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CT BumpStock Ban UPDATED 5/31/2018

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Posted on May 03 2018

 Updated 5/31/2018


It is OFFICIAL the State of Connecticut, codified the BumpStock Ban in it Law today. Link here 


🇺🇸Connecticut Public Act No 18-29🇺🇸




Section 1. (NEW) (Effective October 1, 2018) (a) Except as provided in subsection (e) of this section, no person, other than a licensed firearms manufacturer under 18 USC 923(i) fulfilling a military contract, may sell, offer to sell, otherwise transfer or offer to transfer, purchase, possess, use or manufacture any rate of fire enhancement.

(b) Except as provided in subsection (d) of this section, a person who violates any provision of subsection (a) of this section shall be guilty of a class D felony.

(c) For purposes of this section, "firearm" means firearm as defined in section 53a-3 of the general statutes, and "rate of fire enhancement" means any device, component, part, combination of parts, attachment or accessory that:

(1) Uses energy from the recoil of a firearm to generate a reciprocating action that causes repeated function of the trigger, including, but not limited to, a bump stock;

(2) repeatedly pulls the trigger of a firearm through the use of a crank, lever or other part, including, but not limited to, a trigger crank; or

(3) causes a semiautomatic firearm to fire more than one round per operation of the trigger, where the trigger pull and reset constitute a single operation of the trigger, including, but not limited to, a binary trigger system.

 d) Except as provided in subsection (e) of this section, any person who holds a valid permit to carry a pistol or revolver issued pursuant to subsection (b) of section 29-28 of the general statutes, a valid eligibility certificate for a pistol or revolver issued pursuant to section 29-36f of the general statutes, a valid long gun eligibility certificate issued pursuant to section 29-37p of the general statutes or an ammunition certificate issued or renewed pursuant to section 29-38n or section 29-38o of the general statutes and possesses a rate of fire enhancement prior to July 1, 2019, shall be guilty of a class D misdemeanor for a first offense and shall be guilty of a class D felony for any subsequent offense.

See Governor Malloy’s Press Release which reads in part:


‘This should be the law throughout the entire country. There is no reason why anyone needs to own a device that can fire 90 bullets every 10 seconds but for the mass killing of people. The most effective way of reducing gun violence isn't through a patchwork in which the states with the weakest laws tolerate giant loopholes that negate efforts made everywhere else. The overwhelming majority of people clearly want this law—I'm glad to sign it today for Connecticut, but this will not stop our efforts to enact it nationally.“

“Bump stocks are cheap, they are deadly, and they have no place in our society,” Governor Malloy said. “In Connecticut, we refuse to allow federal inaction to endanger the lives of our residents, despite the best efforts of powerful lobbyists from the NRA. Our state has long been a champion in the fight against gun violence, and today we take a step towards further cementing our reputation as a leader in smart, safe, and commonsense gun reform.”



Lt Gov Wyman also stated:

“ I don’t think we should wait for more tragedy, for more senseless deaths before we act to protect residents,” Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman said. “The Governor’s initiative takes a smart, well-reasoned approach to bump stocks. As state leaders, we should have the courage to pass commonsense, anti-violence legislation to help avoid the types of tragedies that we experienced here in Connecticut and that we see continuing throughout the nation.”


🇺🇸  Department of Justice, ATF proposed rule changing, banning BumpStock or similar rapid fire technology, previously discussed here.


🇺🇸 State of Maryland BumpStock Ban, discussed here.



Commonwealth of Connecticut

BumpStock Ban


H.B. No. 5542 passes House


Roll call vote for H.B 5542

  • Those voting Yea 114
  • Those voting Nay 35
  • Those absent and not voting 1

Connecticut House, May 1, 2018, 11:30PM Roll Call voter, here

H.B.5542 still needs to pass the Connecticut State Senate and then it will make its way to the Governor to sign into to law. To read HB5542 in its entirety, link here

You can also track the numerous changes and amendments of HB5542, here

If you are inclined you can read the dozens of Public Comments, here


Section 1.


(NEW) (Effective October 1, 2018)

(a) “Except as provided in subsection (e) of this section, no person may sell, offer to sell, otherwise transfer or offer to transfer, purchase, possess, use or manufacture any rate of fire enhancement.”


Section 2.


(NEW) (Effective from passage)

(a)  Not later than thirty days after the effective date of this section, the Commissioner of Emergency Services and Public Protection shall, within available appropriations, provide written notification of the provisions of section 1 of this act by:

  • (1) Posting the notification on the department's Internet web site, and
  • (2) providing the notification electronically to federally licensed firearm dealers.




H B 5540, entitled “Ghost Guns”:


“ban guns without serial numbers and regulate those which are sold in a form requiring the purchaser to finish assembly or that are homemade and to permit local authorities to interview immediate family members as part of a determination of an applicant's suitability.”


I would keep an eye on HB 5540, as of now this HB is still in the Committee Stage. You can read the general language, here 


Mass Shootings since Parkland FL:


According to the group:  Gun Violence Archive Group, these are the mass shootings since the February 14, 2018 Parkland Massacre. Don’t tell me that our Country doesn’t have a gun problem. Link to Gun Violence Archive Data Source can be found, here.



‘If you are not outraged, then you are not paying attention”-Heather Heyer


During a February of 2018, Press Briefing, Connecticut State Representative Tong (who sponsored the BumpStock Bill) and his fellow State House discussed the reasoning behind both proposed bills. -Spicy Out


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