’s Diminutive summary lacking in substance and style.



🤓Third AG Barr Summary Dissection🤓 


“My review is ongoing

First off as you can see in the highlights, Attorney General Barr (AG Barr) explicitness by stating right out of the gantry: his “review is ongoing”...And while AG Barr does tangentially address the “declination decisions” on page one pertaining to Trump and his campaign. This declaration is hardly compelling given the absence of the full report and underlying documents. (see page 2).

Not to belabor the finer point but here’s an approximate timeline:

  • Friday 3PM-ish Special Counsel Mueller’s report sent to AG Barr
  • Friday 4PM-ish AG Barr letter to Congress
  • Sunday 3:41PM AG Barr’s principal conclusion letter to Congress 


Resources and Scope Numbers:


The numbers are remarkable and this likely equates to hundreds of millions of papers and other documentary evidence. This report is not a fly by night type of investigation. By any measure this was comprehensive and thorough investigation. To assert anything less than that would be entirely naive and uninformed. 


  • Issued more than 2,800 Subpoenas
  • Executed nearly 500 search warrants
  • Obtained more than 230 Orders for Communication Records
  • Issued more than 50 Pen Registers
  • Made 13 request from Foreign Governments for Evidence
  • Interviewed nearly 500 witnesses 



Sealed Indictments


With respect to the question of: did Special Counsel Mueller’s Team obtain any sealed indictments that have not been publicly disclosed. That question is answered in a declarative manner: NO. Period. See page 2, 1st paragraph second to last sentence.


“...the report does not recommend any further indictments, nor did the Special Counsel obtain any sealed indictments that have yet to be made public.”




Now some on twitter or on various other social media platforms might offer a counter argument of “we don’t know what we don’t know”. As it relates to specifically to Special Counsel Mueller and “sealed indictments”, as explained by Attorney General Barr. 



Context and Content are not mutually exclusive, yet in this instance it is clear, they are. There are no sealed indictments from Special Counsel Mueller’s Office. Conversely of course you could offer a counter argument about other AUSAs and other Federal District Courts. Given what is in the public domain concerning Michael Cohen, AMI and the SDNY. For all intent and purposes Donald J Trump is an “unidicted co-conspirator” surrounding the hundreds of thousands in “hush money” payments days before the 2016 election. That’s baked in and it’s not really up for debate. Again not to belabor the point, nor am I arguing the semantics, although that also is a work hazard of mine. AG Barr’s letter makes a definitive and declarative pronouncement by quitting directly  the SCO report, which states in part, that the Special Counsel:


“did not obtain any sealed indictments,

that have yet to be made public”


I would urge you to not get ahead of your skis on this. When you start engaging in whataboutism it can quickly turn you into a full on conspiracy theory Ales Jones-lile territory. Don’t do that to yourself. Resist the urge to fall for the click-bait trap. With respect to the SDNY - FEC Campaign violations and/or EDNY Trump Inauguration Fund in these two investigations “we don’t know what we don’t know”. Granted it is both possible and probable that the SDNY but that’s not a certainty so I would caution you to remain skeptical. 


Page 2, SCO Russia & Trump Campaign:

According to AG Barr’s letter (release the damn report) the SCO had two areas of inquiry. You do understand that “did not find” isn’t the same as “did not establish” and yes that’s me parsing words but there’s a reason I think this is important, it will be up to Congress to drill down on the “quote” Barr extracted from “Confidential Report”, the problem is AB Barr already invoked Rule 6 (Grand Jury proceedings) which means it’s going to be a fight in the Courts.


The Special Counsel's investigation did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election. As the report states: "[T]he investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities."



In the following paragraph there’s a particular word that sticks out: knowingly. The problem is I’m having a difficult time understanding why this particular section of AG Barr’s “summary” isn’t being challenged given Penido’s indictment and subsequent plea deal

Special Counsel did not find that any U.S. person or Trump campaign official or associate conspired or knowingly coordinated with the IRA in its efforts, although the Special Counsel brought criminal charges against a number of Russian nationals and entities in connection with these activities.


The second area of inquiry Russia Military Intelligence and Wikileaks. Not only did Russia successfully steal records and property that belonged to the Clinton Campaign and DNC and then Team Trump amplified those voices stolen materials What I can’t wrrap my head around is did the SCO ever interview Trump Jr or Jared Kushner surrounding the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting. Meaning I just do not understand how Trump et al got away with this. 



Page 3 it is NOT SC Mueller’s principal conclusion:

This is a VERY important distinction with actual purpose. In AG Barr’s March 22, 2019 letter to Congress he  implicitly stated he would:

“consult with Special Counsel Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein”.

Based on recent reporting AG Barr did NOT consult with Special Counsel Mueller, specifically pertaining to Page 3, (sorry for yelling) ATTORNEY GENERAL BARR and DEPUTY ATTORNEY GENERAL ROSENSTEIN made the determination hence: “in our judgement” and “Rosenstein and I have concluded” again not Special Counsel Mueller. 

Hence why you need to read page three in its entirety. In paragraph one the Special Counsel difinitively stated (without ambiguity):


”while this report does not conclude that the President committed a crime, it also doesn not exonerate him” -Robert S Mueller III 


Yet in paragraphs two and three AG Barr and DAG Rosenstein appear to exonerate Trump. It is beyond messy it is sloppy and frankly difficult to comprehend because further public reporting indicates that Special Counsel Mueller wanted a sit down with Trump. But as we know Giuliani and Sekulow essentially threw their bodies in front of Trump. As AG Barr states:


“In cataloguing the President’s actions, many of which took place in public view, the [Mueller] report identifies no actions that, in our judgment, constitute obstructive conduct,had a nexus to a pending or contemplated proceeding, and were done with corrupt intent,each of which, under the Department’s principles of federal prosecution guiding chargingdecisions, would need to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt to establish an obstruction-of-justice offense,” 


Again I’m not necessarily angry. I am just exhausted and disgusted. Given that Trump et a; have spent 22+ months smearing and slamming Robert Mueller it is insane that Trump,is now claiming “full vindication”. Because this will only serve to embolden Trump and his surrogates and his base.

What is NOT being discussed is the lack of actual quotes from Special Counsel Mueller. Meaning absent the actual report I want to make sure that AG Barr didn’t cherry pick Mueller’s findings...what is the other information that “doesn’t exonerate” Trump. Why didn’t SC Mueller make a recommendation, is it that he didn’t have the prerequisite face to face interview with Trump? There are a lot of questions and frankly I do not believe with ANY degree of confidence that AG Barr made this decision in under 48 hours. Case in point parts of AB Barr’s March 24, 2019 letter leaked out on Friday March 22, 2019. Furthermore Trump took off from Joint Base Andrews for Mar A Largo around 11AM on March 22 and he had Flood. Cipollone and his two senior Press Secretaries with him. How did Trump know to bring them if he wasn’t tipped off in many questions...



”In Victory, Magnanimity” -Sir Churchill



The reality is the SDNY AUSA have publicly stated in both AMI’s non prosecution agreement and Michael Cohen did in his allocation stated “at the furtherance and direction of Individual 1” this does not change the fact that Donald J Trump is an unidicted co-conspirator in violating Federal Campaign Finance Laws. And the impermissible hundreds of thousands paid in hush money.


 See page 11 of Michael Cohen’s SDNY Criminal Information:


At all times relevant to the Information, the Election Act set forth the following limitations, prohibitions, and reporting requirements, which were applicable to MICHAEL COHEN, the defendant, Individual-1, and his campaign


See page 12:

Chairman and Chief Executive of Corporation-1 ( "Chairman-1"), in coordination with MICHAEL COHEN, the defendant, and one or more members of the campaign, offered to help deal with negative stories about Individual-l's relationships with women by, among other things, assisting the campaign in identifying such stories so they could be purchased and their publication avoided. Chairman-1 agreed to
keep COHEN apprised of any such negative stories.


Speaker Pelosi Statement:

Speaker Pelosi statement reads in part:


Given Mr. Barr’s public record of bias against the Special Counsel’s inquiry, he is not a neutral observer and is not in a position to make objective determinations about the report.


You can read her full statement here (yes I know Schumer’s name is on it but I’m not allowed to talk about him given that Facebook bullshit he did)


This feels like Election night 2016 all over again. Russia attacked America. Russia continues to attack America and Donald Trump is a lying thriving person of zero integrity, an amoral clown. He and his vile supporters disgusts me on every level imaginable.

Honestly I need to take a few days off. I’m not of any good use given my current headspace. This is exhausting and I refuse to normalize the most corrupt administration in modern history. Also I’m pretty sure my family is tired of me yelling “shut your filthy calorie c__t Hole you insane orange shit gibbon” everytime he appears on the TV.


 Trump’s next moves:

  • He’s going to pardon EVERYONE except Cohen
  • He’s going to push for another Special Counsel to investigate Clinton
  • He’s going to use this for full vengeance and going to go scorched earth
  • He is going to FULLY weaponize the Department of Justice like a mob boss
  • He is going to go full Trump, so be prepared
  • Trump truly believes he’s above the law


-Spicy Out 




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  • Momzilla: March 26, 2019

    Spicy, you rock! We have all benefited greatly from your incredibly gifted take on these complicated legal matters!
    I so relate to your outrage and disgust. That woman in the gif at the end is my spirit animal right now. Take care of yourself and know we all ❤️ Our Spicy!!!

  • NSB: March 25, 2019

    Recharge! You are invaluable because: FACTS. No one else brings the FACTS to the fight like you! Bloodied and bowed but still fighting to the finish. We know the fate of countries complicit in silence with a violence-provoking, white supremacist-promoting, women-abusing lying demagogue. Congress – it’s your turn to expose America to all Trump’s crimes and reduce the threat of gun-collecting, white male supremacists going berserk on Americans.

  • Mary: March 25, 2019

    Thank you Spicy. It does feel like the 2016 election night. Appreciate your insights as always!!

  • Kathy: March 25, 2019

    Can Trump be proven guilty or be exonerated without going to trial on the evidence found? Hence the AG’s take on the report? Is the fact that the USA is in a declared state of emergency a factor?

  • Donna: March 25, 2019

    Our only hope is that Congress does in fact have Mueller publically testify what is in his report. This could take awhile.

  • TLN: March 24, 2019

    Spicy i understand your frustration.But what i don’t understand is why doesn’t Mueller go public and defend his report? If Barr is lying in his summary report it is Mueller’s patriotic duty to go in front of the American people and show us his real report. We are told he is a man of integrity and it is in these moments in history that a man like him is truly need it.

  • @NicoleMinet: March 24, 2019

    come back to twitter Spicy

  • Margaret: March 24, 2019

    I feel the same way. I have been trying to “keep ya head up”, but it’s pretty heavy. Thank you for your analysis, and as usual, on the nose!

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