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Butina & her May 17th “jail house” Interview

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Posted on May 21 2019

What. Fresh. Hell. Is. This??? 


A few days ago I updated Butina’s “Appeal” and provided other various updates. This link will take you to the 17 other various entries In retrospect I wish I would just ignore Butina. She’s like a black hole and sucks you in.

but here’s a follow up question. How did a Russian/Syrian “reporter” Alexander Ionov obtain the JailHouse Video of Butina?

I have scoured the intertubes and by all appearances this jailhouse interview appears to haven originated from this Instagram Account 

View this post on Instagram

Мы нуждаемся в вашей помощи! ❗️❗️❗️⚠️. 15 июля 2018 года по сфабрикованному обвинению в организации и проведении лоббистской деятельности в интересах правительства РФ была арестована и заключена в тюрьму Мария Бутина. По предъявленным обвинениям ей грозило до 15 лет лишения свободы. Не имея возможности в справедливом суде доказать виновность Марии, в угаре русофобских настроений и внутриполитических противоречий, американские власти поставили себе задачу сломить её, в результате чего суд приговорил Бутину к реальному тюремному сроку. Детали дела стали известны после открытой пресс-конференции, которую Мария провела из тюрьмы. Мы обращаемся к неравнодушным гражданам России оказать посильную финансовую помощь на оплату услуг американских адвокатов, к сожалению семья Бутиной не в состоянии покрыть этот долг. Дело Марии имеет особую важность, так как по прецедентному праву в США, любой намек на «лоббистскую деятельность» со стороны гражданина России теперь обернется реальным сроком от двух лет отбывания наказания в местах принудительного содержания. Это открывает существенные перспективы для давления на граждан России, где бы они не находились, ведь договор об экстрадиции с США подписан у большинства стран мира. Реквизиты по ссылке: 👈 Большое спасибо! С искренним уважением, Фонд Марии Бутиной и Международный Комитет защиты прав человека Поделитесь этим видео! 🙏🏻

A post shared by Alexander Ionov (@antiglobalist1) on


This is the translated Instagram page of the “friend” who posted the video...


See below for the English translation of his May 17, 2019 Instagram Post...the news originally hit the Associated Press newswire On May 19, 2019 which was picked up by other major American News Outlets like CBS News.



For the Record this is not the first time Iovono used his Instagram account to push Butina deza  & propaganda, See March 2019 Law & Crime Article:

The Butina defense fund isn’t Ionov’s first project within the United States. Since 2015, at least, his Anti-Globalization Movement NGO has offered organizing and financial support to various separatist movements–including the Texas Nationalist Movement.

Support for secession in Texas is decidedly a minority opinion–but with between one-fifth and one quarter of Texans voicing their support for the Lone Star State’s renewed independence over time, the idea should hardly be considered fringe.


As you know Butina was transferred from ADDC (Alexandria VA) to Grady County Jail (Oklahoma) on May 10, 2019...Grady County uses HomeWAV video service, according to the Grady County Sheriff’s Office and Jail’s website, even video visitors must file 12 hours in advance of said “video” visit.

What is odd to me is why transfer Butina to a County Jail, granted it isn’t unusual for the BOP to “contract” out to State and Local prisons. But the reality is we have a federal prison in Oklahoma City, it’s FTC...again it’s possible that the BOP FTC OK was at capacity and that’s why Butina went to a local “County Jail” but I want to know WHY Butina’s jailhouse interview was then used as propaganda.



It is not like Butina was talking in English...NYET. Listen if I were the  DC AUSA I’d be super pissed off because remember why Butina is in prison. As in she’s an admitted Russian Agent and why does she -purportedly now  have the “right” have Russian “reporters” conduct Jailhouse interviews. Do you NOT see the issue here? I do and I’m not exactly sure why this is okay or even remotely acceptable. 


According to the Jail’s Website and via LinkedIn (snort) Jim Gerlach, Warden Jail Administrator/Executive DirectorChickasha, Oklahoma


Warden / Executive Director Grady County Criminal Justice Authority

– Present 5 years 1 month Chickasha, Oklahoma

I serve as the Executive Director for the GCCJA Board and I am the Warden of the Grady County Criminal Justice Center. I operate a 641 bed organization within 3 facilities, Main Jail, South Unit and the East Unit. We are separate from Grady County as a Trust Authority with an annual operation budget of over 10 million dollars


Again the question (at least for me) why does our Media (in America) continue to run with this and directly or indirectly give Butina & her handlers amplification? And why in the world is Butina allowed to literally continue her subversion and propaganda from jail?

As a tax payer I find her ability to use our Judicial and Prison system to her benefit, super offensive. Given she’s once again asking for money to fund her legal expenses. I mean I’m pretty sure Driscoll could lock in a super lucrative TV “news” contact with RT - it’s not like he doesn’t make a lot of appearances on Fox-lite...yes that’s what I refer to RT as. Given last year the DOJ FARA unit required they register. 

Also remember that random twitter thread I did about Reston VA and FARA and some insufferable POS twitter doxxing troll lifted my work and started tweeting random utterly incoherent tweets (FYI said troll is like that in real life too...exhausting and dishonest) eventually I’ll get to the recent court decision on that FARA issue too but in the meantime I’m stuck in the vacuous black hole aka Butina. God can’t we just put Russian Ginger Kitty on a plane to the motherland and get her out of America? Is that really too much to ask for? Maybe the NRA or GOP can fund her legal defense fund...until then, oh so many questions.

I could be wrong but I wouldn’t be surprised if prosecutors file some kind of WTFingF Motion. For the record that’s not an actual legal filing or motion ...just in case you were pardon me I have some binge watching to do she bon bons to eat...snort 




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  • modernhomesla: May 21, 2019

    Just gonna give a quick “stab in the dark” here…

    Could it have possibly been MARY LOUISE KELLY from NPR?

    “Maria Butina In An Interview From Prison: I Question The U.S. Justice System”
    May 10, 20195:01 AM ET
    Heard on Morning Edition
    Convicted Russian agent Maria Butina is speaking out for the first time since her sentencing. Steve Inskeep talks to Mary Louise Kelly, host of All Things Considered, about her interview with Butina.

    And when u find out, can you also look into who set up the NPR video? Lately, finding MLK being a little off rails doing some Kremlin cut-out whitewashing. Maybe it’s me? lolol Today she *features Butte-erball-igieg.

    And seriously, didn’t want to give Ginger Kitty any airtime on Tweeker. Didn’t MSM do enough damage? But, seriously, Mic. TY. I would only air truth, and of sound mind and opinion.

    Hope you are good. So many miss you on Tweeker.

    Truly a National Treasure.


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