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Cook County v FSBook, Cambridge, SCL Group UPDATED

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Posted on March 25 2018

Updated: Official Complaint

Cook County States Attorney Foxx’s 3/26/2018 Press Release

Cook Co SA Foxx Statement



You can download States Attorney Foxx’s verified Complaint via this link, also noteworthy  SA Foxx “raises claims under the Illinois Fraud and Deceptive Practices Act”

States Attorney Foxx Facebook-Cambridge-SCL Complaint


Cook County State Attorney files lawsuit…

This lawsuit is one you should keep an eye on.  Keep in mind numerous lawsuits have already been filed, but mainly Class Action for various private individuals.

This particular Cook County Lawsuit is distinct in a few areas:

  •  By naming Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and SCL Group, all relevant parties are named. Although Kogan is not party. Yet.
  • This Lawsuit by a State Attorney is unique in the sense SA Foxx is suing on behalf off ALL citizens of Illinois.
  • As in a Municipality is suing, on behalf of millions of its citizens


Link to SA Foxx’s Lawsuit here Cook County v Facebook, Cambridge Analytica & SCL G

Here are the areas where SA Foxx makes some pretty convincing claims. You NEED to read the following because if TRUE this points to far more intrusive data being misappropriated for onerous means:

  • “exfiltrated the personal data of more than 50 million Facebook users in the United States, including millions of users in Illinois.”


  • This data trove included Facebook users’ ages, interests, pages they’ve liked, groups they belong to, physical locations, political affiliation, religious affiliation, relationships, and photos, as well as their full names, phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses.“


  • “Mechanical Turk”: “an online marketplace where people around the world contract with others to perform various tasks—and offered to pay them to download and use a personality quiz app it developed on Facebook called thisisyourdigitallife”


  • “270,000 American voters installed the app and took the personality quiz in return for $1 to $2. But Cambridge Analytica wasn’t interested in just the answers. What it really wanted—and what it got by virtue of being a developer on the Facebook platfo

It  has LONG been reported that Facebook knew about this misappropriation of user data as early as 2014 and that Facebook’s API was wide open. Heck last week Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the timeline. This also means 3rd party App developers were handed the key to Facebook’s data center.


SA Foxx goes on to state, Cambridge Analytica had access to:

  • “That’s because Facebook is not a social media company; it is the largest data mining operation in existence.”


  • “included each user’s name, home address, phone number,
    education, birthday, voter records, and political tendencies, alongside a sophisticated personality analysis


  • Cambridge Analytica to “identify the most persuadable voters” and target them with so-called “fake news” on various platforms, including Facebook”


From a voter database standpoint this would be known as the “crown jewels” of Voter Data Info. This is especially problematic because Facebook’s data is arguably far more up to date than a Municipality’s own Voter Database. Factoring in that most  political campaigns pay mightily for this kind of Voter Data.

Whereas Cambridge Analytica effectively “stole” this data and this undoubtedly gave Donald Trump yet another unfair advantage.

SA Foxx goes on to state:

  • combination of misappropriated data, psychographic profiling, and fake news enabled Cambridge Analytica—an overseas electioneering firm—to exert “significant influence on the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.


Now do you all get why this is so bad and why you should be reasonably upset?

This was done sans your expressed permission.

Cambridge Analytica took 270K profiles and “amplified” that original data set to a staggering 50,000,000. This is exactly what an “uneven” electoral playing field looks like.

Bottom line? Trump cheated.


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