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Dear Paul, Buzzfeed and Trump...

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Posted on January 19 2019



No Collusion

Except Manafort, Fabrizio & Kilimnik

As previously discussed here, when Manafort’s attorneys failed to properly redact their January 8, 2019 filing thus giving the public a rare glimpse into what the SCO has zeroed in on. One has to wonder was it really a simple mistake of using a basic pdf software versus a Pro or Enterprise pdf software to upload filings to the CM/ECF system, anyone who spends a decent time in the Federal electronic court filing database knows off the bat how to properly redact a filing. The ABA has a decent analogy when it comes to redactions. The “frosting” seeks to cover the cake but unless you properly affix the “redaction box” over the text, then you miss the invisible text aka cake...thus


There are times that you just can’t help and can not be that stupid or are you that arrogant that you “think” you can outsmart the FBI and Federal Prosecutors. The  past week and the flurry of filings by Manafort and the SCO should be viewed in a much broader context.


Based on chronology, let’s start with the verifiable base line. After nearly eleven months of “negotiating” Donald Trump & his legal team submitted their “written” answers colloquially known as Trump’s Take Home Test, which was submitted shortly before Thanksgiving 2018.  But retrospectively one only needs to look at Donald Trump’s Twitter Archive to see what appears to be an all out, no holds barred attack on Robert S Mueller, the FBI Leadership, the institution of the FBI and our Judiciary.



Since the lawful and constitutionally proper appointment of a Special Counsel, Trump has used Twitter like a weapon of disinformation, it’s kind of odd reviewing Trump’s tweets and then cross referencing his tweets with various Russian State Run Media. It’s almost as if they are working in concert. This link will take you to the seventy one tweets that Trump has pushed. What you may notice once you review that archive is there’s been an arch of sustained attacks on Mueller...which also coincides with the departure of Trump’s former attorneys, Messers Dowd, Cobb and McGahn. I do not think that’s a coincidence, I actually think the three aforementioned attorneys tried their best to keep Trump in check. And when they came to the fork in the road, where they had to choose their own dignity and credibility all three attorneys us the REAL Donald Trump and it’s horrifying.



I know that some of you may object to my assertion that Donald J Trump is an emotional terrorist, megalomaniac and/or a function sociopath. The reality is I’ve run out of superlatives to accurately describe what Trump subjects the American people to. Every. Damn. Day. Trump careens from one scandal to the next. All of which is exhausting but understand this is Trump’s strategy.  It’s like Trump is an abusive spouse and everyday he uses twitter to verbally abuse who he thinks are his enemies. Trump’s twitter account essentially punches Americans in the face all while he is trying to argue his innocence. FAIL. Bigly FAIL. Believe me. Sad!!!


It is odd yet weirdly illuminating to read Trump’s twitter archive, this link will take you to the nine tweets Trump has pushed regarding Paul Manafort. Although Trump’s August 2018 tweet comparing Manafort to really that’s exactly what Trump tweeted:



 As widely reported last night shortly after the Special Counsel’s Office filed, for you docket wonks, Document No 464 and Exhibits via Document No 464-1 For those of you who have followed me on twitter and this blog I’ve always said two things, as it relates to Court filings; 1) always read the footnotes; and 2) always read the exhibits. 



Case in point on page 3 of Document No 464, the FBI agent’s affidavit there’s crystal clear reference to the SuperPAC Manafort hel-ed create. Admittedly it took me a second read to make the connect and then it clicked. Because in the Summer of 2016

A cursory review of the Rebuilding America Now Pro-Trump SuperPAC, via their Statement of Organization filed with the Federal Elections Committee, which was filed on 06/02/2016 11:30AM...and later confirmed by this Reuter’s September 2016 article, found here.


In another instance, two high-level former Trump campaign advisers, former Chris Christie campaign manager Ken McKay and Manafort lobbying associate Laurance Gay, departed the Trump campaign in June and went to work for the Trump-backed Super PAC, Rebuilding America Now. In June, the Super PAC paid each of them $60,000, the filings show.

So now let’s take a look at Lawrence Gay and disbursements made during the 2017/2018 Election Cycle. Do you see what I see? Link to FEC 2017/2018 report found here.




 When compared to the Rebuilding America Now Pro-Trump SuperPAC’s FEC 2015/2016 report of individual disbursements to Lawrence to FEC report found here.



Do you see it yet? If not, allow me the privilege of pointing out the basic math, there was a >50% increase in disbursements from the SuperPAC to Manafort’s former lobbyist friend. The footnote on page three also references Eagle Bank. One could and should infer that Special Counsel Mueller’s Team does have this Pro-Trump SuperPAC in its sights. Given that this was one of five material breaches the SCO pointed to that Manafort had in fact breached his plea & cooperation deal. 

Granted I know that some of you are not tracking the Manafort fubar as closely as I am but it would be a good time to remind you on June 4, 2018 the Special Counsel’s Office Prosecutors uploaded a massive amount of evidence. Specifically as it relates to Manafort & Klimnik’s superseding indictment. But it was this particular exhibit where I said out loud, oh dear...Mueller’s Team has everything. That said seeing the actual WhatsApp attachment was one of Mueller’s better filings.



So late last night (after an exhausting work day) I decided to pull up the Exhibits. I will admit, sometimes during the actual work day I do not have the time to fully read and dissect court filings. If you’ve followed me on twitter you know that most of my in depth analysis occurs after work hours. Last night I decided to dive into the some 406 “exhibits”, off the bat I noticed from a numerical standpoint that Exhibit number 19 jumped straight to 100. I’m not entirely sure why but I don’t want to speculate as I try to be as factual as possible.



The broader question should be: why is ANYONE in the Administration communicating with Manafort? Beyond the insanity that he was the Campaign Chairman and the evidence in the public domain is in fact piling up.

Whereas documentary evidence shows that Manafort back channeled “sensitive” internal Trump Campaign Polling. It seems beyond reckless that the Administration had/has communications with Manafort and/or a third party surrogate. One could reasonably argue that Trump and Manafort are that arrogant that they both think they are above the law.

As more times passes it has become increasingly clear that there wasn’t collusion but certainly a conspiracy. The biggest issue I see is there are so many pieces of the puzzle that it’s almost impossible to see how wide and how complex the current Trump/Russia criminal and counterintelligence investigation really is. For example in this October 2018 Project Lakhta 




And granted the intellectually lazy missive of: Russia. Russia. Russia. But I would encourage you to look deeper than just saying Russia. At a certain point you will be required to atone for your witting or unwitting amplification of disinformation. Again we are all human and we all make mistakes. The difference is not ALL of us learn from those mistakes therefore you tend to repeat them. And as much as I dislike saying the following, it does need to be said out loud. The mainstream media is not “the enemy of the people” but the reality is some media outlets have done a significant amount of damage.

I know that some of you may have been taken aback by my declaration that I would not be party to amplifying disinformation therefore as of January 18 2019 I would no longer tweet or retweet any article published by BuzzFeed but more precisely Jason Leopold (who’s oddly taken the step of blocking me on Twitter). Most of the times I am a reasonable person. Giving people the benefit of the doubt. Although after BuzzFeed’s January 17, 2019 “cataclysmic block-buster” or what ever superlative you want to use to describe that “Trump instructed Cohen to lie” article that was their third strike for me. Again you are under zero obligation to agree with me or follow in-kind. As a matter for personal preference I’m going to layout my fact based rational of why BuzzFeed is no longer a trusted news outlet for me:

July 2018 - Avenatti & Buzzfeed:

At this particular juncture looking backwards, I had considerable concerns about Avenatti and subsequently thereafter my concerns grew and in large part were affirmed. That said, I made my feelings known and I wasn’t delicate, in fact I was down right assertive. I make nor offer any apology for my tweets and comments. As you can see in this twitter thread I was unequivocal in why I had concerns about both this BuzzFeed reporter and Avenatti. To wit I received a significant amount of twitter hate, some of which contained death threats, insults about my appearance etc etc. Newsflash if your counter argument to facts is to personally insult someone or tweet at me for example (these are real tweets at me and/or DMs):

“you’re a Bitch...shut up you stupid’re too ugly that Avenatti wouldn’t fuck you...Keep it up and that will be your last tweet...I know where you live...I know where your children go to’re just bitter Cunt because Avenatti wouldn’t fuck you”  blah blah blah


For real that’s what some on twitter have tweeted at me. The death threat was particularly nice, dontcha think? You do get that those are really not that persuasive or compelling counter arguments, at all. That if facts really do matter and if you’re bold enough to say:

“...hold on, this article makes zero sense...why would this news outlet/reporter jeopardize an ongoing criminal and counterintelligence investigation...”




October 2018 Buzzfeed and SARs:

As further explained in this painfully long thread, I presented a series of questions that built on the previous July 2018 thread. Because once again this particular reporter had published numerous articles that some could construed as damaging to an ongoing criminal and counterintelligence investigation. Again I’m not saying the Media is bad, they do a lot of good and act as a proxy for accountability and transparency. What I am saying is at what point do you have an intellectually honest discussion on the harms and probable unethical conduct to “out scoop your media colleagues”. Since I’m NOT a reporter nor am I compensated in any way for the research, blogging and tweeting I sort of feel like I have some skin in this “game”. But I’m also an American and I believe in our Constitution and Rule of Law, I also have immense faith in our FBI, SCO and Judiciary.

The October 2018 Indictment of a Senior FinCen employee was yet another red alarm, like all lights are blinking, what the hell is going on with our Media. Why would this Federal Employee put numerous investigations in peril by leaking SARS reports to reporters. Nearly every main “player” in the Special Counsel’s investigation had their “rights” violated by this FinCen employee and certain media outlets. As a due process kind of Spicy, I was like WTFINGF. Why would you purposefully harm an ongoing investigation. Moreover why would you cede the leverage of “fake news” to Trump?

More importantly the concept of a counterintelligence investigation means there could be actionable consequences that go directly to our Country’s National Security. Versus a “hot shot” reporter who wants to redeem themselves while getting paid for clickbait articles.  



January 17th Buzzfeed Drop:

Unlike the two aforementioned examples the “Trump instructed Cohen to lie to Congress” crossed a totally new rubicon. That Buzzfeed “bombshell” set off a wildfire and directly dictated actions by some members of Congress. This article also put Impeachment right in the bullseye. For nearly twenty hours that Buzzfeed article essentially sucked up all the oxygen in newsrooms a cross our Country anc I’d argue various newsrooms across the globe.

Yet oddly it reminded me about something my father taught me decades ago. It was a brutal a life lesson and to this day it still echoes in my ears. For context I had said something very hurtful and it was like I had suckered punch someone. Since I was a stubborn child, my father explained the following:


“Words are like bullets, once you speak them, you can’t take them back. For example once you fire bullet, you can not put that bullet back in a chamber. So use your words wisely”


So as an adult I often remember this conversation. Because I am acutely aware of the concept that words have consequences. And that even my little twitter account has some reach. Which is why I tend to bend over backwards to stick to facts which are largely in the public domain. That said my track record is also clear, if I do decide to tweet about “rumors” or indulge in “speculation” I almost always caveat, take what I say with a grain of salt because I don’t have the supporting documentation. In general I do try to refrain from ruminations. Again because I’ve noticed that lies and disinformation travel much faster and wider than actual facts and truth. Notwithstanding shortly after the January 17, 2019 bombshell my good friend Royce tweeted this incredibly thoughtful thread, you should read it:



There's nothing wrong with being skeptical. In fact I personally think it’s healthy to be skeptical. And YES we are all craving facts and updates from the Special Counsel Mueller’s Office but one constant is, Mueller’s team does not leak, ever. Anyone who tells you they have a source inside Mueller’s team is lying to you.  

I’d argue 98% of the time the only way Special Counsel Mueller’s team speak is through court filings. Which is why late yesterday I attempted to go back to the basics. The basics being the voluminous court filings. Because shortly after I completed the twitter thread (see below).



I then privately voiced my growing concerns about BuzzFeed’s article. I had three main areas concern; 1) on the balance of the article as a whole, there were numerous truthful/facts but it was sprinkled with what I can only conclude as gross exaggerations or overt misrepresentations, 2) by late afternoon the fact that no other “reputable” news organization had independently corroborated BuzzFeed’s article was a red flag, for me at least and 3) and then nearly twenty hours after publication the Special Counsel’s office took the extraordinary step of issuing a rare public statement.

I take 100% ownership of retweeting BuzzFeed’s article. That was a choice I made, no one forced me to retweet their “reporting”. Nevertheless I am now choosing to with zero equivocation stating publicly that I will not make that mistake again. With that said I offer an apology to my blog readers and my twitter followers, I was wrong and I should have never retweeted their “article”.  


Media Trump & Fake News:

As uncomfortable as this might be, you should also consider that when reputable media outlets get facts or their story wrong, they ultimately pay a price. As in a decrease in readership/viewership, subscriptions cancellation and retractions. Yet Trump & his surrogates become emboldened. This link will take you to Trump’s twitter archive, and you can read the 355 unique tweets where Trump uses twitter as a weapon on disinformation and amplification of actuak Russian disinformation. This link will take you to the 21 unique tweets where once again Trump uses his twitter handle like a weapon to tweet in all caps: ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE 



What was overlooked is there were numerous actual newsworthy developments that were completely overshadowed by the BuzzFeed “article” sucking the oxygen from newsrooms. For example the DNC filed an amended complaint, there were numerous NEW facts laid out and none of which made the cable news broadcast because they were preoccupied by “to impeach or not impeach” see the DNC thread below. The VoIP disclosure made the hair on the back of my neck stand up:



At any rate, you are more than welcome to disagree with me, that doesn’t mean I’ll lose any respect for you. I am in the process of researching the bleep out of Russia and media buys in America and other “radio frequencies” so defunct BOLO for that data dump, ETA later tonight or tomorrow.

Also ICYMI because we can all use a good me on this, volume up:


- Spicy Out




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