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Cambridge Analytica meet barrel

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Posted on May 12 2018

Oringinally posted March 27, 2018


Cambridge Analytica meet...

your atonement...

To those in the GOP, who used your services I hope you rot in jail.  



52 U.S.C. § 3012 and 11 CFR 110.20:

Foreign nationals are prohibited from the following election activities;

  • Making any contribution or donation of money or other thing of value, or making any expenditure, independent expenditure, or disbursement in connection with any federal, state or local election in the United States;
  • Making any contribution or donation to any committee or organization of any national, state, district, or local political party (including donations to a party nonfederal account or office building account);
  • Making any disbursement for an electioneering communication
  • Making any donation to a presidential inaugural committee.


Link to the GPO  for 52 USC §32101 HERE


Link to 11 CFR §110.20 Prohibition on contributions, donations, expenditures, inde- pendent expenditures, and disbusments  by foreign nationals  found HERE


In the coming days you will probably hear the term, “in kind donation” bandied about. An “ in kind” donation more broadly means “something of value”. For example; the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting “dirt on Clinton” should be construed as an “in kind donation”. Meaning the candidate may have not spent actual money. But they “received something of value”. A few additional examples of an “in-kind” donation: Political consulting services and/or Opposition Research. FEC Laws regarding In-Kind Donations, here 


Earlier this week, the Washington Post published an article expanding on the potential illegalities of Cambridge Analytica. See Washington Post March 25th Article, here


“Cambridge Analytica assigned dozens of non-U.S. citizens to provide campaign strategy and messaging advice to Republican candidates in 2014.”  


In 2014, Cambridge Analytica reportedly was “overwhelmingly staffed by non U.S. citizens.”


At least 20 employees worked in the United States on legislative and congressional campaigns and had involvement in “helping to decide what voters to target with political messages and what messages to deliver to them.”

Alexander Tayler, expressed regret over the firm’s handling of the Facebook data. In a tweet, he said, “As anyone who is familiar with our staff and work can testify, we in no way resemble the politically-motivated and unethical company that some have sought to portray. Our staff are a talented, diverse and vibrant group of people.”



Cambridge Analytica obtained a 10 page legal memorandum on July 14, 2016 from Bracewell Giuliani, memo here.

Based on the Washington Post Article  one can infer that the warnings where, largely ignored by certain members of Congress and by a SuperPAC (cough John “war monger” Bolton) and by a GOP PAC. The whole “oh hey I’m super sorry I didn’t know” defense will not work in the Court of Law and the Court of Public Opinion. Again Cambridge Analytica received a 10 page Legal memorandum explicitly detailing numerous  statutes.

To put it bluntly:

🇷🇺People need to go to JAIL🇷🇺



Which means for members of the  GOP who used Campaign Analytica services, specifically in 2014, please fasten your safety vest and kindly step into the barrel. Enjoy the ride. 

Today Rep Cummings and Rep Nadler sent the following letter to Dr Alexander Taylor, acting CEO of Cambridge Analytica DC. The point is, there could be Members of Congress, mainly GOP Members used or benefited from these prohibited “in kind” donations. As discussed earlier these “services” run a foul to our current Election Laws. Link to the Democrats Oversight Letter, here

These particular paragraphs in the aforementioned letter sort of smacked the taste out of my mouth:


“If true, these activities appear to violate a Federal Election Commission regulation that prohibits the participation of foreign nationals in ‘decisions involving election-related activities,’” the Ranking Members wrote.“

Despite these warnings, the firm reportedly gave its foreign national employees inaccurate immigration documents ‘showing that they were not there to work when they had arrived for the purpose of advising campaigns,’” (emphasis added)



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