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Posted on May 11 2018

Where is Cambridge Analytica



Facebook SAY what..are you really going to Roll Cambridge?


See embedded news articles linked to each Country listed below. Litterally Cambridge or SCL is everywhere 


I literally stumbled upon this New Zealand Academic Paper. The Author, Alistair Knott published this late last year and it’s probably one of the more intellectually honest presentations published regarding firms like Cambridge Analytica/SCL Group. If you have some time, I highly recommend you read his report. Full disclosure he does present some uncomfortable questions.

But his white paper is a worthwhile read & discussion to have

Uses and abuses of AI in election campaigns



Archive of Cambridge Analytica website




Suite of “services” offered by both Cambridge Analytica & SCL Group and Cambridge  Analytica 

Make America Number 1 (MAN1)


Like many organizations, Cambridge has a tendency of deleting various entries on their website. Case in point last night I posted about their Parent Company SCL Group, who was awarded a non-compete $500K State Department Contract. Said contract & Press Release has been deleted from their website.

Luckily the Internet Archive saved the MAN1 Case Study

CA – Make America Number 1 Case Study

MAN1 archived Case Study Link here 

 “The results of this campaign are staggering, with CA reaching 50 million Facebook users.”

  • creating 1.5 million impressions on Twitter
  • 3.3 million on Snapchat
  • 28 million views on their digital videos
  • millions more on ads expertly placed on the televisions of undecided voters across the country.


So much’s almost as if MAN1 is just a money laundering front for the Mercer Family.

Like washing money through Cambridge Analytica by way of MAN1 PAC by way of a SuperPAC by way of multiple Mercer Bannon “busines” Entities and that dirty money makes its way to a candidate.

Glittering Steele via Carson for America PAC, FEC Report here  

Cambridge Analytica Sen Thom Tillis


Remember my entry about Senator Tillis and his “early” adoption of Cambridge Analytica “micro-targeting”? He used Cambridge Analytica “MicroTargetting” services in 2013 to present, per his own FEC filings.

see link Sen Tillis Micro-Targeting FEC Filing 2013/15

see link Sen Tillis MicroTargeting FEC 2015/2016


See CA’s Sen Tillis Case Study Below

Cambridge Analytica Sen Tillis Case Study

  • Our telecanvassing program contacted 123,138 individuals
  • Increase in turnout of 12.57% among those called”
  • “Equivalent to over 15,478 voters
  • Thom Tillis won against Kay Hagan by two points, despite Nate Silver and the Washington Post predicting otherwise”

Cambridge Analytica –

John Bolton

A Psychographic Public Awareness Messaging Campaign”

You can review the archive of Cambridge Analytica Bolton “Case Study” via this link

Cambridge Analytica John Bolton Case Study ‘14

archived Link here 

  • CA leveraged its psychographic messaging capabilities by designing video ads that resonated with different personality types.
  • Highly agreeable viewers were shown an advert that downplayed political conflict and promoted peaceful security.
  • Whereas, highly neurotic viewers were shown an advert that highlighted the failures of recent national security policies.


Earlier today NPR published an extraordinarily detailed article about, Ambassador John Bolton, NRA’s (then president cica 2013) David Keene and Alexander Torshin. What was striking to me was the timeframe. Remember last week I ruminated that perhaps the MSM had their NRA timeline off by a few years, sure enough NPR sourced 2 videos circa 2013.  

See NPR article John Bolton, David Keene, Alexander Torshin & the NRA


 2013 video of John Bolton subtitled in Russian is INSANE




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