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Posted on March 13 2019

Former AAG Whitaker

Appearance to “clarify”

...cough perjury much?



Matt Whitaker is the gift that just keeps on giving. Did he really think that House Democrats would let his subterfuge pass? As reported by The HILL...


“Mr. Whitaker did not deny that the president called him to discuss the Michael Cohen case and personnel decisions in the Southern District,” Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) told reporters after questioning Whitaker behind closed doors for roughly two hours...

“While he was acting attorney general, Mr. Whitaker was directly involved in conversations about whether to fire multiple U.S. attorneys ,” Chairman Nadler continued.


Conversely Rep Doug Collins (R-LA) said to reporters:


“No, I didn't have that takeaway at all. In fact, he said he never talked with the president about Mr. Cohen at all and no conversation with the Southern District of New York either....I think that is [Nadler's] interpretation of what he said. Mr. Whitaker said he did not have conversations with the president about Cohen... If Mr. Nadler chooses to say by absence of what he didn't say and that is how he is interpreting that, then Mr. Nadler will have to answer to that,"


You can view Chairman Nadler’s recent disclosures via this CBS Tweet, it is astounding and the implications at play could be wide and far, particularly for Whitaker and Trump..




February Highlights of AAG Whitaker’s testimony:


Of the three plus decades in DC I’ve never witnessed such unprofessionalism and petulant behavior by a Department of Justice Official much less a former Acting Attorney General...who by all appearances was nothing more than a Trump “yes sir” a stooge if you will. The reality is Whitaker had zero qualifications to be appointed as the acting Attorney General.

His appointment was just another notch in Trump’s treason & complicity belt, that is quickly fraying under the immense pressure of Trump’s growing waistline.



Three Areas of Concern:

As Chairman Nadler previously articulated, today’s two hour closed door meeting with former Acting Attorney General Whitaker and not denying having conversations with Trump, specifically lashing out at CNN. During the February 2019 Congressional Hearing Whitaker sidestepped that particular question and many others over the course of that hours long and often contentious hearing.


    1. Whitakers (false) assertion that Trump never called him to discuss the Michael Cohen case and other personnel decisions within the SDNY
    2.  While Whitaker was acting attorney general, Whitaker was directly involved on whether to fire various AUSAs...
    3. Whitaker was involved in active discussions about the scope of the SDNY, AUSA Berman’s recusal from the Cohen matter, and whether the SDNY prosecutors and federal investigators went “too far” when pursuing the Campaign Finance Crimes regarding “Individual # 1”


What is interesting is Donald Trump never invoked Executive Privilege and by all appearances it appears Whitaker was more forthcoming in today’s closed door hearing. One thing to keep in mind Whitaker is a former AUSA so speaking in circular arguments is a thing attorneys do to not answer a question.


In April of 2018 just after Cohen’s offices, home, hotel were raided, (rightfully so and probably after career DOJ Ethics Officials recommendation)  Geoffrey Berman, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, recused himself from the Michael Cohen investigation.Needless to say I’ve had a lot to say about Whitaker, see November 2018 entry here, here and here and here. See March 2019 write up here (for the record that gif I inserted still makes me laugh, like snort laugh...a lot)

And lastly much of what Chairman Nadler’s comments today are not all that unexpected given the contents of his February 15, 2019 letter to then acting attorney general Whitaker.

On page 2 of the February 2019 letter goes directly to the heart of what today’s closed door hearing was likely focused on.

And lastly if there is any truth to then Acting Attorney General Whitaker having numerous conversations with Trump about an ongoing criminal investigation, you do get this doesn’t end well for Trump. Again if Trump is so innocent then why does he time and time again act in such a guilty manner? As for the new narrative by Team Traitor-Trash-Pandas, of Presidential Harassment  no Donald it’s called Government Oversight which is Constitutionally mandated. Harassment is you using your twitter account to label your purported paramour as “horseface”



Or using your twitter account to harass your former fixer and using mob-boss language 



Or these subsequent 22 tweet-screeds (See twitter archive, found here) railing against your former personal attorney who, flipped on you and was tired of you using him like a verbal punching bag...

Bro you are on tape essentially conspiring to pay hush money to one of your two two paramours. Simpiy put we will never know what  kind of impact that would have had on the 2016 election because you moved heaven and hell to cover up your “dirty deeds” and then for good measure you publicly humiliated your first Attorney General merely because he did the right/ethical thing by recusing. And then to fully indemnify yourself you installed Whitaker. 

News flash Cheeto-lini your boy Whitaker is way softer than Cohen...he cracked like an ostrich egg during last months open congressional hearing...because this is the real Matt Whitaker and you put 


And lastly I’ll give Michael Avenatti credit, (I know shocker) the fact is Avenatti has been largely correct on the various assertions he made last Spring. And one could argue had it not been for Avenatti’s aggressive media blitz and litigation strategy we the American people may have never known the truth...

 -SpicyFiles Out.


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  • Marie G: March 15, 2019

    Thanks, Spicy. I enjoyed Nadler’s statement with a fine dram of Jameson, neat (I’m practicing for the weekend). Any insight into the Frank Cali incident? Seeing some interesting stuff on TSB.

  • L Wonn: March 14, 2019

    Whose desperate? Me thinks trumplestilskin is blowing a gasket. He’s being circled on three major fronts and several smaller ones. The evidence is compelling that he is corrupt, incompetent, vindictive & very probably mortally wounded. This country overwhelmingly supports his removal and adjudication (look it up welldoneson.)

  • Welldoneson: March 14, 2019

    You creeps are getting desperate.
    If Trump had done anything wrong, Mueller would have it by now.
    All you are doing is trying to sway citizens with senseless hate. You think Trump talking to anyone is a crime!
    People are smarter than you crooked liars think we are!

  • Deb Prothero: March 14, 2019

    Nice to see and hear your voice again, Spicy! Thanks for hosting here Claude. The world needs to hear these voices.

    Maybe we should abandon FB and Twitter for a new platform. Or have some whipper snapper invent one that maintains privacy and doesn’t share our data without permission.

    Once again, thanks for this little treat.

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