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Posted on January 16 2019


As some of you may have inadvertently noticed last night I opted to re-create my “you lie, I chug a shot” twitter thread, since my old twitter account @Alt_Spicerlies is RIP...clearly I do not have a problem of making a complete ass of myself, because I’m comfortable in my own skin that I can and do laugh at myself, a lot. I also know it’s good for my soul to laugh at my poor choices, with out further delay I present to you for your reading amusement,  YOU LIE - I DO A SHOT 2.0



As a recap in October of 2017 whilst at our beach house for several weeks, I decided to do a patron shot for every lie Sarah Slanders spoke during her “daily press briefing”. YUGE MISTAKE. By the 22 minute marker I actually thought I was going to die. Full disclosure I only drink patron while at the beach because adulting requires that I work to pay my mortgages. But more precisely having a hangover and dealing with demanding kiddos is not fun. Trust me on that, I’m speaking from experience. Yet thankfully Slanders now only has a “daily press briefing” once every 33 days. And yes some twitter trolls were like OMFG Mic is an alchololic with rage issues (looking at you dough boy (UsvThemRedux) who’s literally the Orly Taitz of twitter, part-time realtor, part-time attorney but full time twitter troll and his montely crew of trolls.


This sad little troll gang is rather obsessed with Claude, Louise, Garland and Schindler. They actually do very little original research, it’s almost as if someone or some entity is paying them to be “semi-professional trolls”. So naturally I soon became their target too. And listen I’ve never said I’m an attorney. And yes, absolutely when I have gotten things wrong, I immediately own it, apologize for it and then endeavor to never repeat said mistake again. If I was wrong about a twitter account or if I was publicly out of line, I tend to offer a public apology.  It goes back to how I was raised, you treat others the way you want to be treated.


Now let’s roll up our sleves and get down to business.

Manafort’s Filing 1/8/2019

And yes if you’ve paid attention to the numerous filings by the Government and Manafort you would remember this particular was brutal both in content and the sheer volume of evidence the Special Counsel amassed to make their case against is not sadz about this.

The reality is back in the late winter of 2016 the beltway was a flutter about: “Trump hired WHO?”...because those of us in the DMV (DC, MD, VA) area have long known about Manafort’s reputation. He made a name for himself as a “hired gun” and was consistently referred to “as the muscle”...but many in the beltway were flummoxed by Trump’s selection. Given it had been decades since  Manafort ran any poltical campaign in America. In the early 1980’s Manafort was essentially blacklisted so he had to drum up business abroad.



Before we get into the down and outright dirty Manafort January 9, 2019 court filing, it might be prudent to watch this snort video that the good folks at Huffington Post published over a year’s a short video but there’s a reason I selected it to be part of this particular blog entry:



Like you, I have lost count of Trump’s lies about “collusion” which isn’t even legalese, there’d no basis for this word in our laws, the correct term is “conspiracy”.

For you docket wonks, the document number is 490 and an open source link can be found here.

As widely reported within minutes of Manafort’s filing, it became clear that a “mistake” was made or was it?

I would urge you to reconsider that this was merely a “mistake”. For those of you who are unfamiliar with CM/ECF colloquially known as PACER. When you are filing electronically, there are a variety of ways you can upload files. The ABA notes that:

adoption of Comment 8 to Rule 1.1 Competence of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct in 2012.

PDF is the file format of choice when exchanging documents with clients, other lawyers and the courts...

Adobe is the well known name brand, given over 20 years ago they essentially pioneered the PDF, as such many law firms from tiny boutiques to mid-size to mega law firms, they all use various PDF software. My personal favorites are and yes in order of preference:

Nitro-Pro see link here 

FoxIt-Business, see link here

Adobe-Pro, see link here

There are a few other pdf software programs deemed as acceptable by the ABA and CM/ECF.  Speaking from a personal use standpoint I’m really not a fan of Nauce, it’s a bit clunky and our firm migrated away from this software a few years ago. 

Without getting too caught up in the weeds or technicalities, it was clear to me that Manafort’s Attorneys used a basic pdf software program versus the PRO or Advanced versions of the PDF program. As noted by the ABA in their March 2018 white paper, when using Adobe Acrobat, lawyers need to be mindful of the multiple step process:

Redacting information in Adobe Acrobat is a multi-step process. The first step is to mark the information that needs to be redacted. This can be accomplished in two different manners. First, you can use your mouse to manually mark the information that you want redacted. Second, you can have Adobe Acrobat search the document for patterns of numbers.

And then I decided to right click on the PDF of Manafort’s filing...


As I noted a few days ago. there is absolutely zero reason that users could “grab” the text under the blacked out “bars” can read the WTFINGF twitter thread below:

So when I woke up this morning with my head pounding because I consumed an ungodly amount of Grey Goose in a very short period of time, to make my head ache go away I decided to take a second look at Manafort’s filing. And suddenly I thought to myself, wait a minute Manafort traveled to Madrid in the Summer of 2016. 



With a simple cut and pasts one could easily read what was redacted, one thing that jumped out at me both yesterday and today, at NO time did Manafort’s team deny he traveled to Madrid and gave Konstantin “polling data” from the Trump Campaign. 

And then on twitter I rhetorically asked:

Has anyone determined if Manafort AND Gates flew to Madrid Commercially or via Charter?...and did Trump reimburse them for the travel expenses...

So instead of waiting for someone to answer my rhetorical question, I poured a pot of strong coffee into my 36 oz coffee cup and made my way down to my home office. I turn cracked my knuckles, put on my glasses and slowly approached the keyboard. I should say I was completely prepared to find nothing in the FEC database.



And then word broke that the pollster was Tony this is where Spicy disengages keyboard and drops this June 2018 blog entry at the time this was at the height of Manafort’s EDVA trial. And yes I really do have files on 89 people within Trump’s orbit. Fabrizio caught my attention once I saw his name (along with Ted Levine & Vin Weber) in various exhibits filed by the Government. Once you have a thread you can pull on, if you take a step back you can then see what, if any other threads are connected...enter this June thread where I rhetorically asked what do the following people have in common:



 After the Manafort EDVA trial I then decided to do a follow up on Tony Fabrizio, by way of linking to the FEC Trump Form D. For those who don’t know, Form D are delineated as Contested and/or outstanding liabilities. And yes my friends the Trump for President campaign never paid Fabrizio the outstanding invoices which amount to >$816K, notwithstanding in December of 2016 the Trump Campaign did pay Fabrizio but not the full amount.


 I know for a fact that the Trump for President Canpain never paid their full obligation to Tony Fabrizio because on January 10, 2019 I ran a third FEC Form D report and YES the balance is still on Trump’s Form D. Again this isn’t my opinion, this is based in facts, unless you want to argue the FEC database is some how flawed.




My point? Barrack brought Manafort in the the Trump Campaign. Manafort then brought Tony Fabrizio into the Trump for President Campaign.  But Tony Fabrizio oh so many questions given I decided to take a third crack at him...



For now I’m going to set this aside because I may have exhausted my own research abilities. My parting thought is...IT. IS. ALL. not fool yourself and think that these are separate threads, that is what Trump wants you to believe and based on my limited research this is one hell of a complex tangled web of lies, corruption and other untoward actions...also disregard those in the media saying: Mueller is wrapping up, we are in “the nineth ending” because I personally think we are not even 1/3 of the way done.

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