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Dear Julian how many RELATED CASES???

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Posted on April 17 2019



 Julian you look terrible


Criminal Complaint Coversheet 

December 2017 


By now I assume you are caught up to speed on the Assange EDVA Docket. I’d also like to point out last Friday in the very early morning hours I tweeted the following (archived because we all know Twitter might randomly suspend me)



Document #1:

What others might have overlooked, the December 2017 Criminal Coversheet, Document #1, respectively (found here). Strikingly the §1030 are strikingly similar to those of Manning (which isn’t really a suprise) but also Joshua Schulte. See previous write ups here. And YES I am still working on Schulte Part III. Yet others missed the Loudoun (first brought).



Conspiracy to (1) access a computer, without authorization and exceeding authorized access, to obtain classified national defense information in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1030(a)(1);

and (2) access a computer, without authorization and exceeding authorized access, to obtain infomnation from a department or agency of the United States in furtherance of a criminal act in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1030(a)(2), (c)(2)(B)(ii).


The aforementioned Loudoun VA location is more important than you think. In 2016 the Washingtonian estimated 70 percent of the Worldwide’s traffic flows in/out of Loudoun County VA:


Loudoun County has played a critical role in our digital lives since AOL and other early internet firms set up shop in the 1990s. Because of the fiber-optic cable infrastructure that those companies helped lay—and a 20-percent-below-average electricity rate—it became the place to put up a data center. Today more than 60 facilities cover 10 million square feet of the county; another 3.5 million square feet are going up. Since 2008, says Loudoun business-development chief Buddy Rizer, there hasn’t been a single day without construction 


And with a tiny bit of effort, one can actually read AWS’ statement concerning their separation with WikiLeaks:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) rents computer infrastructure on a self-service basis. AWS does not pre-screen its customers, but it does have terms of service that must be followed. WikiLeaks was not following them...

As to the recently unsealed documents (as noted in my April 12, 2019 tweet) there has been a lot of activity on the Assange EDVA Case No 1:18-cr-00111-CMH. As previously tweeted yesterday the court unsealed the 40 page Affidavit concerning the Assange matter. (Archived)





Document No 24 (redacted Doc 5)

The as we now know earlier today the Court granted the Government’s request to unseal numerous documents on the Assange docket. The purpose of this entry is to walk you through those documents and to provide you with an open source link to each.

Document #24 found here.

Paragraph 5 on page 2 explains the rationale of our Government seeking to seal documents on the docket. Their explanation reads in part:

Premature disclosure of the specific details of this ongoing investigation wouldjeopardize the investigation, including by aiding Assange in his attempt to flee from or otherwise avoid prosecution in the United States. In addition, given the nature of the crimes under investigation and the status of the investigation, the specific details of the evidence included inthe affidavit necessarily contain sensitive law enforcement information about an ongoing investigation. Thus, a sealing order is necessary to avoid hindering the ongoing investigation in this matter.


Pages 3-4 explain the precedence but I am semi curious what was the catalyst for the Justice Department to request the Court unseal the various documents on Assange’s docket. See page 3 paragraph 8 and page 4 paragraphs 12 & 13, respectively...which reads in part (granted the last sentence provides for a reasonable “exception”). My point is something triggered the EDVA AUSA to petition the court to unseal multiple documents. Given the local rule requires arrest and extradition. But like I said there’s an exception provided they inform the through the proper diplomatic channels. 


The complaint and supporting documents would need to remain sealed until the defendant is arrested and extradited, except that the United States may provide a copy of these documents, and information relating thereto, to such foreign and domestic law enforcement, judicial, and diplomatic personnel as necessary to secure the defendant's arrest and extradition.


And lastly page 5. I don’t know why some discounted my original April 12th observation concerning Boente because unlike some, unless you’re in the EDVA on a semi-regular basis you wouldn’t know what occurred in 2017 and 2018.




The next unsealed document is the redacted Criminal Coversheet, I don’t know if this matters but they have the City listed as Dulles, VA. Although the docket entry has it listed as:

Redacted version of [4] Redacted Criminal Case Cover Sheet


The next unsealed document is the March 2018 Criminal Complaint Coversheet, I’ve taken the liberty of redacting the AUSA and FBI agents names. I am not a fan of doxxing and yes Court Records are public information but given how Trump and the GOP weaponize Information. I’m just not willing to play in to their craziness. Also because I really do read EVERYTHING I tweet and blog about, notice the related cases, yes PLURAL cases;

1:11EC3, 1:11DM3 (same case different number)


1:11DM2 (Judge Ellis)


do you get it?


Sequentially 2 other cases before EC3 or DM3

Document No 20, filed on April 15, 2019 Motion by the Government to unseal and we then learn that in March of 2018 a Grand Jury handed down a true bill and thus the indictment:


March 6,2018, a grand jury returned an indictment charging the defendant with one count of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion, in violation of Title 18, United States Code,Sections 371, 1030(a)(1), 1030(a)(2), and 1030(c)(2)(B)(ii)


And lastly this is an Open Source Link to the 40 page Affidavit concerting the Assange case. It’s document number 2, for you docket wonks. The Jabber Chats were/are in fact my favorite part of the Affidavit 



Earlier on Twitter I opined that if you want to know more of the Assange EDVA matter then you need to read the 15+ filings in the Chelsea Manning EDVA Grand Jury matter. This Internet Archive link will take you to all the documents pertaining to the Manning Grand Jury Subpoena.

And YES I’m laying my marker down now by stating on the record, Manning, Schulte and Snowden will likely be a horrid convergence of Assange and WikiLeaks. Hopefully by this weekend I’ll push my Schulte Part III but I was sidetracked by Schulte’s bonkers new Complaint filed late last night (archived because I’m pretty sure my twitter Account will be suspended, yet again)



At any rate if my Twitter Account is suspended, you can thank Greg & Woody’s crew but I’ll be here indefinitely so don’t freak out if you can’t find me on Twitter 




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    How did you get back on Twitter? I haven’t tried but I am glad to know your SANE, and well-researched voice is back on Twitter. Get em!

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