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Posted on April 22 2018




FEC ID: C006746

Seriously I had to do a double take. Because on what planet does Cambridge Analytica think it’s even wise to create a SuperPAC? After the fifth time, checking my research I figure it’s pretty solid. So for those who are unaware, part of my methodology of researching is locking on to a “static” data piece.


For example:

  • when researching FARA I use the static FARA #.
  • researching real estate property, I lock in on the lot/plat #
  • FEC, I -always- lock in on the assigned FEC ID, versus Name


Imagine my “whatcha talkin’ about Willis” face when I literally stumbled upon Cambridge Analytica FEC SuperPAC ID: C006746.  The FEC Data shows in late March 2018, incidentally at the very height of the Facebook data Scandal, Cambridge Analytica SuperPAC officially filed their 5 page:


Cambridge Analytica SuperPAC 


filed with FEC on 3/28/2018


Here, I enlarged the screen shot for you... 



Based on the header, see the  upper right hand corner the SuperPAC electronically submitted their filing 10:02PM, EDT (FEC servers are on the East Coast).


So, let’s drill down on a few items, shall we?

  • domains
  • email addresses
  • signatory.

Domains:, Whois info here, gives a NEW business entity:

(yes I purposely redacted some PII) 👉🏻 GENIUSfile, L.P. 

So naturally I hopped on the State Of Hawaii's State Corporation Commission and sure enough 2 business entries for GENIUSfile, L.P.

But only 1 is active, here 


DCAA file for GENIUSfile LP confirms the signatory of the Cambridge Analytica SuperPAC is the same: RYAN M. AKAMINE

link to Hawaii DCAA filing here

the full GENIUSfile LP filing here 



Domain Whois Info, here which then yields another business entity, Boeckmann & Associates. 


Based on the research above, it’s safe to conclude that the Cambridge Analytica SuperPAC FEC filings and principal signatories are CPAs based in Hawaii.


Cambridge Analytica SuperPAC

FEC ID: C006746  page 2

The question is; who are the federal candidates the Cambridge Analytica the SuperPAC supporting? Notice they checked “plural” as in multiple federal candidates.


Cambridge Analytica SuperPAC

FEC ID: C006746  pages 3 

Edward Chase, Lordy which one?


Here’s what I found -interesting- I ran a few searches and by all appearances it appears:

Chase Accounting, Link here 

Edward Chase, Link here 

ChaseCorp Link here 

Chase Accounting, Edward Chase appears and appear to be the same corporation. I don’t know why this bugs me. But it strikes me as odd, beyond the Hawaii to Flushings connection and then the CEO bios seem, odd. See blow 

Links to Chase Accounting “our team” page, here 

Link to Edward Chase, CEO bio here, here 


Cambridge Analytica SuperPAC

FEC ID: C006746  pages 5

At this point I’m really not sure what I’ve uncovered beyond Cambridge Analytica created a SuperPAC at the height of the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal,

I would keep an eye on this particular SuperPAC.

To me it just screams something is off with this SuperPAC.


Link to Cambridge Analytica SuperPAC

FEC filings, here 

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