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Commander in Chief? HARDLY

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Posted on November 20 2018

 Trump Commander in Chief?

HARDLY he attacks OUR Military


Full disclosure if you expect I’m going to be delicate or soft spoken about this entry, please prepare yourself to be hugely disappointed. Until Donald J Trump, when it came to our Country’s Commander in Chief, there was this unspoken reverence and deference given to our president. Again until Donald J Trump.

A few things about me, I am in no way a Military subject matter expert, as many of you may know I’m an Army Brat, heavy emphasis on brat. My grandfather is buried at Arlington National, both my father and two Brothers are West Point Graduates, and my sister retired as a Lt Col.

Go Army. Beat Navy. Inside joke but in all seriousness Army Navy football rivalry is all of good fun but my family takes it super seriously. I actually remember one Army Navy Game at Veterans Stadium, before they tore the old stadium down.  My dad woke us up just before zero-dark-thirty and told us it’s game day so “put on layers”. So long-johns under my jeans. Cool. Well until my mother intervened and made me add two layers of thermal underwear, tights, sweat pants and jeans. In hindsight I’m pretty sure it looked like a like a weeble-wobble, and yes of course my brothers laughed at me. But in the end, I had the last laugh, they froze their butts off while I was toasty warm. By way of background, I am:


Army Brat✔️

Stubborn AF✔️

Type A personality✔️

Suffice it to say I am not Military material, at all, much the overwhelming disappointment of my family. 

What some of you may not know is growing up in a Military family, means strict adherence to rules, schedules, utmost respect authority and protocols such as the chain of command. As a kid there was one phrase I hated but also loved: “squared away”. Arguably this might explain why I was shipped off to boarding schools, yes plural schools. And yes my mother was the enforcer, Saturday morning inspections of our bedrooms. White Gloves to check for dust, quarters to bounce off of the bed (we were not allowed to leave our rooms in the morning unless our bed was made), a ruler to check the spacing of our hangers in our closets and spacing in our dresser drawers. We didn’t always live on a Military Base. Yet every morning my father would play “Reveille“ and in the evening we were required to stand to attention during “Retreat” lowering the flag.. 


It would be accurate to say I come from long line of Military service members. Who collectively served out country for >100 years. My spouse also comes from a Military family. Perhaps that explains why we see eye to on on The Military  and our Veterans. To say I take Donald Trump’s actions and vulgar words about our Military personally is a gross understatement. I’ve have tried to write this entry four times. And every time I’ve gone from pure disappointment to just plain rage. My hope is upon reading this entry you will understand why so many of us are just emotionally spent


Donald Trump - Respect for the Military?


After nearly 22 months as our Country’s Commander in Chief ask yourself has Trump visited any US Troops currently deployed to a war zone?

Has Trump, you know the guy who’s obsessed about looking and acting “strong, strongly, bigly strong” been boots on the ground to bolster troop morale?

Moreover do any of you believe that Donald J. Trump has even bothered to read the United States Armed Force, Code of Conduct (CoC), most recent CoC found here 


For example on then President Obama made a surprise visit to our Troops deployed to Baghdad Iraq. His unannounced visit occurred on April 7-9, 2009, less than 3 months after his inauguration. See Huffington Post Article here. Much like his predecessor, President Bush made numerous visits to our Troops deployed overseas, he regularly visited Iraq, Afghanistan and South Korea, to name a few. One of the more notable visits occurred in 2003 when President Bush made an unannounced visit to  have Thanksgiving with our Troops.

This We Are Mighty Link will take you to the aptly entittled Article:


27 Times The Commander in Chief...

...visited a combat zone.

It’s a worthwhile picture essay of the various visits by our past Presidents to boost the morale of our troops.

Over all I like to think, that until Donald Trump all of our previous American Presidents understood the awesome responsibility that comes with being Commander in Chief. And each of our former Presidents approached global conflict with the understanding that they were sending someone’s daughter or son into harms way and it was a sobering decision. That required due diligence, collaboration between Military leaders, our collective Intelligence Community and National Security Council. That the president of the United States of America did not make a rash decision in the narcissist vacuum of how it would “look” for them and what the political expediency would be. That a sitting president understood the totality of their actions and their words. And then came Donald Trump.

Frankly it is hard to say if Donald Trump possesss the mental faculty muchless the “respect” of the Office he temporarily holds. For the better part of Trump’s twenty two months, the level of mendacity and indifference to his responsibilities as POTUS and Commander in Chief, it’s not just disappointing it is vulgar. As evident in Trump’s ill thought out LGBTQ Ban on the Military, you can read more here.

I really do not think it’s a stretch to say that Trump actually tweeted out a “new” Department of Defense Policy and I genuinely believe Trump thought that would fly. More on Trump’s Twitter DOD LGBTQ Ban found here.



I’ve previously discussed Trump’s DDD Strategy, found here. However the incomprehensible level of sheer incompetence and indifference, which regularly spews from Trump’s twitter account on a hourly basis. Thus his hate and ignorance flows out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at breakneck speed and reaching the deepest sewers in DC & in our society writ large. It is just another example of how Donald Trump debases the Office of POTUS. And how devastatingly unfit he is, proving once again Donald Trump is an UnAmerican President.


But sure let’s talk about some actual numbers:


669 days in Office*


212 Days spent at Trump Properties* 


161 Days at Trump Golf Properties*


*source nbc news golf tracker

 According to TrumpGolfCount Donald Trump has golfed an estimated 149 rounds of golf and it’s cost us, the American Tax Payer some $80,000,000.00 talk about a waste of tax payer funds, given that between the US Secret Service and State and Local Law Enforcement (S&LLEO)  that cost is probably substantially higher. I was unable to locate Open Source data aggregating the additional cost for S&LLEO. Over the past few months I’ve sent numerous FOIA request to the following S&LLEO:

Virginia State Police

New York State Police

New Jersey State Police

Florida State Police...


I also went as far as submitting multiple FOIA request to the local County/City police and/or sheriffs departments. Unfortunately I walked away from some of the FIOA request because of Cost were prohibitive. Responses from these S&LLEO ranged from $250-$519, per request. This was further exasperated by many of the State/Local agencies were unwilling to approve my request to defer FOIA cost. That said this is somewhat important, if you happen to live in a State where Donald Trump owns & regularly visits his golf courses, you (like myself) are on the hook for covering his “police escort” so in essence you’re getting a double Trump-Whammy.  Not awesome.


 The Caravan of “illegals”....

In an actual gross display of Trump’s abuse of power, he with great fanfare and amplification by FoxNew (info wars light) InfoWars, and dozens of Alt-Right “media” organizations pushed his “newest” conspiracy that the massive group of “invaders” were on the actual doorstep of our Southern Border. For the Record I am NOT an open borders, mass illegal immigration or abolish ICE tax payer. I am unapologetically a DACA supporter and a REAL path to citizenship. Oh sure some on twitter call me a “leftist” or “libtard” or “Establishment Democrat” or whatever iteration of insults they think will bother me. I like to think it’s common decency and compassion, perhaps Trump and his rabid supporters should give it a try.

If you have time, I highly recommend you watch this Vice News segment. The Department of Defensd and the US Army allowed their film crew access and it’s a worthwhile segment to watch. 🚨spoiler Trump used the Military to “bolster” his newest conspiracy. Unfit. Unhinged. UnAmerican President. And it’s not like I haven’t had a thing or twenty to say about Trump sending the Active Duty Military to our Southern Border, incidentally Trump sent Troops to the wrong location. The caravan had always shown it was headed towards the California/Mexico border. But facts are pesky little things that get in Trump’s hateful “policies”.



Trump’s truncated list of insults & lies

about our Military and Veterans


The long and seemingly never ending list of the numerous times Donald Trump has attacked and insulted the Military. This is just a short list of verifiable facts when Donald Trump let his mask slip and it revealed the REAL Donald Trump. He doesn’t respect the Military, our Military leaders, our Gold Star Families or our Veterans & their families:


July 18, 2015 in Iowa, Trump stated the following about Senator John McCain

“He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.”


July 29-30, 2016: Mr & Mrs Khan, Gold Star parents who’s son, Captain Humayun Saqib Muazzam Khan, died protecting his our Country. Captain Khan was posthumously awarded a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. I’d encourage you to read Captain Khan’s biography. Donald Trump attacked this Gold Star family and he’s never paid  a political price for this disgusting act of cowardice. And then Donald Trump tweeted this:



To say Donald Trump hold animus for people who practice the Muslim Faith, it’s an incontrovertible Fact, while on the campaign trial Trump recited this fringe conspiracy about General Pershing, bullets and pig blood. I don’t know what to call it, other than a lie...


Also in 2016 Trump attacked and denigrated “General John Allen for having "failed" in the battle against the Islamic State”, going so far as to say the following about (ret) General Allen, as reported by Politico:

“They had a general named John Allen. I never met him, and he got up and started talking about Trump, Trump, Trump,” 

“You know who he is? He’s a failed general. He was the general fighting ISIS. I would say he hasn't done so well, right?” Trump said.


Then in August of 2017, Donald Trump decided to double down on this blatant and disgusting conspiracy theory about General Pershing, pigs blood and bullets:



This past summer I created a mini thread honoring just a handful of Military Service Members who were killed in action. The catalyst for that thread was the Supreme Court Ruling, upholding the “Muslim Ban” and I had reached a point where I was sick of Trump and the GOP castigating Soliders who happen to practice the Muslim Faith. They died in service to our Country and their families paid a price that we as Americans can’t pay back. Beyond being grateful to their sacrifices.



I am unapologetically of the belief that if an immigrants emigrates to our Country and they love our Country that much that they decided to enlist, then we should grant them citizenship. Irrespective of their immigration status. As far as I am concerned if you are willing to put your life on the line to protect our Country you should automatically become a US Citizen.




October 17, 2017 during an interview with Sean Hannity at Pennsylvania Air National Guard in Harrisburg, PA, while ripping NFL players Constitutional Right to peacefully protest the inequalities faced by people of color by law enforcement and our judicial system, Trump goes on to “joke” about “Revelry”.  What is stunning to me is the lack of situational awareness but it amazes me that:

1) Trump has/had zero idea about the protocols for “Retreat” this Joint Base Andrews Air-force link explains protocols and etiquette.

2) Trump and Hannity didn’t stop the interview to show proper respect of “Retreat”


October 23, 2017 Army Sgt La David Johnson, who was killed in action. WWatching Sgt Johnson’s pregnant wife cry over the casket of her husband, who died as an American Hero, it felt like a gut punch. Shortly thereafter Donald Trump in an attempt to convey the Country’s gratitude and condolences, made Sgt Johnson’s widow feel disrespected. It doesn’t matter if Trump intended to disrespect Sgt Johnson, what matters is his wife felt disrespected. That distinction was completely lost on Trump and his Chief of Staff General Kelly. Who in turned outright lied about Representative Frederica Wilson. By all accounts Sgt La David Johnson was an incredible man, husband, father and soldier, as articulated in his biography  Yet once again Trump made it about him versus honoring and respecting one of our soldiers that died fighting for our Country. 


White House Veterans Hotline:

Off the top I should probably acknowledge that the “concept” is laudable the issue (as is always the case with the Trump Administration) the actual execution of the “concept”. The Trump Administration touted their “crisis hotline”. During the 2016 Presidential Election, on July 26, 2016 Donald Trump declared:


“I will create a private White House hotline – that is answered by a real person 24 hours a day – to make sure that no valid complaint about the VA ever falls through the cracks,” Trump said. “I will instruct my staff that if a valid complaint is not acted upon, then the issue be brought directly to me, and I will pick up the phone and fix it myself, if need be.”  


“VA declared it fully operational in November. It can be reached at 855-948-2311.” I’d argue that the hotline itself doesn’t do what it’s purported to do. Why? I tried to call the hotline and was put into a hold pattern for >5 minutes. The entire concept of a crisis hotline is, the caller immediately reaches a “properly trained” professional who knows how to manage someone who is in crisis. In July 2018 Stars & Stripes wrote an excellent article about the White House Veteran’s Hotline, Link found here as noted in the Stars & Stripes Article:


The VA maintains one call line for benefits questions, 800-827-1000

one for health care questions, 877-222-8387

online account problems, 800-983-0937

burial eligibility information, 800-535-1117.

VA Inspector General’s Office has its own hotline to receive VA complaints, at 800-488-8244.

The U.S. Office of Special Counsel has a hotline, 800-872-9855, to document employee retaliation issues at the VA.


That said one should ask what is the REAL purpose of the Whitw House Veterans Hotline? Was it worth the $2,277,905.00 (obligated appropriations) worth the cost of the delays? Should a reporter be interested in chasing down the Whitw House Veterans Hotline, I’ve embedded the Contract Vechile and Award Number below.


Parent Award ID - GS00T07NSD0007

Award ID 36C10A18F0409


Based on the Veterans Administration June 2018 Suicide Report everyday we, as a Country lose at least 20 veterans to suicide. Since the Trump Administration “delay” one could argue 20 suicides per day x 365 = 7,300 Veterans x 2 years. Netting 14,600 Veterans who took their own lives.

When Donald Trump “thinks” he’s been slighted he “punches back” the reality is Trump punches down. He’s the freaking president of the United States of America, he needs to start acting like it. But in true Trump-Tackiness he continues to sling mud at OUR venerable Military Leaders, like Admiral McRaven.

For the record you should watch this May 2016 interview discussing the successful raid of Osama Bin Ladin:


You should also read McRaven’s August 2018 Washington Post OpEd, it brutal but absolutely and objectively fair.

Therefore, I would consider it an honor if you would revoke my security clearance as well, so I can add my name to the list of men and women who have spoken up against your presidency.

Like most Americans, I had hoped that when you became president, you would rise to the occasion and become the leader this great nation needs.

In October of 2018 Trump went on to say General Mattis “is a Democrat”. 

Trump falsely attacked his generals in the Yemen raid that resulted in the death of Senior Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens. Trump stated ‘They lost Ryan’


The fact that Donald Trump essentially LIED to Fox New’s Chris Wallace about why he couldn’t be bothered to have his motorcade drive him the <5miles to Arlington National Cemetery to give thanks and honor the thousands of Men & Women and their families who paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to our Country, it is the single most UnAmerican Act Trump has engaged in:



For the record I slept a whole lot better at night knowing that Military leaders like Hayden, McCain, McRaven, Hertling, were advising both President Bush and Obama. I don’t know who’s really advising Trump but not a day goes by where I think to myself: great who is Trump going to pick a fight with today.

The issue I personally have is Trump continues to draped himself in the Military, this link will take you to Trump’s twitter archive of the 339 separate tweets about “his Military”. This twitter archive link will take you to the 24 Osama Bin Laden Tweets.

Last night CNN’s Briana Keilar issued a stunning but factually based rebuke of Donald Trump, in case you didn’t know she married to a Active Duty Military Officer. So her segment was exceptionally powerful:


Also let’s not forget about Trump’s Mar-A-Largo Shadow VA Cabinet or the rampant fraud Trump’s charitable foundation engaged in, you can read more here or the impermissible use of Trump’s Foundation and Veterans, more can be found here.


Bottom line is Trump is beyond unqualified to be our Commander in Chief, Trump does not respect nor command respect. Trump is a small minded hateful unhinged piece of shit and an umAmerican and unPatriotic President. Until Donald Trump starts showing respect for the Office he temporarily holds, I have zero obligation to respect him. Trump lies on a pathological level, he’s a self serving narcissistic sociopath who likely conspired with a known foreign adversary and has engaged in a protracted Cover Up. I owe him nothing beyond an F to the U because Donald Trump is a proven Fraud and ConMan and he is so unworthy of the Office of President of the United States. He is unworthy of being the Commander in Chief to the greatest Military on Earth and he’s certainly unworthy of speaking for All Americans. I DO NOT CONSENT. nor will I yield to the most corrupt and morally bankrupt presidential administration in modern history. Trump wants Respect, FINE he needs to earn it.

 -Spicy Out.

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