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Posted on July 06 2018



👉🏻Data Propria, Inc👈🏻


In simple terms? It’s a NEW iteration of Cambridge Analytica. Per CloudCommerce, Inc May 29, 2018 Press Release:


May 29, 2018 / CloudCommerce, Inc. (OTCQB: CLWD), a leading provider of data-driven marketing solutions, today announced it has launched Data Propria, Inc., a data and behavioral science company focused on aligning companies with the right audience, with the right message, and at the right time to produce a measurable behavioral change and increase revenue.


🚩Matt Oczkowski, Data Propria President and leading data and behavioral marketing expert, will lead a team of world-class data scientists, behavioral researchers, and product marketing specialists with decades of experience encouraging and pushing innovation across the marketing industry.


🚩About Matt Oczkowski, President

Throughout his career, Mr. Oczkowski has worked at the intersection of where product development meets data science to forecast, predict, and analyze commercial markets and American elections.

Prior to his work at Data Propria, he was the Co-Founder of Human Behavior, a company founded on the driving idea of understanding what motivates individuals to take action and how to harness that on behalf of clients in the commercial and political spaces. Mr. Oczkowski also served as Head of Product for Cambridge Analytica where he most notably ran the team of embedded technical specialists inside the Trump Campaign that led to the scientific understanding of the eventual outcome of the election - a scenario that pundits missed. He also served as Chief Digital Officer for Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin for three years, running his data and technology operations through the 2014 reelection and presidential run. Using tactics from the worlds of behavioral science, growth hacking, machine learning, sentiment analysis, and NLP, Mr. Oczkowski successfully connects behavioral dots together to make informed decisions about groups of people.


You can read the CloudCommerce May Press Release here


Who Matt Oczkowski?

First watch this CBS News November 10, 2016 interview (full disclosure, I may have screamed WTFINGF) the arrogance:

“we saw trends early on...most of the data we used was based on voter history”

“our internal polling showed rural rust belt states would turn out”



This November 2016 Wired Article goes in to greater detail of how Project Alamo & MoneyBall worked. At the time, of course NONE of us knew Trump via Cambridge Analytica built the RNC & Trump Voter Data on stolen Facebook data.


Reached by phone, Oczkowski, director of product for the president-elect's data team Cambridge Analytica, was exhilarated but not necessarily surprised. The polls, the pundits, and the data suggested otherwise, but Oczkowski says he and his crew knew weeks ago that Trump had a solid shot at the presidency. "This is not something that political intuition would tell you," he says, "but our models predicted most of these states correctly."


 Here’s what he said during a May 2017 interview with the Washington Post:


You’re really blind going into this relationship,” Oczkowski said. “This is a big industry, and there are just no protections or watchdogs out there if you’re a buyer.”


“If you go out there and rent email lists for $10,000, as long as it yields more than $10,000, you’re happy with the scenario,” he added. “You have no idea if you could have raised double that, or if you’re annoying these people because they are on all these different lists.”

On the Scott Walker campaign and a start up Oczkowski went on to say:

 “we know this is needed in the market. I’ve sat and watched this for four or five years now, waiting for someone to do this.”

I highly recommend you read the full Washington Post May 2017 Article, found here.


Incidentally Oczkowski gave a more detailed interview (11/10/16) during his CBS This Morning segment. Here are some data points that sort of slapped me in the face:

Nora O’Donnell: on Monday (11/7/16) your firm released polling that only showed a 30% of a Trump victory 

Oczkowski by 8:30PM (central time) we started watching the numbers from the Florida panhandle and knew...

O’Donnell: what made your polling different that all others...

Oczkowski: we focused similar to in Brexit, on older mainly white rural men who felt disenfranchised, by the 3rd debate we saw reflexive numbers, the Sec Clinton email scandal and FBI Dir Comey’s Announcement, we saw an unexplained “big boom” 


You SHOULD re-watch this interview, in the context of what we now know some 20 months later. I remain stead fast that the Micro-targeting data and usage of Facebook’s “misappropriated” user data is something of major import to the Russia-Trump Investigation. I can not square how 100% of all other polling companies got it wrong and ONLY the Trump polling got it right. My guess is the proof/evidence is in the IRA Indictment and the multiple terabytes of data the FBI and Mueller’s Investigators are combing through. 




I found an interesting and otherwise unnoticed biography of Oczkowski on the ADMA’s website, here I took the liberty of  highlighting it you and attempted to Archived it but ran in to an “excerption” so a screen shot it is:



Data Propria, Inc

 Per Data Propria, Inc’s  newly created LinkedIn Profile:

At Data Propria we strive to help our clients learn how data can drive behavior as a change agent for the good by transforming the way that people communicate with each other. We aim to prove that on both sides of every interaction are two people who just want to be treated as human.


Our team is made up of world-class data scientists, behavioral researchers, and product marketing specialists with decades of experience encouraging and pushing innovation across the marketing industry. We approach everything from a science first perspective - there is no guesswork in what we do. The days of gut intuition style marketing is dying and so are the antiqued marketing agencies along with it.


We aim to help our clients build authentic relationships with their customers. We have a track record of success working with a variety of Fortune 500 organizations, non-profits, issue advocacy groups, and political campaigns. Our approach is very hands-on and predicated on the belief that we can make a real difference in the world of human interaction.

Also good luck trying to archive anything related to Data Propria, you will run into the robot.txt, which precludes internet archiving via the typical archiving tools. I haven’t tried a Yandex search simply because yandex, enough said, right?


When you go to Data-Propria’s website, it is comical that their LinkedIn Profile has 300+more words than the Company’s own website. Oh you’d like to see some proof to substantiate my assertion? Kewl no really here’s Data-Propia’d website




 So I said to myself, oh come on Spicy you know how and where to dig for Corporation info. Naturally I moseyed on over to the Texas State Corporation Commission (TX SCC) and found a tiny thread. What I found of particular interest is this company registered with the TX SCC on 2/21/2018 a full month in advance of Facebook kicking Cambridge Analytica to the curb. Granted the date of filing may have nothing to do with the Facebook & Cambridge Analytica FUBAR but nonetheless I found it interesting. Again because I am a fan of showing your homework, here’s the link to TXSCC and you can run your own search to double check my homework. 

Data-Propria Inc TX SCC filings

Texas Taxpayer Number 32066314090

Mailinh Address 321 6TH ST SAN ANTONIO, TX 78215-1842

Right to Transact Business in Texas ACTIVE

State of Formation NV

 🚨SOS Registration Date 02//21/2018🚨

Texas SOS File Number:  0802940677

Regestration Agent Name   ANDREW VAN NOY 

Registered Office Street Address: 321 6TH ST SAN ANTONIO, TX 78215




Data-Propria Inc NV SCC filings

Based on the State of Nevada’s State Corporation Commission (NV SCC) , Data Propria officially filed on 2/1/2018, what I found interesting is there’s zero mention of a one Mr. Matthew Oczkowski as an officer or principal of the organization. Here you can view Data Propria’s NV SCC filing, link found here

Status:   Active File Date:   2/1/2018
Domestic Corporation Entity Number:   E0056442018-2
NV Business ID:   NV20181082688 Business License Exp:   2/28/2019



Why does any of this matter? Here’s why Cambridge Analytica is never going away nor is the Facebook data they misappropriated. So the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s June 28, 2018 Letter to Data Propria’s current President is one that should have received some reporting by the MSM. Especially the content of the letter, you can read the full 3 page letter, found here

The three ranking Democrat lawmakers are asking some important questions and as Americans we have a right to transparency and the reaffirmation that our Mid-Term elections and for that matter all future elections are not attacked by Russia or other State Sponsored interference. That’s why this matters:



Because if you are NOT paying attention to::


House Energy & Commerce Committee Hearing & H.R. 6032 mark up, can be found here.

you really really need to, link to ranking member Pallone’s remarks can be found here

H.R. 6302 was voted favorably out of Committee for a Full House Vote. Link to doc found here.


-Spicy Out

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