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Twitter lie after lie after lie...

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Posted on April 18 2018


Twitter why do you...

...lie & lie & lie???


Last November you sent your attorney, Sam J Edgett to Congress. That hearing, well it didn’t go well for you, at all.  Partly because you used Facebook as a Corporate Shield. You let Facebook take the brunt of the full Congressional shellacking from lawmakers. It was hard to watch.

There was one comment that stuck in my craw. Festering like an irritant. That com met was your Corporate Attorney making an unsolicited disclosure about “Russian Government request”.


So I went back to your November 1, 2017 Congressional Testimony and reread the entire 20 pages and then went to your random blog. I spent a few hours reviewing and hunting for actual data...and now here it is.

Lets do this. And by “this” I mean lets drill down on your testimony and the previously published “transparency” 



House Permenate Select Committee on Intelligence




On page 2 Section 1 TWITTER’S VALUES, 4th paragraph


  • Twitter is founded on a commitment to transparency. Since 2012, we have published the Twitter Transparency Report on a semiannual basis, providing the public with key metrics about requests from governments and certain private actors for user information, content removal, copyright violations, and most recently, Terms of Service (“TOS”) violations. 


On pages 3 & 4, Section B. Malicious Automation and Responsive Measures

Paragraph # 4 

  • “Our systems are built to detect automated and spam accounts across their lifecycles, including detection at the account creation and login phase and detection based on unusual activity (e.g., patterns of Tweets, likes, and follows).
  • “Our ability to detect such activity on our platform is bolstered by internal, manual reviews conducted by Twitter employees. Those efforts are further supplemented by user reports, which we rely on not only to address the content at issue but also to calibrate our detection tools to identify similar content as spam.”


Paragraph # 5...Twitter admits to shadow banning.


  • ”...we may flag the account for review by Twitter personnel.”
  • ...”the account is temporarily suspended; the user cannot produce new content (orperform actions like Retweets or likes), and the account’s contents are hidden from other Twitter users.” 



Page 6  A. Malicious Automation and Misinformation Detected in 2016

  • On December 2, 2016, for example, we learned of @PatrioticPepe, an account that automatically replied to all Tweets from @realDonaldTrump with spam content.
  • “Twitter provides access to the API for developers who want to design Twitter-compatible applications and innovate using Twitter data...We noticed an upward swing in such activity during the period leading up to the election, and @PatrioticPepe was one such example. On the same day we identified @PatrioticPepe, we suspended the API credentials associated with that user for violation of our automation rules.”



But here’s the problem Twitter, yes golf clap for you for banning this account AFTER the election. What you FAIL to acknowledge that this account was retweeted by then Candidate Trump. And guess what Twitter, said retweet by Trump is still an active twitter link. 👈🏻see embedded link


In fact any of you can run a word search in Trump’s twitter archive, see below, I ran a quick search and here’s what came back.

To run a search of Trump’s Twitter Archive, you can use this 👉🏻link👈🏻

Twitter provided HPSCI related to Russian 👉🏻Linked 👈🏻accounts.





  •  And this brings us to Paragraphs 6-8 whereby Twitter shares the various hashtags and trends related to activity to Clinton and WikiLeaks.


Section 4. Human-Coordinated Russian-Linked Accounts

  • We separately analyzed the accounts that we have thus far identified through information obtained from third-party sources as linked to the Internet Research Agency (“IRA”).
  • We have so far identified 2,752 such accounts. Those 2,752 accounts include the 201 accounts that we previously identified to the Committee. In responding to the Committee and through our cooperation with its requests, we have since linked the 201 accounts to other efforts to locate IRA-linked accounts from third-party information.
  • We discovered that we had found some of the 201 accounts as early as 2015, and many had already been suspended as part of these previous efforts. Our retrospective work, guided by information provided by investigators and others, has thus allowed us to connect the 201 accounts to broader Russian election-focused efforts, including the full set of accounts that we now believe at this point are associated with the IRA.
  • This is an active area of inquiry, and we will update the Committee as we continue the analysis.


Senate Intelligence Committee

supplemental written Testimony, Jan 2018

On January 15, 2018 Chairman Burr casually tweeted a link to 46 additional pages of written testimony from Twitter. I guess I could simply retweet my thread, where I broke down each page, oh wait, I can’t thanks to some twitter trolls. Yet here I am once again recreating my research:


Page 1 of Twitter’s Senate Intell Jan 2018 Document:

“Although we have received requests for user information from Russian governmentNentities, the number of requests per reporting period has been relatively small compared toMrequests from other jurisdictions.

As the Transparency Reports indicate, Twitter has not complied with any of those requests from Russia”

Link to Twitter’s Supplemental Written Jan 2018 Testimony 👉🏻 here 

 Exhibit A:

Exhibit B Twitter’s Transparency Report v Senate Testimony:


Twitter’s Removal Request Jan June 2016.

Link to Twitter’s original Data Source 👉🏻 here 



Twitter’s Removal Request July-December 2016

Link to Twitter’s original Data Source 👉🏻 here 

Twitter Removal requests - July to December 2017

Link to Twitter’s original Data Source 👉🏻 here



This was largely overlooked...on page 6, which reads in part:

...”we are also committed to donating the $1.9 million we projected to
have earned from RT advertising to support external research into the use of Twitter in civic engagement and elections, including the use of malicious automation and misinformation.”

Did Twitter just admit they received nearly $2,000,000.00 in advertising revenue from Russia Today? Based on Twitter’s own written testimony, it sure appears so.




In my opinion that’s not even the most offensive or demonstrably false information Twitter provided to the Senate. I refer you to page 3. Where Twitter has the temerity to state, unlawful disclosure of a persons private information violates Twitter’s Terms of Service. Pardon me?

No really is Twitter that brazen? Seriously raise your hand if you know a person who has been doxed on Twitter. There’s a petty little gang of Twitter Trolls who’s sole purpose appears to be teaming up with the Alt-Right. They dox & harass vocal resisters on Twitter, yet Twitter has done nothing and I mean nothing. I personally know of at least 19 people on Twitter that have been full on doxed, like pictures of their home, home addresses, personal emails, personal phone numbers, social security numbers. 

Case in point a few months ago my account was temporarily suspended. Why? I reported an Alt Right Account that doxed a freaking FISC Judge’s personal information. I know of two people who have been swatted by twitter trolls. Yet these malignant twitter troll accounts are still active.

These troll, posing as “resistance” members act with utter impunity. Yet Twitter wants lawmakers and the general public to believe they enforce their Terms of Service. Hardly. If anything Twitter applies their Terms of Service in a capricious and arbitrary manner. Many users just give up on “Reporting” because twitter does nothing. I suppose that’s the point, after all. 

Then again I suppose Twitter wants users to experience the “authentic” death threats, doxing, sexual harassment, threats of “vide you being gang raped and laugh at you” and/or having their children’s pictures or their family’s pictures on Twitter because these trolls act with zero regard for the law or common decency. 

In my Opinion Twitter is complicit. One could competently argue, Twitter is aiding and abetting these two bit lowlife cybercriminals. Twitter’s inaction may in fact lead to user being killed becuase some twitter troll decided to swat them. Or worse, a user may just decided to end their own life because of the insane bullying that occurs on twitter, every minute, every hour, every day. Twitter knows they have a moral and social obligation, yet they do the bare minimum to “protect” their customers.

And my final thoughts. I refer you to this Amnesty International Campaign.



. -Spicy Out.




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