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Dear 1weesel ... Miss me? I missed you

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Posted on June 03 2019

At all relevant times, I will endeavor to embed both the live url(s) and it’s matching archive(s). Given a known Russian Active Measure is to fake/manufacture screenshots, memes, emails, court filings etc.


WHO is @1weesel?



By now I am fairly confident that most of you know who the main “self appointed” antagonist are in the fratting-doxxing-crew. I do not think it’s an unreasonable deduction to state that this crew has doxed, harassed, cat-fished, submitted fraudulent Twitter violation reports (which is oddly a violation of Twitter’s terms of service) and then gloated about mass reporting of various twitter accounts.

They’ve used actual Active Measures in a (semi) successful attempt to cause infighting and chaos. Unlike this troll crew, I’m not down with doxxing. The level of self restraint can not be properly expressed. Nor should there be a question:


“well can you prove it”


Instead I’m going to give you 1weesel in their own tweets/forum post. Versus manufactured screen shots. As in I’ll embed actual live URLs & Archived links. Although based on my well documented conduct, I have never trafficked in forged or manufactured documents, especially court filings. Remember this is the same crew that Catfished, email/DM fake AF Federal Court Documents. They sent Claude sent a Manafort SummerBreeze “Indictment”... it took me less than a split second to immediately realize that document was a forgery, a really amateur forgery. Bless their little hearts.

Before we get into 1weesel, I think it would be worthwhile to remind you about the “inglorious” Twitter Troll known as Woody aka @EminusZero below is an abbreviated list of the dozen+ accounts twitter has suspended in the past 16 months:


@Immortalwooden & @Iamlost79 &  @Velvetwood_ (Archive) (Archive@WaltReefers & @Justawoodenguy @Hiighwaywood unlike Woody’s other Twitter accounts... these are merely deactivated, note it’s not Suspended, it mere states the account does not exist. Oddly from an analytical behavior standpoint, one could infer that this is a pattern of behavior. A reasonable deduction is when a sock account is no longer effective, deactivate it and put in on a shelf. Archive.
@Iamwood79 in which he then created @Iamwoody79 and then attempts to re-write history (see archived thread), thereby projecting their own abusive behaviors on others. @VelvetElston (Archive)  @WaltReefers @Dazedwood 



Quick Background & Accountability  


As a quick reminder, In August of 2017 this troll crew collected its first its.”  fratting scalp. Not to belabor the issue but some twenty five plus months ago, very few people on Twitter  knew what “fratting” was/is and how the trolls exploit this known twitter algorithm flaw. Which results in Twitter (arguably capricious and arbitrary) suspension. Normally I don’t waste my time with this kind of whataboutism. But while some “twitter-trolls” have “watchers” in their bio, I tend to be intrinsically curious about who and why they are “watching”.

I would be intellectually dishonest if I didn’t acknowledge: in August of 2017, Twitter suspended my account, @Spicerlies —I made new accounts. Ergo I violated the “evading ban”. That was a violation of “Twitter’s” terms of service. I’ll own that and accept absolute responsibility. Each time I created a new account, such as: @AltSpicerlies@MicLurvesSpicy (admittedly this was one of my favorite handles but it was short lived) @SpicyFiles & @SpicyFilesredux — I knew I was likely running a foul of Twitter’s policy. As such, account thereafter @Spicerlies was impermissible. Of course I could make an equally compelling argument that Twitter’s known algorithm flaw automatically triggered a suspension. But I’ve discussed this at length.  

The one thing about @1weesel and this known Troll crew. They always seemed to “know” what Twitter’s response would be upon submitting a suspension appeal. In short their gloating and tacky hubris, well it is a game and it’s a pattern of predictable behavior. Mover over  I’ve never subscribed to the theory that 1weesel was a bot. 1weesel is a unpaid troll, that has a decent bit of what sure looks like n emerging pattern. One day we should talk about 1weesel’s obsession with the Ford Bros...

I highly recommend you use Alledgely. If you’re a visual learner, this excellent tool/resource provides you with: time-frame and concentration of tweets. From an analytical and comparative analysis “concentration” implies intensity”. The recent report I ran gives you multiple areas of dissections and when you overlay this report over others in their crew, you can then clearly see the coordination & amplification.

Fact #1 -  I have a high degree of confidence 1weesel is in the Eastern Time Zone, specifically Toronto Canada.

Fact # 2 - 1weesel is likely using Twitter’s API to access Twitter, by a 9:1 ratio. Meaning >90% of their twitter activity, almost exclusively uses the Twitter for iPad app/API.

Fact #3 - Friday and Saturday nights appear to be when they are prolifically active. Generally speaking that’s a clue that the user is likely living in the suburbs and isn’t out bar-hopping. It also appears they are the “early to bed crew”. 

Fact #4 - 1weesel et al obsession may have in fact crossed the line into criminality particularly the June 2018 thread where they tweeted Claude’s home address and other PII

Fact #5 - the projection and hypocrisy is “rich” with this crew of self appointed watchers. Many of whom are not American yet they believe they have the entitlement to silence voices of whom they deemed “frauds” or “grifters” or “untrustworthy”.


Another data scraping tool I use on a semi-regular basis is this is @1weesel Report. I should say that best practices mean that if you’re a decent researcher you do not rely on a single data analyzer, you use multiple and then blend each of their reports for a more fulsome and accurate assessment. Keep in mind each of these tools uses different algorithms. Thusly their returns can and do vary. Hence why it’s best to blend all the data. Best practices are the “be best’ of the best.



Even with a “blended” dataset there are a few (across all data analyzers) datapoints that crossed all tools. 1weesel tweets in their word cloud make up more than 59% of all their tweets combined. It’s also not lost on me that the Twitter-Troll crew are not politically agnostic. That they will partner with any and all. Weird it’s like the playing both sides against the middle. Sound familiar? Yes it’s a tactic. 



Orthography & Anonymous Twitter Accounts


Before we fully jump in to the Toxic-Cesspool that is Twitter, you may find this semi-recent Orthography White Paper helpful. As the researchers and authors explain the origins, adoption and evolution of the English Language. Specifically the vectors, derivative spelling and differentiators across English speaking Countries. I personally found pages 3 thru 8 fascinating and it sets forth a predicate of what I plan to discuss in greater detail. 



Speaking of behavior given my proclivity of typos the irony is not lost on me. What might be viewed as a tiny unrelated detail, in a broader context an accumulation of “tiny details” proffer multiple ways to analyze the behavior, interconnections. I pulled down a simple chart (Source Wiki file uploaded to Reddit) that shows 12 common “English” words, in American, Canadian, British, UK and Australia.



Behavior or Behaviour

In American English it’s spelt b-e-h-a-v-i-o-r whereas in other predominantly “English” countries it is spelt: b-e-h-a-v-i-o-u-r You can use this twitter advance search, type in @1weesel behaviour and it will return the dozens of tweets by 1weesel using the non-American English of behavior. I’ve taken the liberty of culling a few examples of the various tweets:

‘🔹Exhibit A archive

🔹Exhibit B archive:


🔹Exhibit Carchive 

🔹Exhibit D, archive 



🔹Exhibit E, archive 

🔹Exhibit F, archive



Gosh and here I thought 1weesel and I were in a “committed and exclusive relationship”. I mean they did create at least two threads about my twitter accounts and subsequently thereafter bragged about working to suspend my account(s). 



Color v Colour

Follow the logic here, if the purported dox,, which was a group effort lead by Fraude_1 et al was correct then how do the following tweets by 1weesel using “colour” v “color” make any sense? Oh wait, never mind. Because according to 1weesel now I’m not a person of “colour” which itself is both ignorant and subsequently calls in to question the aforementioned dox. Again you can run the same twitter advance search:

🔹MsEmmaPeel colour

🔹 1weesel colour




Neighbor v Neighbour

 The 1weesel crew have continued on a nearly 30+ month Twitter targeted harassment campaign with impunity. Which makes Twitter complicit because of course they are aware of this crew. Yet they have done next to nothing to hold accounts like 1weesel, YaloPig (formerly The_Sleep3r, which was a mirrored account of Fraude_1). What I found interesting is 1weesel tweets spelling neighbor as neighbour and other accounts, such as a “purported” American living NC. 

🔹Exhibit AA, archive



Offense v Offence

This one can be tricky as the variant spelling but there’s also some cross over. Conversely in American English it’s defense not defence 

🔹Exhibit AAA, archive

 1weesel use of washroom is another indicator that this account is not run by an American. In America we refer to it as the restroom or bathroom or powder room.

Did I mention that @1weesel and it’s crew have been obsessed with Louise, Claude, the MadDogPac and at one point moi? What is ironic is accounts like 1weesel weaponized twitter and by targeting my accounts, which resulted in a permanent ban for me...I’m no longer on that toxic platform therefore I’m off your list. Good lord you guys didn’t think this all the way through. I mean if you were actually smart you’d want me on the Twitter platform so you could take shot after shot at me. But no your over calibration and failure to think things all the way through have foreclosed your opportunity to paint me as a deza troll or grifter or a mench-member. 

Which is odd, Louise and I do not agree various issues. The distinction here is we (Louise and myself) are both adults and we have agreed to disagree sans total annihilation of our characters. It’s called being an adult and acknowledging that others can have differing opinions. And it’s not a binary choice of she’s right and I’m wrong vice versa. It means that there’s enough respect between us that we can e respectful in our disagreements but still find synergy in Donald Trump is a threat to America’s Democracy. Weird it’s almost like the troll crew needs polarization and infighting.


🌶 1weesel - honorable v honourable archived 

🌶 1weesel  - center v centre archive, 2018 archive

🌶1weesel - honor v honour archive archive



In American English we spell it traveling not travelling, 2016 archive, 2019 Archive this is when the crew acted like a mob and swarmed numerous Alt accounts and Caroline Orr. As a bystander who offers no opinion on Caroline beyond what this crew did to her was insidious and untoward. Making fun of what appeared to be a potential mental health issue. That’s not okay. They purposefully attacked her unabated and with impunity for days. It was disgusting, classless and intellectually tacky.  I guess 1weesel and crew missed that class or they simple operate by a vulgar substandard of societal rules. Either way that’s who they are. And they’ve shown us over and over again who and what they are.


I am also going to point out that NO self respecting AMERICAN would EVER conflate center v centre for the iconic Rockefeller Center. Not one. The fact no one caught this detail, what if I told you that 1weesel and MsEmmaPeele share a lot of derivative spelling errors. As in various American words (er, re, our, ce, se, ise, ize \, etc) yes I know —tiny details are boring. NYET. More broadly Americans don’t refer to it as the Metropolitan, we refer to it by its as THE MET. Just like we refer to The Fed instead of the Federal Reserve. These are American colloquiums.Also not that this matters but the fact some have failed to acknowledge that “Emma Peel” is a fictional spy character that was created in the 1960’s’ for the Avengers. Come on, be smart.



🌶  see 2013 exchange re Toronto🌶




I’m not a linguist, I can barely write in English <snickers> but those who know a tiny bit of American, British and Canadian history would know that the “English” have variant spelling for “common words”. Moreover many assume that Canadian English is a carbon copy of British English. I would submit to you, that’s incorrect. In Canadian English: there are numerous subtle and distinctive features in both pronunciation, spells and oddly vocabulary (as in context). 

I should disclose that yes English is my second language. When my parents adopted me, I was fluent in another language. As the family story goes, my parents said one day I woke up speaking English and never spoke my native tongue again. On more than a thousand times that comes through in my writing. But then again I tend to laugh at myself and am amendable to criticism. Although I aced my Naturalization tests;  both oral and written. And based on a series of events, when I was naturalized, my family lucky enough to be invited to the White House and President Reagan was incredibly kind and generous.


 I have exactly zero quarrel with ellewoodsrun. but this crew, her crew turned on her and it was beyond vicious. Herein 1weesel attempts to smooth things over. Conversely even I felt a modicum of compassion for ellewoodsruns because her crew literally eviscerated her and it was awful to watch. And I genuinely felt bad for her. 



One could conclude that @1weesel is a determined unfulfilled troll that engages in cyberstalking, cyber harassment, doxxing and other untoward (probably criminal) behavior. On one hand sure you could assume @1weesel is a woman. Sadly that would amplify a patriarchal stereotype that only women act in an obsessive and abusive manner. Conversely if 1weesel is in fact a man, then that opens up a whole other can of worms. All of which are beyond my pay grade.

Although you could counter argue that I’ve failed to meet the burden that 1weesel is not Canadian. That would be a fair argument and a reasonable criticism. Therefore I’d like to offer this June 2014, Spacing Toronto Article concerning the Scarburough subway.


1weesel  5 YEARS AGO

The fact is the Liberals are scared of losing any seats in Scarborough and will go whichever way the wind is blowing, responsibility be damned.


Which now brings us to SkyRise Cities, specifically their forum. Based on my limited research 1weesel aka Fröd Brös is their troll of the Ford Brothers. When you run a search on the SkyRise Cities Forum you’ll see a few dozen comments under their handle but it appears 1weesel stopped commenting on that forum in late October 2014. This link will take you to their forum comments (archived) - although another user submitted 1weesel’s tweets (which was subsequently deleted) where they stated:




Just to be clear I have zero intention of doxxing 1weesel. They have a family and unlike this crew, I’m not okay with bringing spouses or children in to this discussion. These are deep red lines for me and I refuse to cross that line. I have been consistently opposed and at times vociferous in my objections engaging in behaviors such as (but not limited to);


Using pictures of children (that are not yours) and/or

Doxing of Spouses and/or

‘Posting employers or communicating with said employers and/or

Bringing extended family members in to your trite twitter war(s).


This Information “warfare” mixed with silent decomposition tactics, mixed with hacking, injection of malware (ps it’s not goodware, it’s likely skip-jack, ghost and/or early worm) that various twitter accounts use via the API backdoor. Trust me, more on that later.

For the purposes of this entry, you may find Twitter’s Rule(s) helpful. As I previously acknowledged any account I created after August 2017 could be construed as a violation of Twitter’s Rules and/or Terms Of Service. Yet here’s the rub, in the TOS there’s a loophole. Notwithstanding creating  on me and I’ll own that.


All individuals accessing or using Twitter’s services must adhere to the policies set forth in the Twitter Rules. Failure to do so may result in Twitter taking one or more of the following enforcement actions:

-requiring you to remove prohibited content before you can again create new posts and interact with other Twitter users;

temporarily limiting your ability to create posts or interact with other Twitter users;

-asking you to verify account ownership with a phone number or email address; or

-permanently suspending your account(s).

If you attempt to evade a permanent suspension by creating new accounts, we will suspend your new accounts


Abuse and hateful conduct

Abuse: You may not engage in the targeted harassment of someone, or incite other people to do so. We consider abusive behavior an attempt to harass, intimidate, or silence someone else’s voice.

Hateful conduct: You may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease. Read more about our hateful conduct policy.


At any rate, the purpose of this entry is to provide you data and facts. Based on a decent amount of research, my conclusion is 1weesel is not American. And I’m fairly certain MsEmmaPeele is  not American as well. Both are part of a wider network. Playing both sides and doing other people’s bidding. You should know that 

I rarely, if ever used hashtags, nor did I mass deleted tweets (because in my line of work transparency is a pretty BFD), nor did I claim to be “on a team” or part of “the resistance” or part of “FBR” —these various actions were intentionally on my part. Not that I wanted to disassociate with such endeavors. It was largely an audible I called watching in near real-time the weaponization of the aforementioned. I had a choice to make, either compromise my personal standards or let my tweets/research speak for itself. I’m general terms I’m adverse to inauthentic behavior. In my real life and work life I’m not what you’d consider a lemming, I’ve always paved my own road and if I’ve made an egregious mistake, I just find acknowledging it, apologize for it and endeavor to never make that mistake again is the best course of action.

My point is, if you are still on Twitter you should learn to train your eyes and brain to recognize the types of behaviors described in painful detail. 


Now pardon me, I must get back to my extremely busy schedule of shoving bon bons in my calorie hole and catch up on DVR’d episodes of Oprah because after all I’m purportedly a “bored housewife”.../snort 


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  • Marie G: June 07, 2019

    Great info, thank you Spicy. I can appreciate the spelling variations because I’ve spent a lot of the last 2+ years drowning myself in Brit Chicklit. Flavour, behaivour, neighbour, centre…I’m just waiting for the bacon butty and prosecco references. Or perhaps the lasange for tea.

  • Boris Fuckovski: June 11, 2019

    Nyet twitter account da

  • Maureen A Donnelly: June 04, 2019

    I’m so glad you have a digital home. your voice means much in these days of so much GD smoke and mirrors. now. go stuff some snacks in that calorie hole of yours! TY TY TY

  • Linda Karin: June 03, 2019

    Lurve you Spicy. Miss your info & humor.

  • CindyDayTrip: June 03, 2019

    Thank you spicy

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