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Sunlight is the ONLY disinfectant - State Dept Whistleblower

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Posted on May 11 2018

Updated on May 10, 2018

-to include the 2012 The Whistleblower Protection Act (WPEA) and

-letter from Rep Cummings request for a Subpoena

-April 2018 letter to the State Dept

Democrats Foreign Affairs Committe Letter found here 

Sunlight is the ONLY disinfectant…


Originally posted on March 16, 2018.



There use to be a time that our State Department, career Diplomats, appointed diplomats and most certainly our Secretary of State were respected and thought of as a verenable Government Institution. And when an Ambassador or Secretary of State “spoke” other Nations knew said Diplomatic was speaking for Tha President of the United States. 


And then came Trump:


Some will argue that it takes time for Trump who is  “someone new” to politics to catch up. Frankly that notion is intellectually dishonest. We are >16 months in to this “so called” Administration. Every action Trump has taken increasingly makes our allies jittery.


Trump’s “I’m not going to telegraph what I am going to do”. Well based on Public Evidence, one could easily surmise that’s because Trump has no godly idea what he is doing, at all and it’s terrifying. This let reckless, let Trump be Trump?





Trump is a one man wrecking crew.



Diplomatically speaking: Trump has zero idea what he is doing



Trump's ‘America First” Doctrine:


  • What is Trump’s Foreign Policy?
  • What is Trump’s long term diplomatic strategy?
  • Who are our Allies, conversely who are our adversaries?
  • How will the Trump Administration forge new or improved relationships?
  • How will the Trump Administration deescalate nuclear proliferation?
  • When will we see any NEW import/trade deals?


I firmly believe that history will prove Trump has weakened America’s Global Position. Trump’s lack of any foreign policy doctrine is a kin to a political science degree from Trump University. The ugly reality is Trump’s incompetence, arrogance, nonsensical unpredictability, authoritarian tendencies  and possibly his undiagnosed Adult ADHD means, it will take decades to repair the damage he had done and is currently doing.


His utter Dereliction of Duty, his contempt for the three co-equal branches of Government and his disdain for  our Constitution, it’s just offensive. Case in Point, Trump is nominating Federal Judges like there’s a blue light K-mart fire Sale. Yet he has HUNDREDS of PAS (required Senate Confirmation) sans nominee or even a viable candidate. 


Trump has gutted the State Department:

At first I thought oh...he’s just super slow. Now that we are 16+ months in, NOPE, Trump is doing a power grab and centralization of power. 


  • According to the American Foreign Service Association, our Country has 188 Ambassadorships. Some of these positions are “career” versus appointed. Yet Trump has ONLY nominated 77. Meaning 111 VACANT Ambassadorships. Link found here.



AFSA complete list of Ambassadorial Positions

  • These positions are a mix of career diplomats and PAS (presidential appointment requiring Senate Confirmation)


  • There are dozens of key Ambassadorships, that Trump has failed actually nominate a candidate. Such as; South Korea, Middle East


  • as of February 21, 2018 Trump has only nominated 70, leaving some 118 KEY diplomatic post open. You can click on the link below to review what Positions Trump has nominated:





State Dept whistle blower:


We have obtained extremely disturbing new documents from a whistleblower

“indicating that high-level officials at the White House and State Department worked with a network of conservative activists to conduct a ‘cleaning’ of employees they believed were not sufficiently ‘supportive’ of President Trump’s agenda,”-Rep Cummings


“They appear to have targeted these staffers despite being fully aware that they were career civil service employees.


Despite the career employees expressing willingness to support the policy priorities of the Trump Administration.”


Wait Newt crawled out from under the rock?

Speaker Newt Gingrich, conservative activist Barbara Ledeen, (yes the SAME part time staffer from Sen Grassley’s Office who used Government resources to launch another investigation into Sec Clinton emails) and former Dick Cheney and John Bolton advisor David Wurmser.


Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and White House Liaison to the State Department Julia Haller forwarded the article to Nowrouzzadeh's new boss, Brian Hook, urging him to reassign Nowrouzzadeh.


The same day that the story about Nowrouzzadeh was published, White House and State Department officials were busy exchanging emails about Nowrouzzadeh. In one of them, Julia Haller, whose LinkedIn profile lists her as being a White House liaison to the State Department at the time, incorrectly claimed that Nowrouzzadeh "was born in Iran," adding: "upon my understanding [she] cried when the President won."


“This initial info is helpful," Hook replied after that response, along with background on Nowrouzzadeh's employment status, was relayed to him. Hook said he had "emailed friends who track the Iran deal for intel on her."


In one email Mr. Gingrich forwarded to Trump appointees inside the State Department:


Mr. Wurmser wrote: “Newt: I think a cleaning is in order here. I hear Tillerson actually has been reasonably good on stuff like this and cleaning house, but there are so many that it boggles the mind…”


State Department employees in derogatory and pejorative terms, including:

  • a leaker and troublemaker
  • “Turncoat”;
  • “associated with previous policy”; and
  • “Obama/Clinton loyalists not at all supportive of President Trump’s foreign policy agenda.”

Ranking Members Cummings & Engel

Release Whistleblower Documents via this letter:


Rep Cummings & Rep Engel Letter to White House and State Dept




Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act, 2012 

Public Law No 112-199

 Link the WPEA, here


Three MAJOR and significant procedural enhancements, include:

Expansion of Individual Right of Action Appeal. In 1989, Congress gave whistleblowers the option to pursue an individual right of action (IRA) appeal, i.e., an independent right to seek review of a Section 2302(b)(8) whistleblower retaliation claim at the MSPB, after exhausting administrative remedies at OSC. The IRA appeal option is available after 120 days have passed since the whistleblower filed a complaint with OSC, and an IRA appeal must be filed within 65 days of receiving an IRA rights letter from OSC (similar to an EEOC right-to-sue letter). Section 101(b) of the WPEA expands the IRA right to include most 2302(b)(9) reprisal claims, including:


Authorizing All-Circuit Review of MSPB Decisions in Whistleblower Appeals. Section 108(a) of the WPEA suspends the Federal Circuit's exclusive jurisdiction over whistleblower appeals from the MSPB for a period of two years, allowing petitions for review to be filed either in the Federal Circuit or in a regional federal circuit court of appeals.


Ensuring Due Process Rights at MSPB Hearings. Section 114 of the WPEA clarifies that in whistleblower appeals at the MSPB, an agency should not be permitted to present its affirmative defense (i.e., the agency would have taken the same personnel action for lawful reasons, independent of any retaliation against the employee for protected whistleblowing), until the whistleblower has had an opportunity to show that a protected disclosure was a contributing factor in the personnel action...



Additional Enhancements & Clarification


🚨 codifies recent precedent requiring a full and fair hearing in whistleblower retaliation cases and that an initial decision examine all the pertinent record evidence, rather than focusing on only the evidence supporting the ultimate conclusion reached. See Whitmore v. Dep't of Labor, 680 F.3d 1353 (Fed. Cir. 2012).

🚨 requires each agency to designate a Whistleblower Protection Ombudsman to educate agency employees about prohibitions on retaliation, and rights and remedies against retaliation, for protected disclosures. The Ombudsman, however, would not act as a legal representative, agent, or advocate of the whistleblower.


🚨 OSC Amicus Authority. Section 113 of the WPEA strengthens OSC's ability to protect whistleblowers by authorizing OSC to appear as amicus curiae in any WPA action brought in any federal court. Prior to this amendment, OSC was unable to participate as an amicus curiae in significant, precedent-setting cases at the Federal Circuit.

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