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Another MASS shooting another look at the NRA

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Posted on October 28 2018


Another shooting...


...DC thoughts & prayers, again


When I started this blog many months ago, (many thanks to Claude and the PAC for affording me this platform) I made a promise to my readers and twitter followers:


With every mass shooting, each time I would put my glasses on and pop to  examine the growing NRA dark money hood.”


Your obligatory disclosure, many years ago as a young Spicy, I did in fact work for the NRA. I worked in the grassroots department. Our job was to call NRA members and inform them about the various legislative agenda that -may- impact their Second Amendment Rights. I also enjoy shooting, specifically skeet shooting and i think I’m a pretty decent shot. If you think I’m a “pro-take” you guns person, understand I am not nor will I ever be the person advocating taking guns from lawful gun owners. The vast majority of responsible gun owners understand and respect the awesome responsibility that comes with gun ownership. 


Growing up my father repeatedly hammered in to me:

if you point a gun at someone you need to be prepared to take that person’s life,

if not are not okay with that responsibility then you should

1) never point a gun at someone if you are unwilling to take that person's life

2) nor should you own a gun.


This isn’t about “OMG the Government is going to take your guns”. What this IS about is the NRA is an extremely powerful “organization”. They spend millions in lobbying and funding of both federal and local candidates. The NRA, for those living in close to the Beltway has enormous power. At one point the NRA was considered a “mainstream” organization. Predictably (and understandably) the NRA has taken severe umbrage being referred to as a “terrorist organization”. The obvious solution is, if you do not like the (well earned) moniker, then perhaps the NRA should stop acting like a “terrorist organization” 

Granted some may argue that the designation of the NRA as a “terrorist organization” is misguided and wrong. In some respects they may have a point, because the reality is the term: terrorist organization immediately invokes strong emotion  and is invariably linked by a poltical agenda or association. For now we should set aside the feelings. From a strictly academic standpoint it would be best served to examine what our Country defines as a “terrorist organization”. 


Merriam-Webster defines Terrorism as:

(noun) the use of violent acts to frighten the people in an area as a way of trying to achieve a political goal


The current Editor-in-Chief of Black's Law Dictionary, Mr Brian A. Gardner last month tweeted the definition of: terrorism (obligatory caveat, Mr Gardner is not in any way saying the NRA is a terrorist organization, I am and so is the PAC)




According to  18 U.S.C. §2331(5) the definition of “domestic terrorism”:


(5the term ‘‘domestic terrorism’’ means ac- tivities that

A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;

(B) appear to be intended—

(i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;

(ii) to influence the policy of a governnment by intimidation or coercion; or

(iii) to affect the conduct of a govern- ment by mass destruction, assassination,or kidnapping; and

(C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.



Again one could intellectually argue that the “label” of the NRA as a Terrorist Organization is completely inappropriate. Conversely many gun owners, like myself find that increasingly the NRA conducts themselves like a “terrorist organization”. I still do not understand how the NRA has kept it tax exempt status and (jokingly) I anxiously await the Department of Justice to require the NRA Register and update their FARA filings.




Exhibit A 🇷🇺NRA Ad 2017:

I want it you listen very carefully at the language used in this ad entitled The Violence of Lies:

They use their media to assinate real news.

They use their schools yo teach their children the president is the next Hitler

The only way we stop this.

The only way we save our Country...fight war of lies is with the clinched fist of truth 

 Exhibit B 🇷🇺NRA 2018 Ad:

Published on May 8, 2018, Ad entitled: “Your Time is Running Out” again I want to to pay attention to the language of this ad:

The “Fake News”, we are done with your agenda to undermine voters will. to every lying member of the media the athletes who use their free speech to alter and undermine what our flag represents 

to those who stain honest reporting with partisanship

to those who bring bias and propaganda to CNN, the Washington Post, the New York Times..

Your time is running out, the clock starts now

I have previously discussed the NRA financials, specifically a few months ago I created a thread drilling down on the NRA Foundation’s IRS990s



In fact just a few months ago, (yes after another mass shooting) I decided to pop the NRA Money hood and did a deeper dive into their FEC filings and contributions. Because the NRA spends an enormous amount of money funding pro-NRA Candidates. And like many Americans I’m sick of the “thoughts and prayers”.



And then as additional indictments drop that’s when we saw the actual convergence of Russia, NRA, Alt Right and Trump. It was like watching a bunch of puzzle pieces falling in to place.  Because that’s when the data as in data analytics seemed to all make sense. 

NRA Lobbying 2016 to Present:

Again Lobbying isn’t bad, sadly that’s just how DC runs. At all times I will link to the original data source so you can triple check my research. I promise it will not offend me, at all. As you may know the Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA) requires special interest groups, corporations  etc are required to file quarterly lobbying reports. There are two Federral Databases;

House LDA, database can found here, this is what the landing page looks like


Senate LDA database can be found here, this is what the Senate LDA landing page looks like:

I personally find the Senate LDA far more efficient than the House LDA database. As such I typically go to the Senate Database. To keep this in perspective in 2018 the NRA has spent a significant amount of money lobbying lawmakers. How much money?


Yes of course I have the actual Senate LDA Filings to support the aforementioned money.

Here I ran a query for you, this link will take you to their entire Sebate LDA Filing. I found that the October 22, 2018 filing of most interesting because that filing disclosures the NRA Lobbying activities:, so say this Report was substantial might be an understatement:

Item # 15 of NRA LDA Report:


Which is horrifying, if you are a victim of dimestic violence the NRA spent millions of dollars lobbying AGAINST perpetrators of Domestic Violence from having to hand over their firearms if a protective order is granted. The law which makes it unlawful for offender to (also see ATF Identifying Prohibitive Persons entry here) the NRA is literally lobbying for Veterans to be exempt from this law.

Title 18 U.S.C. §§ 922(d)(8) and (g)(8) concern the prohibition against disposal of firearms to, or receipt or possession of firearms by, persons who are subject to domestic violence protection orders. Section 922(d)(8) prohibits the knowing transfer of a firearm to a person who is subject to a court order that restrains the person from harassing, stalking, or threatening an intimate partner or child of such intimate partner, and section 922(g)(8) prohibits the receipt or possession of a firearm or ammunition by such a person.


Various issues relating to the right of veterans to possess or transfer firearms; firearm purchase age requirements; regulation concerning licensing and registration of firearms; proposed changes in legal proceedings to confiscate firearms from individuals; U.S.C. 18 922; and related matters.

H.R.256, S.162, H.R.629, S.202, H.Res.90, S.394, H.R.1134, H.R.1181, H.R.1301, H.R.1537, H.R.2098, H.R.2338, H.R.2706, H.R.2909, S.Amdt.907 to H.R.2810, H.R.4057, H.R.4342, S.2386, S.2607, H.R.5088, H.R.5090, S.2458, S.2470, H.R.5163, H.R.5286, H.R.5398, H.R.5427, H.R.5461, S.2662, S.2686, H.R.5490, H.R.5607, H.R.5620, H.R.5657, H.R.5717, H.R.5731, H.R.5766, S.2974, H.R.5990, H.R.6024, S.3002, H.R.6105, S.3135, S.3264, H.R.6545, H.R.6664, H.R.6796, H.R.6797, H.R.6798, H.Res.1076, H.R.6920

Item # 16 Senate LDA Report

Various issues relating to the reciprocity of concealed weapon permits; reporting and transfer requirements for National Instant Criminal History Background Checks (NICS); gun control by the Center for Disease Control and the Department of Justice; the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act; the interstate transportation of firearms; National Firearms Act; firearm grants; Department of justice Operation Choke Point; Extreme Risk Protection Orders; firearm storage; waiting periods for the purchase of firearms or ammunition; crimes committed with a firearm; funding and implementation of school security; and related matters.

H.R.34, H.R.38, H.R.57, H.R.62, H.R.84, H.R.163, H.R.358, H.R.367, S.59, S.80, H.R.445, H.R.509, S.159, H.R.810, H.R.1045, H.R.1047, H.R.1079, S.446, H.R.1278, S.533, H.R.1475, H.R.1478, S.618, H.R.1612, H.R.1692, H.R.1708, H.R.1746, H.R.1832, S.834, H.R.1976, H.R.1982, H.R.2097, S.1185, H.R.2561, H.R.2598, S.1212, H.R.2620, H.Res.367, H.R.2670, H.R.2784, H.R.2810, S.1324, H.R.2841, H.R.2940, H.R.2945, H.R.2951, S.1397, H.R.2980, S.1435, H.R.3054, S.1505, H.R.3139, S.1519, S.1557, H.R.3219, H.R.3267, S.1592, H.R.3354, H.R.3355, H.R.3361, H.R.3362, S.1662, H.R.3464, H.R.3613, S.1780, H.R.3790, S.1854, S.1923, S.1939, H.R.3984, H.R.3987, H.R.4018, H.R.4025, S.1992, S.2009, S.2044, S.2045, H.R.4183, H.R.4186, H.R.4192, H.R.4268, H.R.4290, S.2094, H.R.4343, S.2129, S.2135, H.R.4434, S.2161, H.R.4471, H.Res.645, H.R.4573, H.R.4639, H.R.4909, H.R.5107, S.2486, H.R.5134, H.R.5135, H.R.5139, S.2492, S.2495, H.R.5161, H.R.5164, S.2502, H.R.5185, H.R.5186, S.2513, H.R.5225, H.R.5268, H.R.5285, H.R.5324, H.R.5332, S.2618, H.R.5380, S.2703, H.R.5652, H.R.5941, H.R.6075, H.R.6278, H.R.6629, S.3335, H.R.6691, H.Res.1051, H.R.6697, H.R.6713, H.R.6747, S.3506

Item # 16 Senate LDA Report

From what I can tell this lobbying effort appears to be particularized for 3D technology, downloadable Guns, print, click and shoot. I have previously written about the 3D gun issue. This link will take you to various entries. The 3D guns are sometimes known as ghost guns, given they lack serial numbers, hence tracing them is impossible  and it’s literally not what our law enforcement needs or wants. See ATF link re firearm technology here the reason I’m concerned about this lobbying effort can be found at the very bottom of this ATF entry. Most normal people would gloss right over it, don’t be like most normal people 


Various issues relating to the Arms Export Control Act; U.S.C Chapter 18; firearm technology; 27 CFR 555.11; firearm bans and sales; ammunition bans and restrictions; reporting requirements for the Securities and Exchange Commission concerning firearms manufacturers; proposed restrictions on firearms dealers; undetectable firearms; and related matters.

H.R.1137, H.R.2033, H.R.2380, S.1541, H.R.3947, H.R.3962, S.1915, S.1916, H.R.3986, H.R.3999, H.R.4064, S.2095, H.R.4344, S.2150, H.R.4721, H.R.4765, H.R.5077, H.R.5087, H.R.5103, H.R.5106, H.R.5271, S.2627, H.R.5383, H.R.5410, H.R.5560, H.R.6109, H.R.6296, H.R.6297, S.3211, H.R.6624, H.R.6643, S.3300, S.3304, H.R.6649, H.R.6654



 For now I’m going to end this entry because it was way bigger than I thought however I will follow up tomorrow after work but I need to unpack my family and get my ____ in gear for the work week ahead

 But before I go, remember how I linked to Maria Butina and the NRA Conventions in Nashville TN in 2015? Until a few moments ago I wasn’t certain that Trump went to the NRA Convention. Welp it turns out he DID:


 Should you be inclined this link will take you to Donald Trump’s Twitter Archive. I found it’s interesting that of the 22 tweets mentioning the NRA nearly a vast majority of them occurred in 2015 (the Nashville Convention) and 2016 but his Archive returned ZERO tweets about the NRA before 2015.


-Spicy Out 

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