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Dear Twitter and the Troll Crew

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Posted on February 23 2019

Oh HEY, so about those red soxs...


Listen... I get it. I share your frustration. I share your anger but do not get lost in that anger. To do so means you could get stuck in a counterproductive dark place. If you’re asking me where I “stand” that’s easy, I like to stand in the sunlight. I am and will likely forever be an optimist. I would like each of you to know that I am extremely grateful for the out pouring of support and solidarity. I want you to know that I do not take your support for granted. Notwithstanding let’s be honest for a moment, I can be biting and super snarky. 

Could some view that as obnoxious? Absolutely.

Could some view that as “seriously just go the bleep away? Well of course. Conversely if you think I’m a type of person “to go gently into the good night”. I have some very sad news for you, I am American. You can knock me down but know this one inalienable truth, I will pick myself up and keep going. That undeniable and fierce American grit is hardwired in it my DNA and it is probably in your’s as well.

There are days where it’s okay to say “goddamnit I can’t take this shit anymore”...but I want you to close your eyes, take a deep breath and listen to the same thing I tell myself in those fleeting moments of uncertainty:


Keep Going.

You’re not alone.

Dig Deep, you got this.

🇺🇸E pluribus unum ...Out of many, one🇺🇸


As many of you know, on January 20, 2017 I decided to jump on a platform called Twitter.  Or as Jack likes to describe it: THE PUBLIC SQUARE. Twitter doesn’t really come with a users guide, yes they have Community Terms of Service (TOS). The fact is Twitter uses their TOS in an egregiously capricious and arbitrary way. There’s minimal consistently. Thereby it enables the impetuosity of a certain serial troll crew, their malfeasance is actually well documented. 

What you should ask yourself is:


Why would a subset of Twitter users consistently target and harass twitter accounts like mine?

What is their actual motivation?

How can they consider themselves as “patriots” or Americans?

What is their intent and who are they amplifying?

Who’s actually bankrolling their Twitter vigilantism?


Granted those seem like relatively simple questions, the reality is the answers are far complex and confusing. Here’s what you need to know about accounts like Fraude_1, Woody or IamWoody79..they do very little to zero original research.

Their primary objectives are to harass, dox and engage in utword (probably Criminal) behavior. It’s not like their behavior hasn’t been discussed. The reality is Twitter has a known problem in their algorithm aka Fratting, you can read more here. Woody who’s apparently made a career out of being a Twitter Troll and his’s a short list of Twitter accounts Woody has either controlled and were subsequently suspended by twitter for abuse, targeted harassment:

Immortalwooden1❌  Teampillowforts ❌ Iamlost79 ❌ Iamwood79 ❌  IamAlsoWood ❌ Iamwoody79 ❌ Velvetwood_ 
VelvetElston❌ Randoguy13 ❌WaltReefers ❌Dazedwood 
Justawoodenguy❌ Hiighwaywood ❌MisterJHA420 ❌RealKushSamurai❌



Exhibit A - isn’t it great that Greg Doyle is concerned about my well being stating “I’m still breathing”? I’m genuinely touched by his concern, NYET

I mean if I was a tad bit paranoid I’d think this sad crew of misfits has a serious obsession and derives satisfaction by harassing, stalking, doxxing of others. Think about that. Think about the inordinate amount of time they have spent harassing folks like Claude, Louise, John, Ale, Dena, Andy, Royce and myself. Versus sending any time actually researching and pushing out any original research.

Below is a small sampling of what this crew does. I think of all the vitriolic tweets the ones making fun of Caroline Orr’s recent tweets are just disgusting. This crew is making fun of someone who may have had an actual emergency. Yet accounts detailed below are the ones who continually use Twitter’s platform to flagrantly violate the Terms of Service. Conversely Twitter doesn’t suspend them from their platform. No they suspend accounts like mine. This crew as been at this for over two years. So in the coming days I’m going to spend a decent amount of time researching their accounts and accordingly I will update here. 



Exhibit B:


Exhibit C:



Exhibit D, given that Woody has at least five known twitter accounts and countless sock accounts. He has found monetizing his behavior and fashions himself as a “liberal” when one could actually argue he is nothing more than a washed up pot head who gets his kicks acting like he’s a tough guy.


Exhibit DD - I’m not entirely sure that weed is actually legal where “woody” purportedly lives, much less that amount of weed. 

Under 30 g.: Class A misdemeanor; Over 30 g.: Class D felony; Subsequent offense: Class D felony 




Exhibit E, he’s had at least 3 twitter accounts but what I find interesting is he is purportedly an Attorney. Although I still think Mr Doyle’s feelings were hurt because a long time ago I gave him the moniker of the Orly Taitz of Twitter. I am surprised on his firm’s website (which is hosted by Go Daddy) Greg doesn’t list being a Twitter vigilante as part of his “expertise”. Although I’m not certain why he doesn’t mention his other twitter account @AttyGregDoyle Although his Facebook is a fascinating read. 



A few high profile accounts such as Eric Garland have created extensive threads on Fratting and how Twitter consistently falls short. You should read his January 2018 thread, it’s well argued and highly informative:



The fact is anonymous accounts (like Fraude & Woody) continue to harass and dox users with impunity. They coordinate with both Alt Left & Right. This should tell you everything you need to know about Twitter and their complicity in the propagation of abusive behavior, that is so corrosive to the core of REAL American values. I’d argue accounts like Fraude, Woody, etc are not American or even remotely patriotic Americans. And listen it is super easy to be mad and understandably have the desire to punch back ten times harder. Don’t. You have to realize accounts like this is Twitter at its very worst and ugliest.  Do NOT lower yourself to their level. Do NOT fight fire with fire. They do not deserve your power. They are unworthy. So do not give them your voice or power.

You can read more about Twitter’s malfeasance here, here and here

And lastly I don’t know if or when I’ll return to Twitter. Given that the likely outcome will be the next iteration of my account will be suspended. My guess is that’s the actual intended goal of Fraude & Woody ensure I don’t return. So I need a few days to think about the next course of action. Again harness your anger towards doing something good. Do not let the twitter trolls take your sunshine away. They are unworthy of that. Trust me on this.

Inarguably Twitter is irrevocably broken. Twitter allowed and allows their platform to be hijacked by bots, troll armies, and other unsavory entities. Twitter continues to be used as a weapon in the protracted cyber-war and information war. I know what side I am on, the question is do you and does Twitter? - SpicyFiles Out.


ps just to reiterate I very much appreciate the support, I need to take a few days off to formulate a plan... let’s not forget the PAC’s website sustained a length DDOS attack the day this blog was set to go live. You really have to wonder what is it that I’m doing that would cause these people to break numerous laws in an attempt to silence me...or is it just my glittery personality that they just can’t quit.

pps see today’s Minute Order in the Manafort Case, my assumption is the Government is busy with redactions so we may not see their redacted Filing until Monday...


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