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Manafort’s contued BOND issue

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Posted on May 21 2018




7 months later

...still no Bond Package?

Hard to believe it was over seven months ago that a Judge set Manafort’s Bond & yet here we are


On November 30, 2017 you literally cobbled together what un-encumbered assets you had...and it didn’t occur to me back in November 2017 that you may have unwittingly sealed your wife’s & daughters fate in this legal Hell storm.

The properties you transferred to their shell company and to your wife were purchased with funds you obtained by means of fraudulent loans, as detailed in your February Superseding Indictments 

February DDC Superseding , here 

February EDVA Indictment, here

 I mean COME on Paul...the hysterical part...ALL of your loan documents were right there in front of me. It makes me giggle to know that you unwittingly handed SC Mueller’s team a trove of evidence that likely assisted in your TWO Superseding indictments which...wait for it...included ALL the properties you listed & filed back in November 2017.


PAUL FLIP no really Paul you got your daughter into a pickle the mortgage of >$1.05M was DUE on December 31, 2017 and the NYC property records show that mortgage has NOT been satisfied.

Yet it now appears you’ve enlisted a friend or “someone” to put their home up to meet the $10M Bond?

Holy Hell Paul...what part of your ex son-in-law has copped a plea deal, your former partner also flipped. Dude you are on an island sinking in the Ocean of corruption. Trump won’t pardon you, he’s only looking out for himself. So unless you want to die in jail, FLIP.

Government’s response to Manafort’s revised can be found, here 


Like I said, sometimes it takes me a little bit longer than I’d like but know this...I will not stop until I obtain the documents I am looking for. In this particular case it was Manafort’s Mortgages. Remember last summer (August 2017) and I was like...hold on...why did Manafort execute POAs & Deed transfers to his daughter’s shell company, of which his wife is the president & signatory.

I theorized: that I thought it was a preemptive attempt of Manafort to play hide the fraudulent loan money sausage. Hoping financial regulators or competent criminal investigators would be thrown off the scent

Oh dear. Paul, that’s not how it works, that’s not how any of this works.


If you break the law, you will be held accountable. I’ll guve 1/100 of a point for trying to financial take care of your wife, daughters and grandchild. But Paul it’s game over. Either  flip or expect to die penniless in jai. 

Remember the 2014 Grand Caymans and EDVA cases, both involved  Deripaska?

see grand caymans Government “official” liquidation notice, or you can read the notice via this Government link, (page,31) 


In March of 2016 Politico was the first news,organization to disclose this lawsuit & subsequent liquidation, link to Court filings, here

 When Manafort & Gates set-up the Cypreon shell common that funneled about $268M, my assumption based on publicly available documents (cough Cyprus is amazingly transparent) it looked like they had 2 sets of books and it appears each of them essentially stole Deripaska’s money. 

That’s why you were so thirsty and lied and lied. Paul if you are worried about the Russian mob coming after you or your family, just flip and I’m certain the government will put you in to WitSec. Because Gates flipped on you and your facing >350+ years in jail.

You have a super duper good Monday Paul...also I’m still curious who’s paying your legal bills? xoxo Spicy

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