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Cambridge Analytica Senate Hearing

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Posted on May 16 2018


Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower

goes to DC Thunderdome and blows sh!t up..



Cambridge Analytica PAC? See here 

Cambridge Analytica and SCL, here  


Facebook statement regarding Cambridge Analytica



From Mr Wylie’s written statement:


Breitbart Doctrine, which posits that politics flows downstream from culture. Therefore, Mr Bannon sees cultural warfare as the means to create enduring change in American politics. It was for this reason Mr Bannon engaged SCL, a foreign military contractor, to build an arsenal of informational weapons he could deploy on the American population.

Mr Bannon wanted to use the same kinds of information operations tactics used by the military for his political aims in the United States and elsewhere.


CA was created as the front-facing American brand to allow SCL to work in the USA. I was informed that this setup was largely to get around various electoral compliance and foreign agent restrictions in the USA.

CA did not have any employed staff, only an intellectual property agreement and data assets it received from SCL. SCL assigned all its intellectual property (“IP”) to CA and in return, CA licensed back this same IP and all CA clients would be handed to SCL staff.



Pages 3-8 SCL & Cambridge & Mercer:

in which Wylie pretty much states Mercer is in some serious bleep. The 10 page Bracewell Giuliani Legal Memorandum, prepared for Becky with the shittyhair and Steve “slovenly” Bannon c/o Cambridge Analytica, can be found in this previous entry, here

SCL and Mercer’s lawyers decided upon the setup. I later learned that one advantage of this complicated setup was that funds invested by Mr Mercer and his investment vehicles would not necessarily be considered declarable campaign contributions.

Rather, monies transferred for the firm’s research and development (“R&D”) would be classed investments not donations, even if that R&D ended up supporting political clients. This allowed the firm to develop IP worth far more than the value of each client contract it had with the campaigns it was supporting.

..majority of SCL staff were not American citizens. Although Mr Bannon was formally warned about the implications of using foreign citizens in US elections in a legal memorandum, the firm disregarded this advice and proceeded to install Alexander Nix, a British national resident in London, as CEO, and sent non-US citizens to
play strategic roles embedded in American campaigns.


🚩  was made aware of the firm’s “black ops” capacity, which I understood to include using hackers to break into computer systems to acquire krompomat  or other intelligence for its clients. The firm referred to these operations as “special intelligence services” or “special IT services”.


🚩 I have been told about and seen documents relating to several instances where SCL or CA procured hacked material for the benefit of its clients. Some of the targets of these intelligence operations are currently heads of state in various countries. Of concern, some of the former CA staff who worked on these projects currently hold senior positions in the British government.


🚩 I  have also seen internal CA documents that make reference to using specialised technologies and intelligence gathering services from former members of Israeli and Russian state security
Mr Bannon was Vice President at the time of some of these events.  ...recordings of SCL Group’s former CEO suggest that contact with Wikileaks began 18 months prior to the [2016] US election.

🚩I realise these are very serious allegations, and to be clear, I have already reported the matter to the UK National Crime Agency, which is co-ordinating a multi-jurisdictional investigation with their American colleagues in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”).
🚩 I have also been contacted directly by the FBI and the US Department of Justice, and I intend to fully co-operate with their investigations.
🇷🇺PROJECT RIPON 🇷🇺 basis of CA operations had declared funding from the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (“DARPA”)...CA specialised in disinformation, spreading...krompomat and propaganda. Using machine learning algorithms, CA worked on moving these tactics beyond its operations in Africa or Asia and into American cyberspace.



Project RIPON, unencrypted Data:


🚨 CA spending circa 1 million US dollars on this scheme. However, CA has a history of seeking out data with dubious provenance.... company contracted a partner firm in an attempt to acquire live Internet service provider (“ISP”) data to tacitly monitor the Internet browsing habits of voters in the Caribbean without their knowledge or consent.

🚨 ...stored or transmitted data in insecure formats, including files of hundreds of thousands of Americans’ data being passed around via unencrypted e-mails.CA also allowed access to its American datasets to external contractors, including senior staff from the company Palantir, which is a contractor to the US National Security Agency (“NSA”). To be clear, Palantir denies having any formal relationship with CA and states this work was apparently done in a “personal capacity”.



And predictably enter Russia:


🇷🇺Russian project had a particular focus on the “dark triad” traits of narcissism,   Machiavellianism and psychopathy. The Russian project also conducted behavioral research on online trolling....request for information from Lukoil executives in the spring of 2014, CA discussed with Lukoil its experience with foreign disinformation, rumour campaigns, microtargeting and its American data assets. Mr Nix also emailed me to say that he was passing on a white paper I wrote outlining the US project to the CEO of Lukoil.


 🇷🇺 ..there are reasonable grounds to suspect that (1) CA may have been an intelligence target of Russian security services at the time of Project Ripon,  (2) that Russian security services may have been notified of the existence of CA’s Facebook data and/or methods through CA’s frequent contact with Russian companies, and (3) that it was made known that certain data assets could have been accessed inside Russia or via accessing Dr Kogan’s work and computers using something as simple as a keylogger device (with or without his knowledge or consent).

🇷🇺Page 9 Paragraph 37, says it ALL🇷🇺


In short, Cambridge Analytica (1) used Russian researchers to gather its data, (2) openly shared information on “rumour campaigns” and “attitudinal inoculation” with FSB-linked Russian companies and executives, (3) pitched Russian-led profiling projects to its other clients, (4) contracted people who worked for pro-Russian parties in Eastern Europe with suspected Russian intelligence operatives, (5) referenced the use of former Russian intelligence agents in internal documents, and (6) went as far as to test American views on Vladimir Putin’s leadership.




I know this isn’t popular but I do have some concerns about I would caution you to take his oral an written testimony with a healthy serving of skepticism. During today’s hearing he made a lot of really BIG statements but when pressed on said statements, Wylie waffled. Also Sen Tillis can sit down and STFU, he’s closing comments about “the good of social media” may have been the catalyst for me breaking a coffee mug. That said, link to Wylie’s written testimony, here


Eitan Hersh Wriiten Testimony:


Full disclosure, I have my concerns about Hersh...when a witness’ second paragraph cites his book and admits he only used VAN data but then segways to:


Yolo calm the f down nothing to worry about with Cambridge Analytica.



For me that’s enough to read his 8 page written testimony in between dramatic eye rolling and gasps of WTFingF. His testimony is riddled with errors and omissions. And I can’t help but wonder why he’s going out of his way to downplay the Cambridge Analytica role or his prolific use of cherry picked articles from years ago. Frankly you need to read it yourself because by page 3 I was like...NEVER. EVER bring this guy in as a “expert witness” he’s on the sub-level of a certain dangle.



No really see pages 1 & 2 this is some grade -FFF:


Gawd it’s the Media's Fault  nothing to see here.


First, I will describe voter targeting practices. Based on the information I have seen from public reports about Cambridge Analytica, it is my opinion that its targeting practices in 2016 ought not to be a major cause for concern in terms of unduly influencing the election outcome.


Second, I will explain the gaps in our knowledge about the effects of social media-based targeting. Much more could be learned by impartial researchers to determine the power of targeting tools used in
the 2016 election and, more importantly, the landscape of targeting in the coming years. 

news media are prone to overstating the power and sophistication of campaign techniques, for at least three reasons. First, news readers are more interested in learning about the promise of technology than about its limitations.

Second, after an election, there is always a demand to figure out why the winning campaign won. The latest technology used by the winning campaign is often a good storyline, even if it’s false. Finally, campaign consultants have a business interest in appearing to offer a special product to future clients, and so they are often eager to embellish
their role in quotes to the media.




Senator Grassley’s statement

Link to his written statement, here

But if Chuck wants to go THERE, that’s cool I will too. Last month I created a thread concerning the UCampaign and I’m still curious why not a single lawmaker has requested testimony from this firm. Come on now. I did some research for you and so did NPR.



See today’s Senate Hearing twitter thread below 

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