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Dear Stephen Miller - whatcha scared of?

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Posted on April 25 2019



Nominate Miller as your 3rd or 4th

🐣💩DHS Secretary 💩🐣


The purge at the Department of Homeland Security, it should worry all of us. It goes without saying that Trump via his odious anti-immigration proxy, Stephen Miller who’s lasting legacy is: the White Supremacist Voldemort, who’s own family refuses to claim him.


Obviously that’s a highly proactive statement, so it should not come as a suprise that I’d que up Stephen Miller’s Uncle - in August of 2018 appeared on CNN. I think it’s safe to assume that when your own “family” won’t claim you, maybe you should take a moment and reevaluate your life choices.




By way of back ground with today’s announcement, the three (arguably) powerful Chairs of the House Homeland Security. House Government OverSight and House Judiciary Committees announced a new investigation:


April 17, 2019, Cummings invited Miller to testify before the Oversight Committee on May 1, 2019, about the Trump Administration’s policy to intentionally separate immigrant children from their parents at the border to deter them from coming to the United States, transferring asylum seekers to sanctuary cities as a form of illegal retribution against the President’s political adversaries, and firing top Administration officials who refuse orders to violate the law.



Late yesterday afternoon the Emperial Mad-King Trump White House sent the following (albeit pernicious) Letter to Chairman Cummings, which reads in part:


This Administration is focused on effectively addressing the emergency at our southern border and is also eager to work with Congress to address the numerous immigration and border security challenges confronting our nation.


In accordance with long-standing precedent, we respectfully decline the invitation to make Mr. Miller available for testimony before the Committee. The precedent for members of the Wbite House staff to decline invitations to testify before congressional committees has been consistently adhered to by administrations of both political parties, and is based on clearly established constitutional doctrines. (emphasis added)


The reasonable next series of question should be:


What are you afraid of?

Why are you shielding Stephen Miller?

Are you invoking Executive Privilege?


And perhaps a point can be made that yes the Trump “presidency” and Administration is (by my estimation) two subpoenas away from being straight up authoritarianism. The factual reality is, Trump has a known anti-immigration pro-white nationalism in his close “circle” of advisors and they consistently run a foul of actual laws. What kind of cruel lunatic forcibly removes children from their mothers or fathers? And then goes on National TV to gas light such...

Today, Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, the Chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, Rep. Jerrold Nadler, the Chairman of the Committee on the Judiciary, and Rep. Bennie G. Thompson, the Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) seeking documents relating to recent actions by President Donald Trump and his top aide, Stephen Miller, to remove senior leaders throughout DHS who reportedly refused orders to violate the law.


Lawmakers went on to express their concern in their letter acting DHS Secretary 

We are deeply concerned that the firing and forced resignation of these officials puts the security of the American people at risk,” the Chairmen wrote.  “We are also concerned that the President may have removed DHS officials because they refused his demands to violate federal immigration law and judicial orders.  Moreover, we are concerned by reports that, even as he has removed the Department’s leadership, the President has sought to empower a White House aide, Stephen Miller, to ‘be in charge of handling all immigration and border affairs.’”



Based on Miller’s May 2018 Financial Disclosures, found here I actually have a few questions. For example: why did you file an amended OGE financial Disclosure?

So let me get this straight he’s not married nor does he have any children. I guess that sort of explains a lot. And I mean a lot.


Also of all the stocks. Why such a heavy investment in Walt Disney Stocks? Has your financial advisor explained what “diversification of a portfolio”? Why don’t you as a 30+ year old have a 401K or Roth IRA? Did you family pay for your “cosmopolitan” college education? Why don’t you have a Mortgage, car loan or student loan?






Oh you think I’m being mean and petty towards Miller? Well let me introduce you to Miller’s articles for The Duke Chronicle. To verify the authenticity of my research, I have embedded the various articles Miller wrote (archived) and sure you can rightfully accuse me of cherry picking various paragraph but I’d challenge you, read all of his articles 



Racial hypocrisy


published (archived) on 02/26/2007...

The response to the new rape allegations from two weeks ago has revealed the sickening hypocrisy in our community. To start, let's quickly review a little history.
When white Duke lacrosse players were accused of raping a black stripper and student at North Carolina Central University, the "racial left"-those whose worldview is dependent upon that belief that America is a racially oppressive society-unleashed unholy hell.


His Racial Hypocrisy Article concludes with:


The greatest irony of all may be that the only people who seemed to prejudge a rape allegation on the basis of race are the very same people who cry out that racial prejudice is a crippling problem in America.

But the racial left is quite right about one thing-there is racial disharmony in our society. And if they want to know the cause, they need look no further than the mirror.


But it’s his earlier “articles” that should give us all serious and significant pause, after all this is who Trump has entrusted with our Country’s immigration system.




 published (archived) on 4/12/2006, the opening salvo by Miller is horridly unbelievable. I had to stop and double check that this wasn’t published on some White Supremacist website, nope it’s on the Duke University Chronicle:

When our peers are accused of heinous acts, we should be the first to demand they be given the presumption of innocence-their immutable right.

Instead, from the first day, many immediately presumed the lacrosse players' guilt and called for their punishment. Sadly, I imagine many will continue to do so.

It’s these particular paragraphs and his ideaology on rape and campus rape:


Protesters and community leaders have claimed the alleged rape speaks to the larger ingrained prejudice of Duke students and the University's administration.

But in reality, the only widespread prejudice we have seen is the prejudice that has allowed a single unproven allegation to condemn and defame an entire community. 


Hollywood and the culture war 

published (archived) on 1/11/2006


For the entire interview, Letterman attacked and insulted O'Reilly, even telling him that he thought "60 percent of what you say is crap." Unfortunately for Letterman, he knows nearly nothing about politics and he came off as a typical angry, ignorant leftist. To see for yourself, go to O'Reilly's website, where a video of the interview is posted.

By contrast, when Jane Fonda was promoting the inspired film Monster-in-Law, she stopped by Late Night and Letterman fawned over her with such deference it looked as though any moment he'd stoop down and kiss her feet. Maybe he did after the show. 


Unpatriotic Dissent


published (archived) on 2/08/2006

one could argue this was not the intellectual musings of a College Kid. Miller 

Islamic terrorists have declared holy war on the United States. They have declared a death sentence on every man, woman and child living in this country. They are actively seeking, with the assistance of radical Muslim despots, weapons that would permit them to execute hundreds of thousands of Americans in a single attack. America, under the leadership of George W. Bush, is doing its best to protect its citizens, defeat its enemies and prevent the unthinkable from occurring.

All Americans-Duke students among them-who have compared Bush with Hitler, falsely accused our army of some of the worst human rights violations in history, against all evidence claimed Iraq was a war for oil and praised or supported the motivations or activities of the terrorists in Iraq or elsewhere are in fact dissenting in a legal and protected fashion. But this legal protection cannot shield their hands from the possibility of someday being stained with the blood of the innocent Americans whose country they betrayed.


Welcome to the Durham petting zoo


 published (archived) on 4/05/2006 this might be the more offensive of a portfolio of highly offensive writings which are drowning in racial animus and white superiority. I’m not being provocative by saying Stephen Miller “isn’t a racist, the racist just think he is”.


For example you can read Duke University Crime Rate Report, it aggregated data from 2000 to 2009. Stephen Miller’s narrative that Durham has/had the highest crime rate actually belies the research conducted by his own university.


In other words, we are Durham's main attraction. Every time we set foot off-campus, we're actually leaving the best thing the city has to offer-and in turn, entering some of the most violent neighborhoods in the state.

Coming from a violent city myself (Los Angeles), I personally don't feel unsafe when going off-campus. Mostly, I just feel bored. But unlike the other violent cities that have excellent universities-D.C., New York, LA, Boston-Durham is not a hub of civilization overflowing with people, commerce and activity. It's not even a hubcap.

Duke is, in fact, the only thing that keeps this city alive. As the number-one employer in Durham and the city's only major draw, if we were to pull out, instead of worrying about town-gown relations, the city would have to be worry about becoming a ghost-town. Which it quickly would.



 published (archived) on 8/28/2006

I can be objectively fair, rape allegations are terrible both for the victim and for those who might be falsely accused but the conflation and racial animus that drips from Miller’s past writings. Well it’s down right terrifying that Trump has all but emboldened Stephen Miller’s White Supremacist views.


As the story unfolds a national magnifying glass will continue to be held over our campus and as a student body we have a moral duty to act with dignity and to demand fair and just treatment for our peers-no slander, no abuse, no prejudice tolerated.

If a professor like Houston Baker continues to make unsubstantiated charges of racist assault, disgracing himself and dishonoring his school, don't stand for it. Write a letter to the editor, to the administration, to the professor him or herself. If you see reporters looking for an on site spot interview with a student, volunteer yourself and put the truth out there.

Encourage people to watch news shows like the "O'Reilly Factor" and "Hannity & Colmes," which offer an exceptionally fair and accurate view of the case.



Welcome to Leftist University


Published (archived) on 9/05/2005 in which Miller has the temerity to sling this kind of draconian ideology to one of our Country’s most admired poet: 


Let me give you an example of Duke’s bias many of you have recently experienced. For the conclusion of freshman orientation, Maya Angelou gave her famous address to the incoming class. I can imagine you must have been very excited to hear her speak, especially since the orientation pamphlet lauds her “legendary wisdom” (known outside of academic circles as tired, multicultural clichés.) But I shouldn’t kid. After all, it was Maya Angelou who had the great wisdom to condemn the show Jeopardy! for being racist (how could you, Trebek?). Now, whether you share her racial paranoia or not, the point remains that she is a leftist, yet she is invited to give the orientation speech every single year. Has the administration ever heard of balance? Why not invite someone with another perspective from time to time? Maybe someone who instead of talking about multiculturalism, talks about patriotism—or would that be inappropriate?


 Literally I have nothing nice to say about Stephen Miller. He represents everything wrong with the Trump Administration. Hate as in actual hate for anyone who isn’t white. Like the saying goes, (ht to Andrew Gillum) “I’m not saying you (Stephen Miller) are racist I’m saying the racist think you’re racist”...the sooner Miller is hailed in to Congress under oath the better but then again absent a Court Order I’m fairly certain Stephen Miller will be like a 2 year old toddler “hiding behind” Daddy Trump’s suit jacket hoping the big mean Congressional Democrats don’t have access to Miller. Why? Because Stephen Miller is a racist C-O-W-A-R-D tharz why.




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