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Cambridge Analytica & SCL Bankruptcies June Update

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Posted on June 10 2018

as previously discussed in mid May 2018, intitial filing, here

and further updated on May 28, 2018 creditor matrix, found here

Alexander Nix June 6, 2018

...testifying before the U.K.

To say that this hearing between Alexander Nix & Committee members was contentious, might be a gross understatement. I’ve pulled some of the high/low lights for you.

Upon commencement of the June 6, 2018 hearing; Nix & MP Damien Collins went at it and by “at it” imagine two alpha-dogs fighting. Neither Collins nor Nix refused to yield to each other. For Nix, he had a prepared opening statement.

My assumption is Nix’s intent was to create and re-frame the erroneous narrative he thought occurred. Whereas PM Collins as the chairman of the UK Committee & other committee members had dozens of questions. Nix was determined to read his prepared statement at the strenuous objections of the Committee Chairman. The first four minutes truly set the tone for the next four hours. Brutal.

Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee


Damien Collins shut Nix down.

“I'm sorry, sir," Collins said. "It’s not your place to insist."

During the hours long testimony Alexander Nix, tried to paint himself as the “real” victim and that he nor his Companies engaged in any improprieties:

“I'm sorry if the members of this committee are unhappy with the outcome of the referendum. I'm sorry if the members of the committee are unhappy with Donald Trump being President of the United States,"

"But you can’t simply put forward your prejudices onto me and make sweeping assumptions about our involvement with a particular campaign simply because that’s what you want to believe."


To wit fellow U.K. Commissioner, Brendan O'Hara, member of the Scottish National Party said the following upon Nix’s pronouncement that he & his Companies are the real victims:


‘You have attempted to paint yourself as the victim....By no stretch of the imagination can you be seen as the victim."


Also you should probably read the written  testimony to the UK Parliament’s Fake News Inquiry of Brittany Kaiser, 8 pages in all. It’s clear tha Arron Banks and his “Big Dolphin Data”. It is pretty clear that the parallel U.K. and U.S Investigations have cast an incredibly bright spotlight on Big Data and the greater debate as it relates to Privacy Rights v Big Data.

With respect to Ms. Kaiser’s written testimony, I now refer you to pages 1 & 2, which reads in part:

He gave me his card and said, “Let me get you drunk and steal your secrets”. I didn’t call him.

When I originally spoke to The Guardian in March 2018, I provided relevant materials from my Cambridge Analytica inbox. I was locked out of my files, but later found an offline copy of my SCL inbox with further materials.

Cambridge Analytica was initially engaged with Arron Banks, Andy Wigmore and Matthew Richardson to design parallel proposals for Leave.EU, GoSkippy/Eldon Insurance and the UK Independence Party.


And this is where Ms. Kaiser’s written testimony becomes increasingly germane to recent disclosure and facts surrounding Briexit:


Our work for UKIP/Leave.EU was never reported to the Electoral Commission by the party, the campaign, or our company.

Arron Banks said, “It’s my data” – it seemed natural that he would use it across his initiatives.

I was also reassured by a legal opinion arranged by former UKIP party secretary Matthew Richardson from Philip Coppel QC to UKIP and Cambridge Analytica, an opinion which Richardson co-signed in a manner which seems somewhat unorthodox in retrospect. I am providing this document now...





See this twitter thread, which includes various legal filings, specifically the contract with Big Data Dolphins and Ole Miss University 



With respect to the ongoing Chapert 7 Bankruptcies, as a refresher, see the twitter thread that accompanied the May 28th entry. It’s a deeper dive into most of the creditors and accompanying data.


(You’ll have to trust me, there’s no Open Source Link to this filing. As you can see by the automated header, this was filed <3 minutes before midnight.

SDNY Bankruptcies Case No: 18-11500

I refer you to page 2, previously Alexander Nix had testified to the Parliament and subsequently provided several interviews to U.K. based press that Cambridge Analytica and SCL Group servers and laptops were NOT seized. Well that’s not their bankruptcy court filings state, which reads in part: w

The Schedules and Statements are unaudited. In addition, several of the computer servers (the “Servers”) containing the vast majority of the Debtor’s financial and other records that were located and maintained at the London offices of the Debtor’s affiliates in the United
Kingdom (the “UK”) that are currently in administration proceedings in the UK, were seized by the Information Commissioner’s Office of the UK (the “ICO”) on or about March 23, 2018.

Without access to the records and information contained on the Servers, the Debtor’s ability to provide complete and accurate Statements and Schedules has been significantly inhibited...

...which is subject to further review, verification and potential adjustment, there can be no assurance that the Schedules and Statements are accurate and/or complete.

included all of the information required by the Statements and
Schedules and may have improperly characterized, classified, categorized and/or designated one or more of the items on the Statements and/or Schedules

Is that Cambridge Analytica/SCL Group’s way of mitigating the $8.8Million in a “loan” from Emerdata before it entered administration & Chapter 7 Bankruptcies? During Alexander Nix’s oral testimony, he all but confirmed the $8Million. Interestingly enough in the Bankruptcy filings this “loan” is designated as: an unsecured “non-priority” loan. Meaning there’s zero obligation to repay that. 

Remember how I said that Cambridge Analytica was rolling the the money in 2016?Based on page 16 of the Statement of Financials, Cambridge & SCL disclosed, gross revenues of:

2018 = $2,865,605
2017 = $5,151,605
2016 = $25,299,213

Page 17 shows an estimated liability load of >$12Million 

I now refer you to page 30, in which Cambridge/SCL disclosed, $1,076,692.42


On page 31 they also disclose some $10,848,317.34 in liabilities to themselves.

See page 32...where Cambridge/SCL disclosed all pending legal matters, multiple civil lawsuits, multiple State AG lawsuits, the FTC Matter No 182307 - Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices, it should be noted that nothing appears in the FTC Docket, and I’ve searched. So put a pin in that FTC No 182307, I suspect we will soon hear much more on that in the coming weeks and months. Oddly though there’s zero disclosure of DAG Rosenstein, even though in their May 28th Matrix he was listed.



And moving along to pages 35 & 36. It amuses me that some still think that the Mercer’s have nothing to do with this Big Data Mining Company. Yet they refuse to acknowledge or read the Court filings, see kids it’s right there, who has custody of their servers and what changes they made to the Board shortly before the fecal matter hit the oscillator. 💥 bloop💥



Emerdata 2018 Bigly changes:

Largely unnoticed, earlier this year, Emerdata appears to have issued >2M shares and made a slew of changes new directors on its board.

And Emerdata subsequently issued an additional >500K shares but only reported the second issuance of shares on April 24, 2018


This includes the addition of Rebekah & Jennifer Mercer (yes Robert Mercer’s daughters). Both were named new directors on March 16, 2018:


And since the Mercer’s and Erik Prince always appear to be thick as thieves, Ermerdata also added Ahmad Al Khatib and Cheng Peng, yes the same Cheng Peng of Reorient Group. And for the full treason trifecta, Johnson Ko was also added to Emerdata’s Board in late January. Oddly enough Ko is Erik Prince’s business partner via Frontier Services Group. Oh what a very tangled web they weave? You can read all the aforementioned UK filings here

see UK 

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