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Dear Sec Pruitt...RESIGN -UPDATE 2.0-

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Posted on April 05 2018


🚨UPDATE April 12, 2018 Letter🚨

Two Senaor and three House of Reps staff members interviewed Kevin Chmielewski. He served as E.P.A.’s deputy chief of staff until Pruitt removed from his position. From my vantage point it sure looks like Sec Pruitt retaliated against a “possible” whistleblower. 

Mr. Chemielewski provided documents and emails that largely cooborated dozens of Press Articles detailing Sec Pruitt’s largesse and misappropriation of Tax Payer’s Funds. It’s damning, all of it.

These five lawmakers lowered the boom, hard.

During Mr. Chmielewski interview with the aforementioned congressional staff members.  Mr. Pruitt’s former Deputy Chief of Staff indicated:


  • Pruitt would often seek to schedule trips back to Oklahoma “Find me something to do,” were the instructions Mr. Pruitt gave his staff, after telling them he wanted to travel to particular destinations, the letter says, quoting Mr. Chmielewski, who was expected to sign off on the trips.


  • Mr. Pruitt “refused to stay at hotels recommended by the U.S. Embassy, although the recommended hotel had law enforcement and other U.S. resources on site,”


  • Mr. Pruitt chose to stay “at more expensive hotels with fewer standard security resources,” thus justification for Pruitt to bring his own security team “at taxpayer expense.”


  • Mr. Pruitt instructed EPA staff to book him on Delta, (which is NOT the  federal government’s contract carrier), “because you want to accrue more frequent flier miles,”...


Regarding Sec Pruitt’s, insane “dc condo lease agreement”, his former Deputy Chief of Staff, produce documentation from the lobbyist J.Steven Hart:


  • “you had never paid any rent to him, and that your daughter damaged his hardwood floors by repeatedly rolling her luggage across the unit when she was staying there.”


Mr. Chmielewski  provided additional information documenting how Sec Pruitt assigned one of his aides, Millan Hupp to:


  • “act as your personal real estate representative, spending weeks improperly using federal government resources and time to contact rental and seller’s agents, and touring numerous properties in which you might wish to reside.”
  • Sec Pruitt demands to increase the salary of Ms Hupp


Remember Sec Pruitt went on Fox News and basically lied his face off


    The lawmakers concluded their SCATHING letter with this paragraph:

    The new information provided by Mr. Chmielewski, if accurate, leaves us certain that your leadership at E.P.A. has been fraught with numerous and repeated unethical and potentially illegal actions on a wide range of consequential matters..”

    You can read the full 6 page letter from lawmakers to Sec Pruitt 👉🏻Link👈🏻




    in a 10 Page Letter sent to House Oversight Committee Chairman, Ranking Member Rep Cummings drops the BOOM and another treasure trove of additional trips, that tax payers have paid for.


    • “In light of a string of very troubling new allegations, I request that the Oversight Committee hold a hearing next week with sworn testimony from Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt and his top aides,” Cummings wrote
    • “Based on the events of the past week, it appears that the leadership at EPA is coming apart at the seams.  It is our responsibility on the Oversight Committee to conduct credible, robust oversight in a timely manner that protects the interests of the American taxpayers.
    • ”Pruitt’s lavish travel at taxpayer expense, including his trip to Morocco in December to promote the interests of Cheniere Energy, a client of lobbying firm Williams and Jensen.
    • 35 trips taken by Mr. Pruitt between March 2017 and February 2018.
    • “13 trips at taxpayer expense with stops in Oklahoma, where he maintains a residence.”


    EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt


    Spicy File download:

    Let’s just assume for one to accurately document EPA Secretary Pruitt’s malfeasance, it could be a full time job with a staff of researchers. And much to your displeasure I have yet to successfully cloned myself.

    In an effort to back up my research, I am replicating today’s twitter thread on this blog. As I’m certain my account is already on a target list. Apologies I digressed for a moment.


    So let’s start with Democrats Oversight Letter:.

    ”The Ranking Member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform,Rep. Cummings, and Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, the Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Health Care, Benefits, and Administrative Rules, sent the following letter to Chairman Trey Gowdy.”


    • Many agencies—including the White House—have refused to provide the information our Committee has requested to conduct our investigation, and without subpoenas, we cannot effectively investigate this matter..”


    • We request that you hold a hearing on the extent of these improper flights and why the White House and several agencies have refused to provide the requested documents.”


    • “As representatives of the American taxpayers, we are responsible for ensuring that their hard-earned money is not wasted,” (emphasis added)


    • “The extensive use of noncommercial aircraft by multiple members of the Trump Administration is disrespectful to the American taxpayers who foot the bill for these expenses.  It is unacceptable that the White House and several agencies have refused to provide our Committee with the documents we need to conduct our oversight responsibilities.” (emphasis added) 




    The current GOP Members of Congress have largely stuck their preverbal heads deep in the sand or their fingers are lodged deep in their ears as they chant:

    La. La. La...I can’t hear you”

    ”No I haven’t read his tweet”

    ”you’ll have to ask the president what he means”

    At this point, part of me thinks the GOP is Trump’s battered spouse. Paralyzed in actual fear, 

    • 1/3 literally terrified of Trump turning on them.
    • 1/3 Power chugged gallons of the TrumpTaint Cool-aid.
    • 1/3 just want to do right by their constituents.


    And yes of course Donald Trump is the abuser. I mean come on, have you looked at his daily twitter screeds? It’s a nonstop verbal assault on the truth, facts and actual reality.

    With that in mind, I’d like to remind you, back in September of 2017, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Rep Trey Gowdy did in fact start an Investigation into the Trump Cabinet “extravagant travel expenses”. Granted Rep Gowdy has since announced he is retiring. Nonetheless this rare bipartisan letter, provides a tangible piece of evidence that Government Oversight should be nonpartisan. Right?




    Now for the rapid fire of yesterday’s twitter thread.


    In July 2017, E & E News published this article, which detailed EPA’s Secretary Pruitt’s early months and expenditures. In a 3 month period the EPA spent the following:

    • “for Pruitt's security detail during his early months in office was $617,566.71, according to records.”
    • additional “travel Expense detail” of $215,168.69 during that time period.
    • EPA spent $832,735.40 on Pruitt's protection detail for about his first quarter running the agency — nearly double what was spent on security for previous EPA Secretaries Jackson and McCarthy.”



    • Oct 2017 $2,000,000.00 tax payers funded
    • Security Detail went from 12 officers to 30

    CNN October 2017 Article detailing the cumulative cost for tax payers to provide 24/7/365 Security for Sec Pruitt.



    Washington Post September 2017 Article 

    •  $25,000 Privacy Booth for Sec Pruitt.
    • USASpending Contract Award EP17H000248




    Politico wrote this follow up article

    • Secretary Scott Pruitt spent more than $105,000 on first-class flights in his first year on the job.
    • Sec Pruitt’s “Security Detail” also flew first-class.



    Security Detail accompanies Sec Pruitt for family trips:

    • to his Tulsa, Oklahoma
    • family vacation to Disneyland
    • and the Rose Bowl game
    • Tax payers have paid some $200,000 in travel costs
    • Italy, from June 5-12 of last year, his security detail alone amounted to more than $30,000.00



    Sec Pruitt hires longtime friend and business associate Albert “Kell”  Kelly. To be his second in command and to oversee the EPA’s SuperFund sites. (Later I will drill down on Kell, suffice to say there are at least 9 business conflict of interest that I’ve identified) Kell Kelly was banned for life by the FDIC and fined $125,000.00 as detailed in Rep Cummings Sept 2017 Letter to the FDIC.

    In 2003 Kell approved $6.8M loan for “E. Scott Pruitt” a co owner of Oklahoma Baseball Group LLC to fund Pruitt’s purchase of a minor league baseball team.👇🏻




    The Environmental Integrity Group has an ongoing Sec Pruitt & EPA Project. They have quietly yet efficiently obtained hundreds of pages in EPA documents via FOIA.

    Below are a few links to the documents the EPA provided pursuant to FOIA:

    • EPA Travel Vouchers Sec Pruitt 70 pages.
    • EPA Staff Travel Documents 270 pages


    Edward Scott Pruitt needs to resign

    The Environmental Integrity Group...

    ...makes a compelling case why Sec Pruitt needs to go. 

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