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Mad Dog PAC turns contributions from concerned citizens into arresting billboard campaigns to #EndTheNRA #FlipTheHouse & #ImpeachmentNow.

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Impeachment Now


Help us spread the most important message of all.

End NRA Terrorism


Support our campaign to call out the NRA for what it really is.

Flip the House & Senate


Lend us a hand in taking back critical congressional seats from Republicans.

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About Mad Dog

MAD DOG PAC, is the Political Action Committee that solicits contributions from concerned citizens to fund billboards on against Treasonweasel House GOP candidates across the country.  We are also the initiators of Anti-Trump Billboards with Impeachment Now, in addition to Attacking the NRA.  Our billboard campaigns have also expanded to retail, for both Impeachment Now and Anti-NRA hats, tee shirts, lawn signs, bumper stickers and other swag.

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