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Comey & Boente & DOJ Classified Documents

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Posted on May 11 2018


Dana James Boente


  • January 23, 2018 - Federal Bureau of Investigation, General Counsel
  • US Attorney, EDVA*
  • January 30, 2017, appointed by Trump as Acting Attorney General
  • Acting Deputy Attorney General
  • And Acting head of DOJ National Security Division.


Dana Boente is in the very center of the Judicial F5 Tornado swirling around the Trump Administration. I’m still curious why Boente appears to have withstood the nonstop attacks by Trump and his surrogates. With respect to Boente, there are seceral interesting data point that often get glossed over:


January 13, 2017 a mere 7 days before President Obama’s term ended, he quietly changed the Department of Justice’s Order of Succession via Executive Order Number 13762. Effectively pulling Boente from the Order/Line of Succession. See the EO via the Federal Register Link, here.



 On March 10, 2017 the legal community and most Americans were a bit aghast. Trump instructed Attorney General Sessions to pink notice 46 AUSAs.


Not surprisingly  AUSA Preet Bharara made a name for himself. He prosecuted several high profile cases, Bharara personally met with Trump, who previously gave AUSA Bharara assurances that his job was secure. This is somewhat important because the SDNY handles a lion share of financial crimes. Not the least  of which Deutsche Bank,JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, etc.  As expected Bharara’s firing dominated the 48 hours cable feeding fest.


What was overlooked:

There were two “resignations” Trump refused to accept, yes you are reading that correctly. When Rod Rosenstein and Dana Boente tendered their resignation to AG Sessions...wait for it...


This CNN Article regarding DOJ Resignations from two prosecutors, acting deputy attorney general Dana Boente and his permanent replacement, Rod Rosenstein, were declined by Trump” is only 3 “news” articles my searches found.


April 11, 2018 Maddow 

  1. Who misclassified Boente’s handwritten notes?
  2. What was the rationale, conversely we known Dir Comey was an “original classifier”
  3. Was this classification at the behest of the White House?


And over 30 days later still nothing from the’s almost as if the DOJ has something ti hide or they are caught in the crossfire with Devin Nunes art Gs helm.


Yesterday Democrats on the House Oversight Committee dispatched a brutal letter to the DOJ regarding the “questionable” classification of Boente’s handwritten notes related to (Frm) Director Comey’s contemporaneous notes about president Trump.

The Minority Members are once again requesting  Chairman Trey Gowdy use his subpoena to compel the Department of Justice (DOJ) to produce documents it continues to withhold. Regarding the “improper classification of handwritten notes taken by top Justice Department official Dana Boente memorializing his conversation with then-FBI Director James Comey about President Donald Trump.” Link to their letter here


“It is unclear who at the Department of Justice tried to improperly classify these notes, but it is an abuse of the classification system to try to classify information merely to conceal information from the American people for political reasons, and the Department of Justice is obstructing our investigation into this abuse by withholding these documents from Congress...” (emphasis added)


Our Committee has jurisdiction over federal records and has previously investigated abuses of the classification system to improperly conceal information from the American people,” 


And then Rep Cummings went there and by “there” I mean Benghazi. Let’s be intellectually honest, Rep Gowdy & Cheffetz wasted millions of dollars on that actual Witch Hunt:


As you once stated on national television during the Benghazi investigation: ‘[T]here is an over classification to protect people’s reputations and careers.  And that is not a legitimate reason to classify a document, just because you are worried that it may hurt feelings or impact your career’.”


This clip of Maddow & O’Donnell & Wittes explains the significance and totality of the DOJ, Boente’s contemporaneous hand written notes. While addressing the potential problematic implications of someone inside the DOJ mis-classification of Boente’s notes. 


And lastly, I think it’s safe to surmise this is Trump’s AND Putin’s playbook:

  1. Lie, lie and lie some more
  2. Accuse others of the very actions you are doing
  3. Emtionally abuse Americans, Government Institutions aka “deep state”
  4. Use his social media to literally scream from the bully pulpit
  5. Press on the partisan divides to pit Americans against each other 
  6. Wash, Rise and Repeat.

The sad part is this Trump’s scorched earth tactic is actually working. In recent polling numbers vast majority of Republicans believe a pathological liar who is an unabashed conspiracy theorist and unrepentant disinformation active measures machine. It’s mind blowing that Trump’s approval numbers are increasing and approval of the Special Counsel Investigation dropped by double digits. See CNN poll numbers, here

My point is, stay woke. Stay Skeptical and for Lordy sakes use your noodle to make an informed decision. 

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