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Dear NRA & NRA-ILA this might hurt

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Posted on September 19 2018

Webster Miriam Dictionary lesser known definition of: pattern


a reliable sample of traits, acts, tendencies, or other observable characteristics of a person, group, or institution..

discernible coherent system based on the intended interrelationship of component parts..


NRA-ILA...wash, rinse, and repeat

Your obligatory disclosure:

For the umpteenth time, I am in no way compensated by MadDogPac, the Democratic (or Republican or Green) Party, any candidate, any other PAC, or political activist group or any Poltical Think-Tank Group. I am a “free agent” with the only goal of making facts available.

Every blog entry, every tweet, every twitter thread and hours of research, I have never been paid, I am not being paid. Nor will I ever accept payment.

I made a promise on January 20, 2017 when I created the various twitter handles;





No really that’s how many twitter accounts I have had to create because my twitter stalkers apparently can’t quit me. Apparently my tweets bring all the stalkers to the yard. My longtime followers know that I have publicly made that promise. I am not a type of person to brake a promise. I was raised that your word & handshake are everything. In conclusion, I would never monetize any of my twitter activity or blog entries. I certainly hope that this definitively resolves this matter and we won’t have a need to revisit it. Spicy really dislikes repeating myself. 


If you recall in late July, I followed up my long running series as it relates to the NRA, NRA-ILA and NRA-TV because I’m part of the MadDogPAC the NRA is always on the forefront of my mind.

For the record I am not anti-gun or anti-second amendment. In fact I really enjoy shooting, specifically skeet shooting. Notwithstanding  I am fairly confident that I’m not the only parent in America that watches my kiddos the school bus disembark, while simultaneously thinking:

“please do not let today be the day my kiddos school is the next school mass shooting”


In the July 22nd blog entry, I focused my attention on the NRA’s FEC filings, large donors and large disbursements..but I also noted the unusually high “unitemized” cash donations. There are 18 entities that are on my FEC radar. Partly because of their previous questionable behavior but more importantly I believe we can now determine there’s a growing pattern of Unitemized Individual Contributions. For example in July I noted the following:


July Unitemized Individual Contributions: $11,860,457.64

What that actually means is the NRA PAC took in >$11.86 million from unnamed/known people or organizations out of the $13.9 million raised. In essence the NRA isn’t required to report or disclose who/what donated nearly 80% of the cash it raised. To me that’s a significant issue, given we have no idea who/where nearly $12M entered into our elections.


As of September 19, 2018 the NRA-Victory PAC FEC ID: C00053553


Unitemized individual contributions: $12,511,989.41

speaking more broadly a closer examination of the NRA-Victory-PAC FEC 2017/18 election cycle, it appears that out of the 14,768,616.03 raised nearly $12,511,989.41 came from individual unitemized donations. Or in simpler terms nearly 85% of all cash donations the NRA-ILA received in this election came from undisclosed persons or organizations.

What most voters may not understand is, yes it is permissible based on current laws and a do nothing FEC that these undisclosed persons or organizations are shielded from identification. Which also means there is a distinct possibility that we, the electorate have no way of knowing if any foreign money (which is wholly unlawful) have entered the NRA & it’s affiliate PAC, who in turn sends those funds to other PACs and these funds matriculate to GOP lawmakers and candidates. The NRA almost exclusively donates to the GOP, both in federal and state elections.




Raw FEC 2017/2018 data, shows the NRA paid some $2,379,335.22 for various media buys, again tho discussed this at length in the July entry. Further you can review the individual NRA 2017/2018 election cycle disbursements to Starboard Strategic on the FEC’s website or simply click on this link (I ran an aggregate report).

What I found interesting is, there are zero disbursements from the NRA to Starboard Strategic Inc for 2018. None, I triple checked and it appears that shortly after members of the media (circa November 2017) started asking questions and sniffing around, the NRA ceased paying Starboard.


However I decided to drill down and go back to the 2015/2016 election cycle. Because I had a hunch that many of us missed a data point. In the 2015/2016 election cycle the NRA paid Starboard Strategic Inc twenty-seven times to the tune of  $15,864,607.00 you can click on this FEC link to see each individual disbursements, I also took the liberty of exporting the FEC raw data, found here. Personally speaking I prefer the raw exported data because it’s in excel and you can sort the data, and you can cut and paste the FEC link/document to see the original document/page.

Now you have a decent amount of information as it relates to the NRA and Starboard Strategic, we can start talking about last Friday’s Daily Beast Exclusive. In any other presidential administration, this would have dominated headlines for days if not weeks, but in the Trump Administration, this is merely an average Friday. Unfortunately this relatively important issue was overshadowed by the Paul Manafort Plea Deal and Ts and Cs of his “cooperation” with Special Counsel Mueller’s Office. 


NRA and Montana Senate Candidate Rosendale



The Federal Election and Campaign laws are crystal clear, in simple terms it is unlawful for candidates and PACs to coordinate, pursuant to 11 CFR 109.21(d)(1)(ii) which reads in part:

...”is created, produced, or distributed at the suggestion of a person paying for the communication and the candidate . . . assents to the suggestion.” 11 CFR 109.21(d)(1)(ii). 


On September 14, 2018 the Campaign Legal Center (CLC) and Giffords (Gabby Giffords organization) filed a Complaint with the FEC. At the core of their Complaint

Matt Rosendale violated federal campaign finance law by illegally coordinating more than $400,000 in spending to influence the 2018 midterm elections. The complaint is co-signed by Giffords, a nonpartisan nonprofit organization founded by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords to advocate for policies to reduce gun violence.


The CLC/Giffords FEC Complaint goes on to aggregate the impermissible “coordination” and likely illegal campaign contributions.

After the Daily Beast released their Exclusive and subsequent audio recording of NRA-ILA Chris Cox and Montana Senate Candidate Matt Rosendale fundraising event, Brendan Fischer, director, federal reform program at CLC, stated the following:

“The recording indicates that a top NRA official told Rosendale the NRA would be spending in the Montana race, described the content of the ads and the timing, and Rosendale assented to that suggestion. This constitutes coordination under federal law,”

Fischer went on to say:

“Although FEC inaction in recent years has helped open a number of loopholes allowing outside groups to work closely with candidates, the conduct here crosses a legal line. Perhaps Rosendale and the NRA felt comfortable pushing the legal envelope because they had little concern that the FEC would do anything about it – which is why it is crucial that the agency take action and uphold the law.”

Fischer’s comments were echoed by David Pucino, staff attorney at Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

“As the number of brazen violations of campaign finance law continues to grow, it's clear the NRA's main priority is advancing a radical agenda that a majority of Americans oppose...They will do anything to force that agenda on the American people, even if it means undermining our democracy. It has been a long time since the NRA has cared about law and order. The FEC must investigate these apparent violations and pursue all appropriate sanctions.”


As the CLC/Giffords FEC Complaint noted, Montana Senate Candidate Matt Rosendale did in fact amend his FEC Statement of Candidacy, found here.

Matt Rosendale Campaign disbursements to OnMessage can be found here as you can see thirteen individual disbursements equalling over $445K in payments. Now you might ask why does any of this matter? Well it actually does matter, the NRA uses emotional terrorism to drown out ANY bipartisanship and common sense gun safety...they have spent tens of millions of dollars trafficking in FUD but specifically FEAR. Here are a few examples of what the NRA-ILA. Starboard and OnMessage political ads:

NRA-ILA Clinton “Nightstand” Ad 2016

You might question the authenticity of the YouTube ad posted below. I want you to be skeptical I want you to push me to prove to you what is fact vs fiction vs disinformation vs Active Measures vs silent decomposition. No really I do because I respect skepticism.

With that said, this is the link to OnMessage’s website, specifically featuring “Nightstand”...see for yourself.


NRA-ILA OnMessage Clinton “Plane” Ad

Like many I actually remember this political ad. It offended me because of the lies, fear mongering and out right misogynistic tone & tenor of the Ad. I believe the next day I canceled my NRA membership and fired off one scathing email to the NRA, where I may have said “yes a lifetime membership is not worth a lifetime of rage and regret condoning your fringe and terroristic tendencies”. Again it is perfectly fine to be skeptical of the facts I present. I actually encourage it. As with the previous NRA-ILA poltical ad, this one is also prominently displayed on OnMessage’s website, link found here.




Should you be inclined in February of 2018 (also noted in the CLL/Giffords FEC Complaint), OnMessage Inc published a 1 minute video entitled “sizzle reel”, link found here.

Full disclosure you will want to turn your volume down because I had mine up and my laptop started vibrating. Given the accompanying music that was selected and who is featured in their sizzle reel, it was like watching:

Testosterone & Frat Boys taking over our Political discourse while raising their confederate flags, squeezing off a few rounds and chanting “Merica is back Bitch” and “lock her up”. No really that’s the subtext of OnMessage’s Sizzle Reel, pissed off white dudes who want women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen making them a ham sandwich. It’s enough to trigger PTSD that’s often associated with the 2016 Presidential Election.

My other points are: the NRA’s core demographic White American Males. If you can’t win fair and square then the GOP’’s motto is cheat. Brake campaign finance laws and feign ignorance. 

Here’s the 2017/2018 OnMessage Disbursements, FEC report found here. By all appearances it seems Rick Scott for Senate, Matt Rosendale for Senate , Josh Hawley for Senate and PETER DE NEUFVILLE FOR CONGRESS, INC.are their largest customers.

Here’s the 2015/2016  OnMessage Disbursements, FEC report found here

Also as previously discussed the CLC filed a FEC Complaint re the NRA & NRA-ILA in July 2017, you should look at the names in the Complaint: OnMessage, Sen Tillis (god he’s so corrupt remember Cambridge Analytica?) Sen Cory Gardner, to name a few:



So here’s my bottom line, I am sick of the NRA thinking Campaign Finance Laws are elective, I’m tired of them controlling both chambers of Congress. If they want to be the political giant that the GOP and FEC have enabled them to be, find but revoke their tax exempt status. Oh and I am sure that Dana and the NRA-thugs will start to troll my twitter timeline, here’s my response, at least I wasn’t selling beet juice before I decided to sell my soul to known Terrorist Organizations. Oh that offends you NRA? Well if you don’t like being called a terrorist organization STOP ACTING like one.



Also the fact the NRA has yet to respond to the Russian Ginger Kitty aka Maria Butina (discussed here) currently sitting in the Alexandria Adult Detentoom Center, well it certainly speaks


Spicy Out.

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