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Yang Happy Endings = SUBPOENAS

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Posted on May 30 2019


Cindy Yang, you get a Subpoena.


Mar a Largo, you get a Subpoena.


Trump Victory, you also get a Subpoena. 


Some of the best reporting comes from actual local reporters. Their hard work and stellar pulse on the community is often overlooked. It shouldn’t be. Given Trump’s ascension to the highest Office in our Country, I specifically renewed my digital subscription to the Miami Herald. Why? Simple Mar A Largo, that’s why.

The Miami-Herald recently published one of the most fact filled articles I’ve read in a long time. If you want to know what hard hitting, dogged pursuit of facts and then reporting said facts, absent undue political or personal bias then you need to read this article. These three Miami Herald Reports did a phenomenal job. They have been consistently ahead of their peers. Especially on the Epstein matter and the unholy land of corruption drowning Mar A Largo. That not even a fortified sea wall can prevent that gaudy palace of corruption to sink in to the Ocean.


Federal prosecutors demand Cindy Yang records from Mar-a-Lago, Trump campaign
Their article is a worthwhile read.

Federal prosecutors in Washington D.C. this week sent subpoenas to Mar-a-Lago, President Donald Trump’s private club in Palm Beach, and Trump Victory, a political fundraising committee, demanding they turn over all records relating to Republican Party donor Li “Cindy” Yang and several of her associates and companies, the Miami Herald has learned.


If past is really prologue then I certainly think there is a reasonable expectation that Trump might in fact fight the subpoenas vis-à-vis Mar A Largo, whereas the Trump Victory Fund is a joint RNC & Trump “venture”. Although it wouldn’t shock me if the Grifter In Chief found a way to have the RNC and their donors pay for all the legal fees. Grifters gotta Grift. Mob. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. That dirty money isn’t going to launder its self.




Because here’s why this new probe with the DOJ Public Integrity Unit taking lead, with the assistance of the FBI...could be a new headache for Trump. And sure it would be reasonable to argue “leave Brittany alone” given that Trump is by far the most vexatious litigant in modern history. My educated guess is Trump will move to quash said subpoenas.


If you recall, back in October 2018 Trump and a 60 Minutes Anchor had one super testy exchange. The Guardian published a “mash up” on their YouTube Channel shortly after the Interview was released:



As many of you know the FEC is a public database and it’s easily accessible. The State of Florida is colloquially known as the “sunshine state” because their records disclosures are some of the most transparent in the Country.


My red line of ethical and Professional Conduct remains the same:


I do not dox. I do not condone doxxing, at all. I do have any intent of lower my standards by doxxing random individuals. The only time I share an address is when I know 100% that it’s an actual business address versus a business run out of someone’s home. My personal mantra and standards are unwavering.

Doxxing is terrible and those who dox are in fact using actual Active Russian Measures. More precisely silent decomposition tactics. When you dox someone it also causes a ripple effect. Don’t be a douche nozzle and dox political donors. Take the time to redact a person’s actual home address. 


Li Yaun “Cindy” Yang


Perhaps the following data has already been widely reported. Nonetheless it seems important to drill down and provide you with original documents. Thus enabling you to have more facts concerning LiYuan “Cindy” Yang.

For example her WOMEN'S CHARITY FOUNDATION, INC. - was previously known as:



According to the State of Florida Corporation Commission Records on September 28, 2018 Yang filed a “Change of Name” and attached an amended “Articles of Incorporation” (AoI). 


As some of you know, I consistently reach for AoS - because that is one document that discloses static data points, such as  Board Members, Organization Procedures. In this instance the AoS disclosed there are three Board of Directors for Yang’s “Charity”:


  • Li J Yang (she has a lot of aliases, thus far I’ve identified 4)
  • Guiying Zhang
  • Xiangqin Qu


I’ve also stated that FEI/EIN Number rarely change, whereas the entity’s name can change. Hence when researching its best to use “static” data. 


Women's Charity Foundation Inc


EIN: 47-4786451 | Palm Beach Gardens, FL, United States


What I found interesting about LiYaun Yang’s not-for profit is it was originally incorporated in Florida circa August 2015, yet less than six weeks later she filed the aforementioned Name Change. See Florida Division of Corporation filing for Yang’s Charity below. 

01/28/2019 -- ANNUAL REPORT
01/29/2018 -- ANNUAL REPORT
01/28/2017 -- ANNUAL REPORT
01/18/2016 -- ANNUAL REPORT
🔹09/28/2015 -- Name Change🔹
08/10/2015 -- Domestic Non-Profit



As the “official” Florida State recorded show Yang’s organization filed as a “not for profit” in 2015, yet it wasn’t until December of 2017 that Yang’s organization filed their “application” with the IRS. Furthermore the IRS made the determination in their January 4, 2018 letter to Yang that her organization was “officially” a 501-c-3.




The full text of the IRS January 4, 2018 letter to Cindy Yang, informing her that the IRS made a final determination with respect to her 501-c-3 application. The IRS approved her 501-c-3 status. Moreover Yang’s Charity disclosures during 2017 and 2018, respectively show income less than $50,000 per annum. Meaning based on IRS statutes Yang only needed to file a tax return Form 990-N. You can pull down Yang’s IRS filings for her “Charity” via this IRS-Database.



Guiying Zhang(FuFu) + Yang = Trump for President


Now this is where things get slightly complicated but it is important to unweave the Cindy Yang apparatus. Because in order to ensure you have all relevant parties, that requires a much deeper and often complicated dive. Remember the names I highlighted in the Yang Charity? Or the narrative Yang proffered that she is no longer connected to her “massage parlors” that she “gave up the companies (FuFu International Spa)  and sold them off in 2012”:


Yang and her public relations strategy is nonsense.


As previously asserted and later affirmed by both the IRS and FL databases, we know “who” serves on Yang’s Charity’s Board of Directors. According to the FL database: FUFU SPA & MESSAGE, LLC filed their Articles of Incorporation on November 13, 2012 (at 8AM). On November 26, 2012 the name was formally changed to FUFU INTERNATIONAL, LLC. See below for links to the FL database. ]

🌶Also see the Fuming Yang name, on page 2 of the 2012 Articles of Incorporation?  Put a pin in that name, based on my research that appears to be an alias for Li “Cindy” Yang or simply another family member. That matters because Fuming Yang also donated to Trump Victory and I do not think anyone caught that donation to Trump Victory.


01/29/2018 -- ANNUAL REPORT
01/28/2017 -- ANNUAL REPORT
01/18/2016 -- ANNUAL REPORT
01/06/2015 -- ANNUAL REPORT
🔹 11/26/2012 -- LC Name Change 🔹
11/13/2012 -- Florida Limited Liability




FEC Donations




I ran a few FEC queries using partial names and other criteria. I search record from 1979 to present. From 1979 to 2017 Guiying Zhang has never donated to any Federal Election, period. On February 26, 2018 she made three unique donations to two separate Trump entities, as detailed below


  1. Trump Victory 2/26/2018 $5,400 donation
  2. Donald J Trump for President Inc, 2/26/2018 two $2,700 donations 



Li J Yang also known as LI JUAN YANG - similar to her business partner Li “Cindy” Yang has not donated to a Federal Election. I ran searches for 1979 to present. Although there was “another” Li J Yang, that did donate to other Federal Campaigns, the research shows it’s not the same Li “Cindy” Yang. I made that determination largely based on address provided and cross reference with “employer”...


Li “Cindy” Yang made a total of five separate donations. 

🌶Because this is where my proof in concept and my tenacity comes to life. Remember how I said Fuming Yang is likely an alias for Li “Cindy” Yang or a close family member? And this is why I’ve consistently stated Articles of Incorporation are particularly important.

Tokyo Beauty and Massage School, incorporated in FL on May 5, 2011. 


On October 11, 2017 Tokyo Beauty & Message School, LLC  filed with the Florida Division of Corporations “change in agent” from Li “Cindy” Yang to Fuming Yang. Confused yet? Don’t be the next FEC Report will explain why I took the time to walk you through Tokyo Beauty & Massage School. Fuming Yang is “Cindy” Yang’s mom.



On November 21, 2017 Li “Cindy” Yang made three separate donations to Trump Victory. For a total amount of $23,500.

On February 20, 2018 Fuming Yang made a $5,400 donation to Trump Victory.

On February 17, 2018 Li “Cindy” Yang made a $2,700 donation to Trump Victory. 

On March 5, 2018 Li “Cindy” Yang made a $5,400 donation to Trump Victory.


My point is it appears Yang et al  have many companies, of which her Parents and Husband are officers and subsequently donated a decent amount of money to Trump’s Presidential Campaign and Trump Victory. All of these donations occurred in late 2017 and early 2018. See a partial list of companies and FEC filings below.


TOKYO NAIL SPA INC 47-5061649, which changed its name in 2016

GY US INVESTMENTS LLC 82-3737933 - based on further research and Open Source Report Li “Cindy” Yang and Zubin Gong (her husband) used this business entity to “market” towards Chinese Nationals for access to Trump. Yang’s husband also donated to Trump’s Presidential Campaign and Trump Victory



Subpoena the CPA forthwith


But if I were to go for the money shot - I’d subpoena the ____ out of the accountants. Of all the various “corporations” linked to Li “Cindy” Yang et al, they all share the same accounting firm. Which means the accountants might be rather valuable as it relates to documents and finances.

If I wanted to honor the DC “stab you in the front” mantra, then I’d subpoena the bank records for each of these businesses. Something tells me there might be a few SARs (or 39+) because these types of business are primarily cash based businesses. I’d also put even money on if investigators start following the money in/out trail there will undoubtedly be some there there. In my industry we tend to find the common denominator. Once you identify it then you hold the line and let subpoenas fly...




In December of 2018 this entity also changed its name to Zhang & Associates


Thus far Zhang & Associates is the Accounting Firm of record for the aforementioned business





I mean this is just a small smattering of Open Source research I did after a long arduous day at work. Just imagine what my output would be like if I’m using the resources I have for my job and/or being paid to do this kind of research.../snort


 And I can’t help but wonder how soon will Yang be charged with: FARA, FEC, Wire/Mail Fraud...because it sure seems that Mar A Largo is ground zero for Money Laundering, Foreign and Domestic Emoluments Violations, unjust enrichment...also I’m wondering if Trump has figured out he has $270,000 in problems from a Canadian Pot Company, who’s three C level executives have DEEP ties to Deutsche Bank. Whoopsie Daisy. (yes I have those receipts too) xo SpicyFiles 



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  • Marie G: June 07, 2019

    I am slowly catching up on the heavy reading here, thank you, Spicy. I can’t tell you what runs through my head when I see updates to Yang, et. al stories.

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